AI using in Google Ads with Demand Gen campaigns

Demand Gen campaigns have a focus on optimizing campaigns with new features, reaching broader audiences on Google’s platforms, and utilizing AI for tailored ad experiences and bidding strategies??.

Demand Gen campaigns are designed to maximize engagement and action across Google’s visual and entertaining surfaces, like YouTube (including Shorts), Discover, and Gmail. They are suitable for social advertisers aiming to serve visually appealing, multi-format ads. Additionally, these campaigns are supported by tools and insights to improve ad performance, like A/B testing and measurement tools??.

Demand Gen campaign benefits

Imagine being able to showcase your products on a digital billboard along the busiest highway in the world, but instead of just any passerby, your audience is made up of travelers who’ve shown interest in what you have to offer. That’s what Demand Gen campaigns can do for you in the digital realm. Here are three standout benefits:

  • Targeted Showcase on the Global Stage: Your ads aren’t just thrown into the void; they’re strategically placed on Google’s most visually compelling platforms, like YouTube and Gmail, tailored to catch the eyes of up to 3 billion active monthly users who are most likely to be intrigued by your offerings.
  • Creative Genius at Your Fingertips: With Google’s AI as your co-pilot, your ads transform into captivating stories told through images and videos. This AI-driven creativity not only appeals to your audience but also ensures that your message resonates, reaching potential customers who are the perfect match for your brand.
  • Smart Spending with AI Bidding: It’s like having a financial advisor for your ads. The AI-powered bidding system ensures that your marketing budget is used efficiently, focusing on people who are more likely to click and convert. This means your dollar goes further, driving up potential revenue without wasting resources on less interested parties.

You can learn more in a detailed “Get Started” Google Ads Help guide here.

Key Differences Between Discovery Ads and Demand Gen Campaigns

Here you see the comparative table:

CategoryDiscovery adsNew Demand Gen features
Expanded reachYouTube: Home, Search & Watch Next feeds, Discover, GmailYouTube Shorts, In-Stream
Tailored ad experiencesImage ads, Product feedsImage + video ads in one campaign, new ad creation workflow with previews, A/B Experiments (images + videos)
Flexible bidding optionsConversions, Conversion ValueMaximize Clicks
Reporting & MeasurementStandard Google Ads reporting, Asset reporting, Unique ReachConversion Path Reports, Data Driven Attribution, Brand Lift, Conversion Lift
AudiencesGoogle Audiences, optimized targetingLookalike Segments, Device targeting


Demand Gen Video Introduction


When to use Demand Gen campaigns?

Demand Gen campaigns are best utilized when you aim to generate demand and deliver robust business results on Google’s most visual and engaging surfaces. They’re a good fit if you want to:

  • Maximize Visibility: Use them when you want to capture attention across YouTube, including Shorts, Discover, and Gmail — platforms known for their high engagement rates.
  • Leverage AI: Choose Demand Gen when you’re ready to take advantage of Google’s AI for audience targeting, creating high-impact visuals, and optimizing bidding and ad placements.
  • Engage Broad Audiences: They are ideal if you’re aiming to reach new, qualified audiences outside your existing customer base, particularly those who share characteristics with your current customers (Lookalike segments).

Demand Gen campaigns offer the savvy feature of targeting Lookalike audiences, similar to what you’d experience with Facebook Ads. This powerful tool allows you to reach new prospects who closely resemble your existing customer base, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Embark on a journey to uncover the optimal strategies tailored for harnessing the full potential of Google Ads’ Demand Gen campaigns.

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