Amazon Influencer: role, requirements and earning potential

Becoming an Amazon Influencer is possible thanks to the well-known program of the American giant. You have certainly heard about it, and you may have wondered how to become one and how much those in this role earn.

However, it’s important to consider that joining the program and becoming an influencer for your niche is not as simple as it seems. One must be consistent in self-promotion and implement a few simple tips such as:

  • optimize your storefront;
  • encourage interactions with the community;
  • create engaging content.

As you continue reading, you will learn how to increase your earnings by joining the Amazon influencer program. In particular, you will find valuable information on:

  • what the Amazon Influencer Program is and how it works;
  • the requirements to become a member of Amazon Influencers;
  • how much an affiliate influencer can earn through the program.

Working as an influencer is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field of interest.

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What is the Amazon Influencer Program and how does it work?

The Amazon influencer program is primarily designed for content creators as an extension of the American e-commerce giant’s affiliate program.

It mainly involves creating a public profile where you can curate lists of your favorite products to recommend to your target audience.

Once your page is created, all you need to do is share the URL of your storefront on major channels. When a follower clicks your link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission on the sale.

But how does Amazon’s influencer program work? To answer this question, it’s important to compare Amazon influencer vs affiliate program. The main differences lie in:

  • earning opportunities;
  • promotion methods;
  • access requirements for the program.

The most significant distinction between the two programs, however, is that an influencer has the ability to create multiple storefronts with various products inside.

Through the URL, they can promote the entire page on their social channels. An affiliate, on the other hand, cannot do this due to program regulations.

Furthermore, to work for Amazon from home as an influencer, you don’t need to own a personal blog or website. This clause applies only to affiliates.

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How to become an Amazon Influencer

Steps to work as an Influencer for Amazon

How to join the Amazon Influencer program? If you are convinced to try this path, the steps to become an Amazon Influencer are straightforward.

  • You need to choose which of your social media profiles (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) you want to use.
  • Allow Amazon to scan the profile you have chosen based on reach, engagement, relevance, and quality.
  • Amazon will take only a few days to tell you if your profile is suitable.
  • Are you eligible? Great. Enter your details, a brief biography, and an image.
  • Now you can start sharing your selected products on Amazon.

What are the requirements of an Amazon Influencer

Always keep in mind that being a successful Amazon influencer means creating content that is useful for your audience and functional in expanding the target audience.

By promoting Amazon products in the right way, you must be able to build trust. But how to join the Amazon Influencer program? There are different requirements to access the program.

amazon influencer program

First and foremost is the number of followers. If you’re wondering how many followers you need to become an Amazon influencer, I’ll tell you: it depends.

Certainly, you need to have a good following (over 500 followers) and a certain number of real interactions. So, having just a nice profile is not enough.

Also, consider that if you applied using your Facebook or Instagram profile, you need to have a business account.

Create your storefront

Joining the Amazon Influencer program will allow you to create a real storefront for your products that you can customize with lists based on the type of products you offer.

Unlike traditional sponsorships, Amazon Influencer does not offer trial products. It won’t even recommend which item to promote; the choice is yours! Of course, all your products must come from Amazon.

Here’s what you need to do to create your lists:

  • Go to the URL provided by Amazon: there you will find your owner view.
  • If this is your first time creating a list, all you need to do is rename the one provided by Amazon.
  • Once you’ve changed the name, it will be updated in the public view.
  • You can choose to keep or delete the lists you’ve already created.
  • To create new ones from scratch, click on “create a list of ideas” and add your preferred products.

If you’re wondering how to find Amazon influencer storefronts, simply click on the person’s name indicated in the displayed content. You will be redirected to their page with a biography and a link leading to the storefronts.

Add your products and use the vanity URL

Once you’ve created your Amazon influencer lists, all you have to do is add your products. Go directly to your list of ideas and click on the “+” in the top left corner.

Alternatively, if you’re on the products page, click on the dropdown menu and type “add to list”. Choose not only what you like but also think about your followers and what they might appreciate the most.

Amazon will also provide you with a vanity URL, a personalized URL for your store! You will reuse the vanity URL later to share on social channels, so it’s crucial.

The URL is chosen based on your social profile and generally cannot be changed, except when you change your YouTube channel name or the social platform you’ve joined.

For example, if you activate your Amazon Influencer account using Facebook and after three months, you decide to use Instagram because you have more followers, your URL will be changed.


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How much does an Amazon Influencer earn?

In America, where the program has been active for a longer time, there are Amazon Influencers who claim to earn $1500 per month and others $100 per day.

Is the truth somewhere in between? What’s certain is that after your first $10 is earned, you can choose your preferred method of “payment” for your earnings.

influencer earnings

Here are some examples of commissions you’ll be eligible for:

  • Console and video games: 1%
  • Headphones, earphones, Amazon-branded TVs, and beauty products: 6%
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry from other brands: 7%
  • Furniture: 8%
  • Amazon clothing and accessories: 10%

In addition to this, you can earn $15 for every friend who joins the Amazon Business program and $3 for Twitch (Amazon’s live streaming platform), Amazon Prime, and Amazon.

Conclusion and further tips

As I have shown you so far, being an Amazon influencer, as well as abroad, has become a real profession that allows you to earn significant sums of money.

Of course, standing out to become a significant reference for your audience is not easy. That’s why I want to leave you with some tips for successful influencers.

  • Like in all things, don’t overdo it! Sponsoring too many Amazon products could make you lose credibility in the eyes of your followers.
  • Try to make a selection and choose only what you would buy yourself or gift to someone. It doesn’t matter if you have a large following; people can tell if you’re just trying to sell.
  • Believe in what you’re selling: spend an extra five minutes, but read product reviews and make sure they truly match the description. In the long run, transparency will pay off.
  • Lastly, if you’re not clear on how to proceed to start a real online business working for Amazon, request a free consultation to be guided step by step.

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