What is online advertising and how it is done

What is advertising?

Advertising (which derives from the verb “to advertise”, meaning to warn or make known) is a form of marketing communication used by companies to promote their products and/or services.

In essence, advertising or ADV is an important branch of marketing. For example, if you look at marketing as a cake, advertising is a significant slice.

The main objective is to influence the choices of the target audience through the promotion of products/services offered.

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Classic types of advertising

To do marketing with advertising, we can certainly distinguish classic methodology from online methodology. Among the classic methods we find:

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Advertising in newspapers can promote your business to a wide range of customers. Display ads are placed throughout the newspaper while classified ads are published in a specific section.


Advertising in a specialized magazine can quickly and easily reach your target market. Readers (potential customers) tend to read magazines for their entertainment and keep them for a long period, giving the advertisement a greater chance of catching attention.

If products need to be displayed in color, then glossy magazine advertising can be ideal although generally more expensive than newspaper ads. Usually, advertising in magazines is not effective in a small area such as a specific city. If the target is only directed towards a small percentage of customers, this expensive type of advertising may not be profitable.


Advertising on the radio is a great way to reach the target audience. If the target market listens to a particular station, this type of advertising can attract new customers.
However, sound has its limits. Listeners may find it difficult to remember what they have heard, and sometimes the impact of radio advertising is lost. The best way to overcome this inconvenience is to repeat the message regularly, even though this increases costs significantly.


Television reaches everywhere and advertising in this way is ideal if the target audience is part of the population in a large area.

Television advertising has the advantage of presenting image, sound, movement, and color simultaneously to convince a customer to buy their product. It is particularly useful if you need to demonstrate how the product or service works.

Producing a television advertisement and then purchasing an advertising spot is generally expensive. Advertising is sold in units (for example, 20, 30, 60 seconds) and costs depend on several variables: the time slot, the TV program, whether it is for metropolitan or regional broadcast, if you want to buy spots on multiple networks.

Out and On-the-go

There are many forms of advertising to do out and on-the-go. These can be outdoor billboards, signs on the road, or advertising panels in sports stadiums. On-the-go advertising can be done through posters on buses, taxis, and bicycles. Through large billboards, the message can certainly have a great impact.

If the same customers pass by the billboard every day on their way to work, the message can remain impressed, that is, it can influence the purchase of a product. Even large billboards contain a limited amount of information, and in some cases, it can be difficult to read everything they report.For this reason, it is always advisable to include the website address on billboards, where all the necessary information about the company’s activities and the advertised products or services can be found.

Outdoor advertising can be very expensive, especially for prime locations.

Direct Mail, Catalogs, and Flyers

Direct mailing is an advertising technique that allows companies to communicate directly with their customers (through letters, flyers, catalogs, etc.). It enables sending specially tailored messages to the recipient, creating a direct and lasting relationship. In particular, it can be used to acquire, develop, retain, and ultimately recover the customer in case of abandonment.

Due to the proliferation of new ways to reach consumers, companies, brands, and advertising businesses have been forced to adapt and develop other ways to reach the target audience, such as Online Advertising.

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What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising, (programmatic advertising is of fundamental importance, see programmatic advertising) also known as digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising, or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising that uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers through methods such as:

Display Ads

Advertising on websites, applications, or social media through banners or other ad formats made up of text, images, flash, and video are called display ads. The main purpose of display advertising is to provide a brand message to site visitors.

  • Images: These are classic banners or square ads that appear around content.
  • Text: These are text ads created by algorithms to make the content more relevant.
  • Floating banners: These banners move across the screen or float above the website content.
  • Wallpaper: These appear by changing the background of a website, filling the entire page.
  • Pop-up ads: These are new windows that appear in front of website content displaying a full ad.
  • Video: These are small video ads that either go directly into auto-play or require a click to view.

Additionally, there are advertising campaigns created using Real-Time Bidding platforms, an evolution in the buying and selling of digital advertising that allows for displaying targeted and selected ads based on behaviors and habits displayed online.

Social Media

Social media commerce is a type of digital marketing that is not only efficient but also effective. Similar to display ads, Social Media Ads can be anything from a simple banner to an auto-play video.

Social media advertising is effective because it can reach the target audience quickly. For example, Facebook’s targeting options include age, region, interests, education history, and more.

There are two types of advertising through social media:

  1. Organic – builds loyalty and gives you feedback from your target audience; a new form of Word-of-mouth;
  2. Paid – paying to be promoted through various social media channels.

The best social networks for promotion are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The most reliable form of online paid advertising (and also the most common) to gain visibility on search engines. All SEM ads on Google, Bing, and other search engines are text ads and are listed at the top of the SERP (search engine results page). The best platform for SEM is Google Ads, which allows you to create a complex ADV campaign to reach a very specific target.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can also use search engines without paying, by publishing and optimizing your website using keywords (also known as SEO). Search engines list unpaid results as if they were a ranking, based on relevance and the likelihood of correctly intercepting users’ interests. The more relevant the site is to the specific topic, the more traffic it generates.


Native Advertising

Native advertising matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. In many cases, it appears as an article or video produced by an advertiser with the specific intent of promoting a product. The word “native” refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the platform.
There are different forms of native advertising:

  • In-feed: An example of an In-Feed insertion is given by Facebook’s sponsored content.
  • Recommendation widgets: Sponsored recommendation widgets signal to users promotional content that may be inside or outside of the site they are on.
  • Promoted listings: Promoted listings are lists of company products that are found within sites that do not have editorial content and have a link to the company’s landing page.

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Video Ads

While YouTube ads are the most popular and well-known, there are actually several formats, types, and content options. You can use an educational/informative path or, if you wish, also send a How-to. Try to pull on your viewers’ emotional strings by creating a visual story. Ideal for branding, especially if you have a product or service that is best demonstrated visually. Once the video is created, it can be promoted with:

  • YouTube/Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Specific Media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cheaper, faster, and more effective form of advertising. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty and increase sales. When using an email campaign platform (see list below) to prepare and send emails, you can easily track the results.

Email Marketing Campaign Platforms:

  • MailChimp
  • Mailup
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign Monitor.

So, it’s possible to send email campaigns that focus on promotions, discounts, features, or content that you’ve posted on your blog. Most emails are short and to the point, which helps to increase customer base and achieve your goals.


The types of advertising can have many different effects on different people and user behavior, as everyone’s life experience is unique. What works for one person may not work for another, making it subjective in each individual case. Advertising allows the consumer to understand, hopefully, the product or service being presented and what it is or why we might need it.

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