15 best Link Building Tools for your SEO strategy

If you are getting passionate about SEO and are wondering what the list of the best Link Building Tools is, this article is for you!

You will discover how to improve the positioning of web pages and blog articles thanks to strategic actions and tools to have incoming links (links from an external page to your page) of quality. This process, defined as link building, should not be confused with link earning, which instead deals with earning such links.

I will explain which Link Building Tools you cannot do without so that your online resources gain visibility and authority among your readers, users, and customers.

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Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

What Link Building Tools are and what they are used for

Before looking in detail at the list of the best Link Building Tools available online, it is important to understand what they are and what their functionality is. In this article, I am not going to talk about:

  • Link Building: what is it?
  • Link Building: how is it done?
  • How to do Link Building for free?
  • What is an example of effective Link Building?
  • What is Semrush Link Building? (referring to specific platforms)

because you can find the answers to these questions in the article dedicated to inbound link building.

link building tools for seo performance

Instead, I will focus on what are the most useful tools to allow you to implement this practice correctly and, above all, effectively. Specifically, I will list the most convenient ones for identifying the most suitable domains to host links to your web pages and understanding how to optimize your site’s pages to gain more authority and incoming traffic.

Link Building Tools are software available for free, paid, or as freemium, which allow you to take advantage of various indispensable features for Search Engine Optimization and more. Often, they are also referred to as SEO Tools.

The tools for doing link building have various functionalities such as:

  • analysis of web page parameters;
  • studying competitor’s actions (backlink Checker);
  • a quick overview of incoming and outgoing links (outreach);
  • keyword research;
  • monitoring broken links;
  • verifying the authority of a domain (domain authority).

They are also important for Content Marketing activities on the Blog, where links play a fundamental role.

15 free or paid Link Building Tools

Finding the list of the best Link Building Tools is not always easy: everyone has a preference for some tools, dislikes others, or simply is unaware of the existence of others.

This is also because those who deal daily with the optimization of digital content for search engines, whether employees or freelancers, can come from different schools of thought. For this reason, the personal toolkit of SEO Tools can be very diverse.

So what is the best tool for Link Building? There is no absolute answer. It depends on the strategy, what you need to achieve your business results, and your level of preference for one software or another. For example, you might need it to position a website, check a backlink profile, or research specific keywords.

Each tool is mainly indicated for a specific function, but some tools have multiple functionalities. This is why it is advisable to know more than one tool, to be used individually or in synergy depending on the needs.

Below is a list of useful Link Building Tools for your work, ordered not alphabetically but by choosing 15 of the most popular and useful for different activities.

1. Ahrefs

It is one of the most popular Link Building Tools used by web agencies and freelancers. It allows various functions including:

  • analysis of incoming and outgoing links;
  • checking broken links;
  • keyword research;
  • social media statistics.

The functionalities of this platform are many, but primarily it is used to identify malicious backlinks from competitors, evaluate a link, and measure DR (Domain Rating) parameters.

2. BuzzStream

This is a very effective tool for Digital PR as it allows identifying key influencers and publishers in a specific niche sector.

Once contact is made with these professionals, the goal of using this Link Building Tool is to get your content purchased.

Suitable for those who use Content Marketing extensively, BuzzStream can be tried for free by users for 14 days before moving to the paid version. Prices range from a minimum of $24 per month to the Custom Pro version at $999 per month.

3. Majestic SEO

It is an indispensable Link Building Tool for all Search Engine Optimization specialists, it offers many functionalities among which we can see the Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

This SEO Tool particularly works on the quality of incoming and outgoing links of a domain.

However, despite its fame and great potential, it is important to remember that most of the features are for subscribers; the basic version is indeed paid and costs $46.99 per month.

If you want to become an SEO Specialist, understanding how Majestic works makes a difference.

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4. Linkody

Although only available in French and English, Linkody is in the Top 15 of Link Building Tools.

Its main feature is automatic backlink monitoring: via email notification, you are alerted when you receive new backlinks or when they are removed. Another important feature is the ability to scrutinize and adopt the same link building strategy used by your competitors to increase traffic.

There is a free trial available to see how this tool works before moving to the paid versions. It also has a multi-user platform that allows multiple users to be connected to a single account.

5. Search Console

Provided for free by Google, this tool is highly relevant in the SEO field thanks to its very intuitive and easy-to-customize platform.

An analytical Link Building Tool, it allows you to evaluate important parameters such as Core Web Vitals. If you do not understand what I’m talking about and want to learn more about the tool, I recommend reading the guide dedicated to Google Search Console.

It also allows you to monitor a site or blog’s traffic through search queries, and to track various parameters such as the Click Through Rate (CTR). Another feature that has not escaped those who live every day of SEO is the insertion of a sitemap, a sort of map of the site that is “read” by Google’s crawler.

6. Google alert

Staying in the realm of Google, there is another interesting Link Building Tool often used by Digital PR professionals and those dealing with web reputation.

By setting up this free software, you can stay updated on topics of interest, detect mentions, and monitor brand reputation. Seeing who is talking about you makes it easier to propose hosting your links on their pages or blogs.

Thanks to Google Alert, the task of building external links to the site is facilitated. The first advantage of this tool is to generate positive talk about you through external links, facilitating the work of Digital PR. The second advantage is that it allows you to monitor any negative reviews about your brand that could undermine its reputation.


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7. URL Profile

This is a powerful Link Building Tool that extracts data from links. Its use is very simple: just paste the URL into the appropriate bar, and you can view a wide range of metrics. The free functionalities include SERP scraping or Twitter scraping, which can filter domains or users related to a common topic you have chosen. URL Profile also allows you to see unnatural links (negative SEO) on your site and social media shares through the “import” function.

It is software that is not without flaws and that needs to work in tandem with other tools. The parameters extracted on your pages allow you to see if your URLs are SEO-friendly. Free trial for 14 days, and then you move to the pro version for $19.95.

8. Semrush

It is a platform that is not only used as Link Building Tool in itself but also for:

  1. SEO;
  2. Advertising;
  3. Social Media Marketing;
  4. Content Marketing.

The Semrush dashboard is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, whose free version is very limited, and essential for SEO experts.

Its value lies in the time and money saved in performing various actions with a single, extremely effective software.

Functions range from website analysis (Semrush backlink) to keyword research, and competitor analysis.

In 2019, it won the award for “best digital tool”. For more details, consult the article dedicated to Semrush.

9. SEOzoom

This is a fundamental Link Building Tool to become a professional SEO Specialist.

The main functionalities can be summarized as:

  • primary, secondary, and related keyword research with volume verification;
  • link building strategy;
  • trends and positioning of the keywords of your website;
  • identification of user search intents.


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10. Scrapebox

The term web scraping suggests that Scrapebox is a Link Building Tool that “scrapes” a main keyword with recursive queries, generating many related secondary keywords. It also has a harvesting function for extracting all websites where the searched keywords are present.

The “analysis” section allows for evaluations based on add-ons that can be downloaded from Scrapebox’s website.

Its strength lies in the harvesting function, useful for finding quality partner sites for Digital PR.

11. Moz Link Explorer

A Link Building Tool that replaces the previous version called Open Site Explorer. Used for checking internal or external links, you can analyze the links of each site, seeing the page authority (Page Authority) and domain authority (Domain Authority).

With this tool, you can see follow and no follow links in percentage terms. Backlink analysis is performed through anchor text, focusing on the importance of source or destination pages.

It can be added as a “Chrome extension”.

12. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a PR Link Building Tool for finding influencers, bloggers, and publishers quickly. Ideal for managing promotional channels, finding broken URLs, and analyzing incoming links.

Influencer marketing is increasingly important; this tool is excellent for digital agencies as it facilitates finding influencers in niche sectors with ease.

Pitchbox offers integrations with Top SEO providers like Majestic, Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefs.

13. Monitor Backlinks

A Link Building Tool that offers a powerful free Backlink function: just use it on the platform’s site and you can perform unlimited checks. You can access hundreds of internal and external links of a chosen domain, organizing the results by URL, trust flow, and other parameters.

For all other features, the paid version starts at $25 per month for each domain and requires registration.

14. Hunter.io

An APP Link Building Tool that allows finding corporate email addresses within a specific domain, and checking their validity with the “verifier” function.

importance of seo in digital marketing

The free version allows for a maximum of 150 requests per month between domain search and email address verification.

For 1000 requests, there is a monthly paid plan for $49, with plans going up to $399 per month.

It is especially useful, but when dealing with email addresses from the net, it’s important to know the basics of email marketing.

15. Ninjaoutreach

It is one of the Link Building Tools dedicated to influencer marketing, used by both companies and bloggers to increase contacts and relationships in the web world. 

This tool is widely used in Content Marketing and blogging to promote initiatives and projects that attract new participants and is therefore sought after by Digital PRs. Equipped with a Chrome Extension, it has the advantage of being usable both on desktop and in the cloud. The free trial lasts 14 days, after which it is necessary to switch to the paid version starting at $49 per month. Available only in English.


There are still many Link Building Tools that could be mentioned, but the most popular and used ones have been highlighted. Some use this software for hobbies or their sites, while others must know them to effectively carry out their work.

If you are thinking about using these tools for a professional activity or to improve your SEO skills, it might be a slow and challenging path.

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