Biteable: how to create videos online for free

Do you want to create beautiful videos quickly but don’t know how? Don’t worry; in this Biteable mini-guide, I’ll help you understand step by step what the right steps are to create your masterpiece.

This tool was founded in 2014 in Hobart, Australia, by 3 creators. Their goal was to make it accessible for everyone to create high-quality videos very easily.

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Let us now see how to use Biteable App to create engaging videos.

How to start making videos on Biteable

But now let’s get practical, how do you start taking your first steps?

First, go to the Biteable’s homepage, position yourself, and click on the sign up for free button. Immediately after, a form will open where you can enter your name, email, and password, or alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Once you’re signed up, Biteable will ask for information about your profile and the type of videos you want to create. From this point on, you can decide whether to use a Biteable template or create your own.

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Create quality videos on Biteable for free

To use a pre-set template, all you have to do is use the dropdown menus next to the “I’m making a video to” section to provide information about the type of video you want to create (e.g., introducing my team). At this point, select one of the themes listed in the center of the page.

how to find Biteable template

If you’re more inclined to unleash your creativity from the start, position yourself in the top right corner and click on the text “Start From Scratch”, please input the title you desire for your video and then click the “Get Started” button to proceed.

You’ll see a screen with numerous templates, and on the left column, you’ll find categories like Animation to customize as you like, Footage with real people videos that you can also customize, and Upload with a selection of static photos and videos to include in your project.

The contents labeled as “Premium” are reserved for users who subscribe to the paid subscription. To learn about Biteable’pricing, log on to the page.

At this point, you can customize the content that interests you using the tools provided by the website editor. You can type the text you want to insert into your video in the field on the left, or you can click on the Upload image button.

Once you’ve completed the operation, if you want to select other scenes to include in your project, you can simply click the Add Scene button at the bottom. After you’ve finished all your edits, you can continue to customize your video by adding presentation colors.

To do this, you can click on the Color tab at the top. Furthermore, if you want to make your content even richer with interesting elements, you can add background music in the Audio tab.

Finally, by navigating to the Preview tab, you can generate a preview of the final video in just a few seconds by clicking the Build My Preview button.

Once the video preview is ready, you can publish it online by clicking the Publish this video button, and if that’s not enough, you have the option to share it with others using the address provided in the Video link field located in the bottom right corner.

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Biteable’s Blog

On Biteable, you can find a very interesting blog to delve into various topics, among the most interesting

  1. News: Includes all the news and information about the digital world;
  2. Case Studies: Here, you’ll find results from people who have used Biteable to create videos;
  3. Video Tips: This section includes advice and everything that can be useful to create high-quality videos and expand your knowledge;
  4. Inspiration: A category dedicated to ideas and inspirations for creating successful videos.

8 tips to increase engagement with Biteable video

Keeping people’s engagement and interest high is not always easy, but Biteable can help us.

Here are 8 tips to ensure a consistently high number of interactions:

  1. Use an Attention-Grabbing Title: To attract curiosity and encourage the viewer to click on your video, try to identify visually impactful, highly persuasive, and concise titles using the most important keywords to position yourself effectively.
  2. Create Short and Quick Videos: Usually, the initial sequences of a video are the ones that need to immediately capture attention to keep our audience interested and encourage them to watch it to the end. The ideal duration is 60-90 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 minutes.
  3. Include a CTA at the end of the video: Inviting the user to take a specific action through the Call To Action (e.g., downloading a file, an ebook, a free guide, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, requesting information, etc.) is a highly effective and successful operation. It is designed to prompt an immediate response and encourage interaction. It may manifest as text, an image, or a button. A good call to action should be as clear, concise, brief, and inviting as possible. In this case, Biteable even allows you to add a selectable button at the end of the video.
  4. Add value: The audience that watches our videos mostly expects to derive utility or entertainment. To achieve this, you can create a tutorial where you explain the functioning of a particular product or service step by step, provide a testimonial, or showcase a case study, which is a successful example of your company’s development. Alternatively, you can present a person’s biography, the story of a group or community, to provide a better understanding of a specific situation and encourage reflection, both personally and professionally.
  5. Create multiple versions of your video: Biteable allows you to duplicate your videos, making it easy to have templates for various social media platforms and quickly send variations for multiple campaigns.
  6. Respond to comments and messages: This aspect is also crucial for establishing meaningful long-term relationships with your viewers. Actively participating in the conversations within your target community will significantly increase your visibility and build trust and connection with your users.
  7. Set up a company calendar: For example, you can use Google Calendar, an online calendar system by Google, for both personal and professional event reminders. It can be useful, for instance, to remind you of specific holidays and help you create creative videos for such occasions.
  8. Use questions: In your video, try to pose questions because they trigger immediate thoughts in people and can make them reflect on a particular topic that you will then address.

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Video as a Marketing Strategy

By now, all companies have understood that video is the most relevant content transmission channel, the best system towards which all social networks are orienting themselves to provide users with an increasingly fascinating, captivating, engaging, and exciting experience.

Videos have the ability to turn users into “loyal customers” and work better than any other form of content for conversions and sales.

We must remember that the brain works through images, as sight is the dominant sense, and therefore, if a photo already conveys a strong visual impact, video is capable of amplifying this effect exponentially.

Biteable and TikTok

Furthermore, video content allows for the creation and strengthening of trust relationships with potential customers. The goal is to generate and evoke an emotional reaction through which users can identify with our identity.

In this way, brands have the opportunity to create a bond with their followers by producing short content that tells a story; graphics, movement, audio, creativity, and 360-degree originality can have a significant impact.

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The importance of the right platform

Adopting a good Social Media Marketing Strategythat takes into account the use of videos is a correct strategy as long as you can identify the right platform and the most appropriate way to communicate your content.

For example, the first few seconds of a video are crucial for capturing the user’s interest and curiosity. To be more effective, high-performing, and impactful, content should last only a few seconds; Facebook recommends making 6-second videos for perfect communication.

Moreover, they should be usable even with the sound off by inserting a good Call To Action that leads to a specific landing page, i.e., a particular page of a website, aimed at turning customers into contacts. The goal is to engage the audience and always experiment with new solutions to find the preferred formats.

Remember that the social world is constantly evolving, so it’s important to continuously update and pay attention to details to progress in the best way and reap the maximum benefit from the enormous power that the digital world has on our lives.

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