Active Campaign: how it works, and what tools it offers

Active Campaign is an email marketing automation platform, among the best ones there are, and aims to perfect the communication aspect between company and customers. But are you already aware of how to use such software? The article you are about to read is a guide that could be helpful for you.

You should know that managing a company is not just the profit, but also the aspect of the Customer Experience. It is becoming increasingly important to improve the customer experience in order to achieve better business results. This is because a high-quality product is no longer enough to incentivize customers to come back and make all kinds of leads.


In addition to focusing on this, Active Campaign has features and integrations that can satisfy any type of customer, customizing every aspect that can be fundamental for the business at the marketing level.

Surely, you are wondering why choose this email marketing software? This article will answer every question you may have.

Nonetheless, it is a software for commercial purposes, so you will have to be aware of the costs for the services and the skills to be acquired to use it, with it being very specific and professional. In fact, it is an extremely technical platform since it offers many features that can satisfy your needs, whether you run a company or if you are a freelancer.

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That said, in this article you will find:

  • What is Active Campaign
  • How this platform works
  • The integrations it has
  • What tools does it offer
  • The free version.

What is Active Campaign

The Active Campaign platform is a cloud software that offers services for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. This tool manages to combine different email marketing tools and features to help companies connect and interact optimally with their customers.

Mainly, the most used tool concerns email marketing and its strategies on how to acquire and retain users, but it also has CRM as an integration, that is, the management of customer relationships.

Another fundamental tool of this software is marketing automation that facilitates and speeds up the management of operations. Machine learning is also an excellent tool, which is an automated data learning system. It also manages through a tool to create optimized landing pages in order to get leads and increase the audience.

All these tools put together allow Active Campaign software to optimize the customer experience through:

  • an adequate balance between marketing automation and human intervention;
  • the use of assets at the right time;
  • the insertion of the collection of user data with the corporate marketing activity.

How Active Campaign works

Why choose Active Campaign? This software is complete because it has the ability to satisfy all your needs, even the most specific ones, managing to configure, for example, according to the sector of your company or the type of company (whether B2B, B2C or E-commerce). As such, you can customize your campaign in the most optimal way.

active-campaign-and-its-automationsThe software features multiple website tracking methods, multiple app integrations, and artificial intelligence, which increase the effectiveness of this email marketing automation platform.

There is the possibility of using a free 14-day version where you will essentially understand how Active Campaign works, with a maximum of 100 contacts and 100 emails to be sent. Subsequently, according to the needs of your business, you can choose whether to pay annually or monthly and which package will be sufficient for you in terms of tools and features.

Finally, the fundamental aspect is the possibility of understanding how much you will have to invest based on the number of contacts, starting from 500 up to more than 100000 users. Obviously, the price will increase according to the number of users and your needs.


Stages of the procedure

If you want to start your experience with the Active campaign email software, I will explain the steps for logging in and starting the business:

  1. set up your account;
  2. start tracking your site;
  3. create your first list of users;
  4. add your contacts;
  5. segment your contacts;
  6. implement your automation;
  7. Build and manage your sales process.

The process is very generalized, but it explains how your journey will be structured with Active Campaign.

Integrated functions and services

The functions of Active Campaign are different and, together, they manage to give a complete experience for the user. These are the following:

  • Integrations: the software can be integrated with over 870 apps, divided into as many sectors as accounting, analytics, social media, CRM, etc. You have a wide choice of which tools are best suited to your business. The most popular apps are Shopify in e-commerce, Facebook related to social media, and WordPress as a CMS integration.
  • Machine learning: through its algorithm, it analyzes any type of data and allows the company to make the best marketing decisions and actions that previously could not be done with staff alone.
  • Services and migration: if you want to migrate data to Active Campaign but do not want to lose your contacts and automations, the email software offers free Expert Migration service, allowing the easy import of most of your data.
  • Inbox extension: the service offers the opportunity to integrate the software with Gmail or Outlook, improving the working time of staff and the operational management of your business. This way, you can increase earnings and increase the list of new customers faster.
  • Mobile app: are you out of the office and don’t have a PC but still want to manage your business remotely? With the Active Campaign mobile ap, all of these are possible since you can check the email marketing report and monitor and manage your business anytime, anywhere.
  • Tools and models: this service offers a library of multiple automations, divided by as many sectors, from accounting / financial to e-commerce and much more.

What are the tools it offers?

The Active Campaign email marketing automation software has several features that make it a truly top-notch software. This is because by using them together, you will be able to manage your campaign in the most effective and optimal way possible.

Over time, the use of the Customer Experience Automation platform is becoming increasingly fundamental, in which we increasingly try to improve the customer experience constantly looking for new stimuli, managing to reach the goal of also enhancing business metrics. For example:

  • increase in purchase value;
  • reduced drop-out rate;
  • increase in conversion rate;
  • increased purchase frequency;
  • business growth.

Email marketing

Active Campaign is based on Email Marketing Automation. The software uses all the functions related to Direct Email Marketing, with the aim of achieving the final goal, i.e. the conversion or loyalty of a customer.

The main activities are:

  • Lead generation: through the creation of emails, subscription forms, or landing pages, it is possible to collect user information and generate a list of potential customers.
  • Segmentation: it is essential to use it to be able to group, and then target through tags, each specific contact. This is done to make the potential lead receive the personalized content they want at a given time.
  • A/B testing: Reporting is very important to understand which campaigns are performing the most and which should be optimized. They are also useful for improving some key performance indicators, such as the number of open rates and clicks.
  • Deliverability: it is an indispensable concept for those who do email marketing. It concerns the ability to adequately deliver emails in the right inbox. Therefore, the Deliverability function of Active Campaign also guarantees a high performance rate.

Marketing automation

The Active Campaign Marketing Automation platform is critical because it essentially speeds up work times. Everything related to brand marketing was previously done manually but, now, it is possible to do it through automation algorithms that perform certain actions perfect for the improvement of both efficiency at work and User Experience.

In practice, what it does is manage personalized funnels for each customer. This type of customization is possible thanks to algorithms that analyze customer data, also through landing pages. Then, with the help of segmentation, Active Campaign allows you to send what contacts expect at the right time.

The three pillars of Marketing Automation are:

  1. contents;
  2. user path;
  3. timing.

Marketing Automation is based on Artificial Intelligence and, therefore, it is not easy to use. Hence, the developers of Active Campaign have created a drag-and-drop automation builder platform, which allows you to create automated workflows with just a single click.

Customer Relationship Management

Active Campaign CRM is a software that manages, organizes and administers relationships with leads and contacts. It is used in cases where the company has a lot of information that makes the work process complicated and long. Therefore, it is considered an integration of Email Marketing, just like social media that helps make the whole campaign more functional.

CRM is often used with the sales automation process to focus on the individual customer and also understand through Lead Scoring which are the best contacts and which one to invest on.

The objectives of Active Campaign Sales CRM are:

  • maintain consistency in the customer life cycle;
  • optimize communication at the individual level;
  • Acquire potential leads.

Messaging and SMS

Active Campaign has an automation messaging feature that reaches customers through any means of communication they have at their disposal.

There are 4 marketing tools:

  1. Email marketing: software in which you send personalized answers.
  2. SMS automation: useful for reaching customers who use mobile.
  3. Facebook Audience: Using this social media can be effective in getting new leads.
  4. Messages on the site: it is an automation that responds to the behavior of the customer during his journey on the website.

Conclusion and Strategic Consulting

I hope you now have an idea of what Active Campaign means and what it does. In this article, I synthetically explained how this email software works and why it can satisfy every need in the personalization of your campaign.

If I have intrigued you and you want to deepen the topic and get specific advice on how to use this platform, book a Personalized and completely free Strategic Consulting for your company or freelance activity.

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