Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks: how to start earning now

The best affiliate networks for earning online are numerous, and in this guide, we will explain how each of them works to help the user choose the most suitable affiliate program for their needs.

What are affiliate networks?

Before listing the best affiliate networks, let’s explain what they are. They are online platforms where the owner of a website can sign up and start earning immediately! It’s as simple as these steps:

  • Sign up for the affiliate network
  • Display advertising banners on your website
  • Earn a percentage of conversions after clicks on the banner

What are the best affiliate networks?

We have tried to describe the best affiliate networks, highlighting their unique features.

best affiliate networks examples

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate networks. It is recommended for website owners who deal with specific products sold on Amazon. Just three simple steps are needed:

  • Sign up for free
  • Copy and paste the link to the selected product to advertise
  • Earn a commission on user purchases made through the link

You can earn with Amazon affiliations, in fact, you can earn a maximum of 12% on the purchase made by the user through the link.

If the visitor clicks on the ad and does not buy the sponsored product but another product on Amazon, you still earn.

Fortunately, with the Amazon Affiliate program, you always earn a percentage on the purchase of a product; however, the user must complete the transaction after clicking the link.

Advertising commissions are paid monthly about 60 days after purchase by check, directly to the bank account, or with an Amazon Gift Card.


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eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is very similar to the Amazon affiliate program operation. You can earn online in just three steps:

  • Choose from 800 million available eBay listings to advertise.
  • Advertise the selected listings on your website.
  • Earn a commission on purchases made by visitors after clicking on the listing.

Payment is made on the 22nd of each month (if a minimum credit of $10 is reached). The commission ranges from 50% to 70% of eBay’s revenue and depends on the category of the purchased item.


At Tradedoubler, over 180,000 publishers are part of the network. To start earning with the affiliate network, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for the network
  • Categorize the website based on the topics covered
  • Insert the received code in the website’s dashboard

The list of available affiliate programs will appear on the homepage. You can choose to insert simple banners or text links in the “graphic elements management” area.

With Tradedoubler, you earn a percentage on the sale of the promoted products.


Clickbank Affiliate provides an interesting guide on how to succeed as a Network affiliate on the official website.

Through 4 video tutorials, you can receive advice on the following points:

  • Choosing a niche: the Clickbank helps in selecting which ad niche will be sponsored on the site.
  • Building the platform: you don’t need to have an existing website to become a Clickbank affiliate. Creating an affiliate site is easy with Clickbank as it lists methods to build your platform with WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.
  • Increasing the audience: this network explains how to drive traffic to the newly created platform.
  • Product promotion: the Clickbank illustrates product promotion methods and strategies to maximize sales.


Awin, formerly Zanox, is another one of the best Affiliate Networks. Awin helps publishers build collaborations with major brands with the goal of monetizing website and social media channel traffic.

The operation is very similar to the Affiliate Programs seen so far:

  • Find the most suitable brand for the website’s target audience
  • Promote the chosen brand
  • Track every visit from the website directly to the brand’s e-commerce store
  • Receive a commission for every sale

Instagram affiliations

Instagram affiliations are an excellent way to earn with Instagram. Instagram affiliate marketing involves advertising a product and encouraging followers to purchase through a custom discount code.

If a potential customer intending to buy clicks on the referral link and makes a purchase within a specified timeframe (usually 24 hours), the influencer earns a percentage on the product sale.

Be careful not to spam too much to avoid losing followers and promote links that align with the fans’ interests as much as possible.

In some affiliate programs’ regulations, there is an obligation to notify that you are earning something (without increasing the product’s selling price!).


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Keliweb, among the best affiliate networks, operates very simply. Upon registration, your next steps are as follows:

  • Insert advertising banners on the website
  • Wait for users to click and purchase on Keliweb
  • Earn a percentage on every sale

As an affiliate program, it is certainly one of the most meritocratic: earnings increase based on the number of conversions.


Answerbase, another famous affiliate network, operates as follows. You need to:

  • Register to become an affiliate.
  • Receive approval emails with referral links and useful materials to create banners.
  • Create advertising content for the website.
  • Start earning through advertising commissions.

The special feature of this affiliate program is earning up to 50% of the commissions for the first month, plus an additional 15% in the following months.

SEMrush Affiliate Program

SEMrush Affiliate Program is one of the best Affiliate Networks, guaranteeing 40% of advertising commissions for every new customer.

You need to register on the official website to access promotional materials to insert on your website, receive 24/7 assistance, and view statistics.

Promotional materials are available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.


iTunes Affiliate Program is available if you own a website or blog related to music.

On the website, you can access an area with all the useful tools like the Apple Music Toolbox, The Apple Books Toolbox, and Identity Guidelines to create advertising banners for your blog.

In the “The Resource Site” section, you can find various useful guides to learn the basics of the platform (Getting Started Guides), analyze reports (Reporting Guides), and get information about payments (Payment FAQ).

How to optimize your affiliate program

In this guide, we have explained the best Affiliate Networks. However, to earn online through affiliate programs, it’s essential to generate traffic on your site.

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Only by ranking in the top search results can you maximize traffic and earnings with affiliate programs.

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  • In-person
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