Affiliate products to sell: what they are and how to do it

In this article, I will show you what affiliate products to sell and how you can make money online. But first, I want to give you a brief description of Affiliate Marketing and see what an affiliate program is. If you are already familiar with it, a refresher won’t hurt!

Affiliate Marketing, or also Performance Marketing, is a digital advertising technique in which two sites enter into a commercial agreement, the so-called affiliate program.

The parties involved are Merchants, Publishers, and Affiliate Networks: in a Performance Marketing agreement, one of the two sites (Publishers/Affiliates) undertakes, for a fee, to promote and provide information on the services or products offered by the second website (the Merchant or Advertiser).

how to start affiliate products to sell

The objective is performance generation. Merchants only pay affiliates for the results achieved, not for the advertising space occupied.

This is certainly one of the most difficult areas of digital but at the same time fascinating given the great possibilities it offers. To enter this field, it is not enough to know but one must also delve deeper into the subject.

Given the high level of interest, there is a wide range of training on offer and there are numerous courses, especially on how to earn money with affiliations.

As you read on, you will find useful tips that will clarify your ideas and give you a good understanding of how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Specifically, I will point out:

  • The best affiliate programs;
  • The most effective products and services to sell online;
  • How to earn money through affiliation.

What are the best affiliate programs?

I have explained who Merchants and Publishers are, but what is an affiliate network and what role does it play among the other players in the field? Affiliation networks are mostly international companies with a proprietary platform whose role is to connect Publishers and Advertisers but also, track, attribute, and remunerate sales.

In fact, economic transactions are managed through the use of these platforms, which make it possible to monitor the performance of each individual affiliate. The web has undoubtedly changed, especially in the last two decades, so brands are trying to break down any distance from their audience through affiliation.

Before looking at products to sell in affiliation, it is good for you to know and discover some of the best programs to start with affiliate marketing. For this, I have compiled a list of 3 networks for affiliate marketing worldwide.


When we talk about affiliation, the American giant Amazon, undoubtedly also the most famous, cannot be left out.

Signing up for Amazon’s program is very simple and you can do it for free, but you have to send in your application and wait for the dedicated team to review it: if the website, app, or social network you provided during registration meet the requirements, you can participate.

Amazon is looking for affiliates such as bloggers, content creators, editors, or stylists who can bring added value to its customers. If, on the other hand, you are an influencer with a good social media following, there is also the Influencer Program that could be for you.

Once inside, selling products from the e-commerce giant is not difficult, this is because there are so many articles available and they manage to satisfy every user niche, but above all, because there are millions of brand loyalists, its authority leads users to trust it.

The discordant note concerns earnings, these do not exceed 12% and vary according to the product sold, but as I told you, selling on this platform is easy, you can always bet on quantity!


AliExpress is a marketplace that has been enjoying huge success recently due to its competitive prices and wide range of products on offer. Owned by the Chinese multinational Alibaba Group, this e-commerce is also great for earning money with your site.

This is because the products are numerous and discounts are often applied, the brand is well-known, and the earnings are much higher than average. The AliExpress affiliate program allows you to earn up to 50% for certain items, but watch out for these percentages, they can always be subject to change.

The most experienced can earn as much as $20,000 in a month, but if you are just starting out, it is always a good idea to tread carefully and test as much as possible how the program works.

ali express affiliate program

How to become an AliExpress affiliate? Again, it’s simple, just sign up, you can do it from your PC, smartphone, or tablet, by entering your email and password or through your Google or Facebook account. Once inside, you can choose the product or category you are interested in and thus generate the link to insert directly into your articles or on your social profiles.

My advice is to pay attention to certain aspects, especially if you are doing it for work and wish to maintain a good professional level:

  • Pay attention to shipping: AliExpress offers cheap products that usually tend to arrive after up to forty days, this factor may discourage your users and therefore not incentivize them to buy. Choose items with shorter shipping times.
  • Check the reviews: it is a good practice to always check the validity of the goods you decide to recommend, just read the positive reviews carefully and favor the items that have the most of them, so you will avoid negative repercussions on you. Pay attention to the authenticity of reviews.

BeRush by SEMrush

This well-known platform for webmasters, Seo specialists, social media managers, and internet professionals offers up to 40% commission. Berush allows you to earn rewards at every step: from sales to registration.

Here too, it only takes a few minutes to register, then you will have access to promotional materials available in 5 languages and you will benefit from a dedicated team of account managers who will guide you through every eventuality and help you grow your profits. Ideal affiliates are content publishers, data integrators, speakers, SEM Specialists, agencies, and marketing experts.

Having seen a short list of the best affiliate programs, we can get to the heart of the article and understand which affiliate products work best online and will allow you to get good rewards.


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The best affiliate products to sell online

First of all, it is only fair to tell you that there is no magic formula that will show you the perfect product and make you money easily. Always be wary of those who promise you simple solutions of this kind; the way forward is to study your sector and analyze your community.

The best products to promote in affiliation, in fact, are definitely those that are related to and of interest to the niche you are targeting. The first fundamental rule, therefore, is never to choose articles at random or on the basis of the networks’ commissions.

What you can do is base yourself on your product category and start doing some specific research to get information and understand what items are selling best.

Tools such as SEOZoom, SEMrush, and Google Trends can help you with this, the latter being completely free of charge, but also social channels: follow influencers and hashtags in your niche and interact with your followers to discover their tastes.

In addition, you can browse international sites to discover something not yet in vogue or read user reviews and comments to identify a need and/or want. Check which products are “best sellers” in marketplaces and last but not least, think about your own needs and experiences and trust your instincts.

I will now point you to the 9 most popular categories when referring to Affiliate Marketing and some of the corresponding most popular articles and services.

Smart Working

Smart working is a reality that is becoming more and more rooted in business contexts given the circumstances caused by the pandemic, which is why many people are equipping themselves to make their homes as functional as possible for work needs. The most sought-after products are:

  • Software for managing work projects
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Bluetooth and ergonomic mice
  • Tools for setting up photo or video sets: tripods, microphones, and lights

Home Automation

Also related to smart working and the fact that we are forced to spend much more time at home, a particularly profitable category is home automation, the sector that studies the application of new technologies within our homes, with the aim of improving the quality of domestic life. The best-selling affiliate products are:

  • Domestic cleaning robots
  • Personal Intelligent Assistants such as Alexa or Google
  • Home security tools
  • Technologies for lighting, heating, or cooling rooms
  • Kitchen utensils


Gaming is an industry that has seen a surge in sales in recent times. This is precisely why the best products to sell in affiliation are undoubted all those that revolve around this category.

I am not only talking about games or consoles but also about all those tools aimed at enhancing the gaming experience:

  • Wireless headset and mouse
  • Microphones
  • PCs, monitors, and Smart TVs
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Wireless keyboards

Fitness clothing and accessories

Still on the same wavelength as the previous categories, all those products that serve to improve home comfort continue to prove essential. In fact, sportswear and related equipment, essential for keeping fit even in a few square meters, could not be missing. We therefore have:

  • Yoga mat
  • Training elastics
  • Weights and dumbbells
  • Exercise bike
  • Treadmill

fitness clothing and accessories

Food and Cooking

Cooking has always been the undisputed star of our Mediterranean culture, the lockdown period has confirmed this.

So if you are a food blogger or manage social channels on which you try your hand at experimenting with all kinds of delicacies, you won’t go wrong if among your products to be sold in affiliation you choose food, cooking utensils, and everything that revolves around this world. You will definitely be successful!


Beauty and personal care articles are also among the best products to sell in affiliation. Here the advice I can give you is to always and only refer to articles that you know, have tried several times, and trust.

Interest is high in this regard, so you can reap the benefits if you play your cards right and manage to stand out from the crowd. Trends register interest in the following topics:

  • Products for face and hair
  • Makeup
  • Natural products – Bio
  • Do-it-yourself products
  • Men’s products


One area that has been going really well over the past year is online training. Many people are taking the opportunity to retrain professionally and many are cleverly exploiting the situation to promote themselves online and offer really useful and practical courses.

This area also offers interesting prospects for affiliation, but make sure of the quality of the service you are going to promote. Besides the free ones, I have found very interesting courses that could open doors for you in affiliate marketing:

  • The recognized and accredited
  • Certification courses
  • Courses in law and the bar exam
  • English language courses
  • Psychology courses
  • Courses in occupational safety

Digital Services

Anyone with a business by now has realized that digitization and related services are necessary and indispensable to be competitive and gain visibility. In fact, other excellent products to sell in online affiliation are:

  • Website creation and e-commerce
  • Content management and creation of blogs
  • SEO optimization
  • SEM campaigns


Among the best products to sell in affiliation that offer great opportunities are info products. Specifically, these are:

  • Guides
  • E-book
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Online courses

The good thing is that since you are the one who has to create these digital materials, there is no exorbitant initial investment involved. You will, however, have to take care to produce content that is of high value and that deals with topics in which you are the ultimate expert, but at the same time is of interest to your audience.


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How to Make Money with Affiliate Products

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, know some of the best programs, and above all the products to be sold in affiliation, I want to provide you with a list of 5 steps to follow to understand how to earn money with affiliate programs.

A sort of vademecum of all the basic steps to earn money with affiliation and a summary of some of the concepts mentioned in the previous paragraphs. I am convinced that it will come in handy!

Choose well what to sell

By targeting products for sale that are more suited to your niche and consistent with what you deal with, you will generate interest in your audience and achieve success.

Potential customers will tend to trust you and the merchandise you recommend because they will identify you as a specialized site and thus be more likely to convert.

In addition, try to promote quality articles that you know and are satisfied with and work with companies whose values you share, not because they offer high commissions. In summary, you never have to lie to make a profit!

Do some tests

Do not focus on a single piece of content, whatever it may be (landing page, copy, ad). It will come in very handy to do A/B tests to always check which alternative converts the most. It may seem trivial as advice, but it is crucial at this stage not to be obvious and to create content that surprises the user.

People are constantly bombarded with templates and ads, so the eye is trained to discard things already seen, identifying them as repetitive and monotonous.

Create great content

Once you have decided on the products to sell in affiliation, you must never forget the famous admonition: “Content is King”.

Through excellent content production, because good is not enough if you want to become a professional affiliate, you will be able to convince and get users to trust you and buy from your site, app, or social channel.

Watch out for the offer

Once you have joined a network, you will be faced with many offers that can put you in crisis about the right choice to make. The way to go is a mix of the best offer, the one that pays the most, and the one with the least competition.

A winning move could also be to promote new products that have just been placed on the marketplace. Since these are items that have just been on the marketplace and are not yet sold by all the other affiliates, you will not be fighting with many competitors.

Create your own resource

The ultimate goal of every affiliate marketer is to create their own product. When you become an expert in a subject or if you already are, the best thing to do is to produce digital material (such as an Ebook) to sell to the public.

In this way you will dictate the rules, be free in the promotion process but above all earn the total of the sale and not just a percentage.

Conclusions and Free Coaching to get started

We have come to the end of this short but intense journey into the world of affiliations. I hope I have clarified any doubts you may have or made you curious about it.

To close, I would like to give you an extra piece of advice: this is a complicated subject that is not for everyone, but if you really want to try your hand at some products to sell through affiliations, throw yourself into this adventure but first get informed and study.

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