Artificial Intelligence Apps: Top 5 in Online Marketing

Numerous Artificial Intelligence apps are used every day without even paying attention to them anymore. But what are they? These are applications that you use daily and can improve productivity and, in the Digital environment, help all marketing processes and effective strategies.

Artificial Intelligence was born as a scientific subject, between the 50s and 60s and today it is considered as the technology that has revolutionized not only various aspects of work but also daily life. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is considered an enabling technology since it allows one to perform the tasks of a human being but with greater efficiency and in less time.

It can be defined as a “human mind” but with a technological aid that increases its productivity, improving its visual and decision-making perceptions. Like all good things, it too has its cons; in fact, AI can make human life a “walk”, but it can also destroy it, being almost able to “replace” it. There are many sectors where the hand of man is fundamental, but there are equally numerous sectors in which man could be replaced by a machine capable of improving productivity.

AI applications are commonly used by everyone and in many sectors, including Digital Marketing. In this article, specifically, I will tell you what Artificial Intelligence apps are and which ones are the best to use to create and optimize your digital strategy.

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What are Artificial Intelligence apps?

Artificial Intelligence apps can improve productivity and speed up operations; they are therefore used every day, and you do it in such a natural way that you don’t even notice it anymore over the years there are more and more technologies that exploit AI. In particular, we all have a device that hosts the majority of Artificial Intelligence apps, namely the smartphone.

what are artificial intelligence applications

What fields of application of artificial intelligence do you know? The sectors in which Artificial Intelligence has had the greatest development, also through new applications, are:

  • everyday life: as I have already told you, your smartphone is a very rich instrument of Artificial Intelligence apps; just think of all the times you use your beloved Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other famous IOS and Android applications ready to help you when you ask. When you watch Netflix or Disney+ and you are advised what to watch, there is the hand of AI, which thanks to the Machine Learning algorithm, can understand your tastes and manage your preferences.
  • city safety and cybersecurity: all video surveillance systems are indeed controlled by a natural person, but man is always helped by a machine that exploits machine learning. There is special software that learns and controls people’s movements and can report all suspicious cases to the individual. The mechanism is similar in cybersecurity, where Artificial Intelligence manages to avoid cyber attacks by adopting protection systems based on the type of attack.
  • science and medicine: thanks to the Artificial Intelligence learning system, science is also having numerous results. Doctors are assisted by being able to give more accurate diagnoses, and in the future, it will be possible to develop new drugs and treat many pathologies. Even astrophysics has had benefits, managing to have more precise data to study the changes in the best-known galaxies.
  • Digital Marketing: stands out among the most affected sectors; it’s called Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM), the process that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve all sales techniques, relate to users and understand what are the best persuasion practices capable of converting the largest number of customers possible.

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5 examples of Artificial Intelligence Apps in Digital Marketing

Al apps can be used in all phases of a Digital Marketing strategy. Artificial Intelligence Marketing is the discipline that deals with the exploitation of the most sought-after Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as Machine Learning and NIP (Natural Language Processing). These, supported by statistics, mathematical techniques, and behavioral marketing, form an algorithm that manages to “convince” users to perform a specific action.

These algorithms are mainly based on creating a truly personalized experience. Almost all apps and platforms offer customization, such as Spotify, the hugely popular music app; this, thanks to Machine Learning, manages to suggest new songs to the user, analyzing what he has already heard, thus learning to know his tastes.

The needs of users are different, because people are different, and thanks to the personalized experience that Artificial Intelligence offers, all consumers will be able to have what they prefer most. In practice, in doing so, Artificial Intelligence comes into perfect contact with the User Experience of the user, strongly influencing the success of your strategy, even determining the completion of one of its actions.

Digital Marketing is therefore a sector where Artificial Intelligence is widely used, to speed up processes and reduce routine actions, making operations more scalable. Previously I told you about apps that take advantage of “intelligent algorithms” and that you see at work every day, but what are these apps? I will explain below which are the most used in the digital field.

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Voice Assistants and Chatbots

You will surely know Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and many other voice assistants; you will certainly use them every day because they make your life easier!

Each voice assistant uses an intelligent algorithm to establish a real relationship with the user. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it can recognize your voice and collect an infinite amount of data by learning your habits and behaviors in real time!

AI Apps examples

However, not everyone knows that these “vocal” technologies have a strong impact on SEO and that the voice manages to have a strong influence on organic traffic.

Chatbots are also based on a contact experience with the user, vocal or written, and can understand commands and requests to assist the user. Thanks to their “intelligence” they can assimilate an enormous amount of data, managing to have a real conversation with the customer; these are adopted by companies to guarantee perfect Customer Care.

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Photo and video editing

It’s not a new thing to apply filters to a photo; indeed, it can be said that it has become a daily practice for those who work with social channels. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that many editing apps are equipped with, you can make your photos unique! These apps work thanks to a series of algorithms that are based on data learning combined with object recognition. These manage to alter your photos thanks to the activity of the brain waves, which allow you to recreate an image from scratch.

For example, Prisma is an app that relies on image recognition and manages to create a new version of a photo using the artistic styles of famous painters of the past. This application mimics the human brain, identifying the objects in the photo and giving it a whole new look.

Another very interesting editing app is Photolemur, which can detect and fix all the pixels of the photo in seconds. It allows you to save a lot of time by automatically fixing all the defects of a photo, giving a perfect editing experience even to a beginner.

Email Marketing

Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to do Email Marketing, which makes them more advanced than those who don’t take advantage of these powerful technologies. AI manages to incorporate a great deal of data that can increase clicks, and consequently possible conversions.

All this is always allowed by Machine Learning and the personalized experience it manages to offer, exploiting the data collected to understand when is the right time to contact the user and, above all, how based on his behavior.

Can AI be used in email marketing?

There are numerous AI tools for email marketing, such as Boomtrain: its use allows us to understand consumer behavior, developing the best content to offer them automatically and in a personalized way.

Another very interesting tool is Seventh Sense, which manages to understand when and how often it is appropriate to send emails to the user based on his involvement, monitoring how the customer interacts with the company and reducing the risk of ending up in spam.

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I showed you that with the application of Artificial Intelligence, there is a much larger collection of data, and this becomes a key factor when it comes to advertising.

Thanks to AI you will be able to recognize the results of your campaigns, as well as the problems that users have had, to improve and manage your strategy in the best way. Intelligent algorithms can offer a unique experience to users, and thanks to their “brain” you will be able to discover new potential customers and attract them to you in the most suitable way for them to convert them.

Adext Artificial Intelligence is a relevant app for advertising, as it uses machine learning to track user reactions to each ad to find the most effective one to convert, thus optimizing the ads in Google Ads.

Thron, on the other hand, is an Artificial Intelligence application that analyzes content to avoid duplicates. Furthermore, through accurate analysis, it can identify the interests of the users who have interacted with your content. It turns out to be a very useful tool for sales especially because it can guarantee you a targeted and effective Content Strategy!

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Social Media Marketing

Blending Artificial Intelligence into Social Media Marketing is a winning move! For what reason? The User Experience, of course. The presence of Artificial Intelligence helps keep the bond with the user strong because it can learn their behavior and offer them your brand in the most suitable way.

AI apps to know

Cortex stands out among the best Artificial Intelligence apps for social media, as it improves your brand image, suggests hashtags to use, and allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors. In addition, it indicates the most suitable moments to publish, gives you access to a bank of images, and allows you to schedule the publication of your content on all social channels.

Another notable app is, an analyzer for Instagram. It allows you to track your followers, find who no longer follows you, and who blocked you, and know the followers gained and those lost. Thanks to the intelligence of you can find which posts have had the most success, the most likes, and more positive feedback, so you know which style the user likes the most.

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Conclusions and free advice

Over the years the use of Artificial Intelligence apps has grown more and more, proving to be extremely important for companies to:

  • achieve cost reduction and greater efficiency in production processes;
  • have an increase in revenue;
  • develop solutions seen as a support in decision-making processes.

In practice, companies are seeing Artificial Intelligence as a real source of opportunities, which despite the difficulties, can lead to significant organizational, economic, and technological benefits.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine, which however makes life easier for man in all sectors. It manages to save you time and energy, succeeding even where the human being does not arrive, especially in the digital field.

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