Business to open: the best ideas for the digital sector

Despite the enormous economic uncertainties that the world is going through today, more and more people are wondering which are the best businesses to open, whether starting a business with little money today is possible, or whether opening a shop is the right choice to make. Here are the questions that are frequently asked:

  • What businesses are better to open to start your own business?
  • what are the activities to open to start a successful business?
  • In which new businesses is it better to invest?

The reasons that lead to questions about these topics are the most varied. From lack of work due to the economic crisis to a desire to restart his career in a new sector or simply the desire to start his own business by undertaking a new business and seizing new business ideas.

Regardless of the motivations of the individual, the digital sector can be considered the most appropriate and advantageous choice because it is a sector which, precisely in these last years of difficulty, developed without precedent, and above all, it is expected that this growth trend will continue in the next few years.

Which business to open in 2023?

Unfortunately, the perfect idea does not exist. Meaning that there is no single entrepreneurial activity that works for everyone and leads everyone to success equally. Most people who want to start their own business with new business first think about which businesses to open with little money.

Whether it’s opening a shop or an agency, or finding new businesses in the digital field, there are many business opportunities today and for all tastes.

The digital sector is certainly one of the best ways to follow today, if you are interested in a business to open online you will initially need to understand what business ideas are best suited to your skills and needs. The business opportunities are many and very different from each other, you have to understand what best suits your skills and thus try to open a successful business.

Also, it is good to keep in mind that every entrepreneurial activity inevitably brings with it risks. This shouldn’t be an obstacle to the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurial enterprise, but it is a factor to keep in mind before starting any new business on your own.

The ability to look around, to analyze the context in which you live and the dynamics of the economic system certainly helps to avoid unnecessary risks and to start a business with solid foundations aimed at growth. Because unlike what you think, it is possible to find new business ideas even in not entirely favorable times.

It is important to understand which activity is open among the different alternatives available online. How is it possible to choose the activity to open that is right for us? It is good to remember that:

  • It takes a lot of determination and a great desire to make it, or rather it is necessary to have a mindset of winning to be able to carry on the new project that is close to heart;
  • you have to choose a business model that goes well with your personality and ability;
  • you need to be willing to put yourself on the line to acquire all the digital skills that are necessary to do a job independently online;
  • The business model must be in line with the business to be started but also with personal aspirations and therefore aimed at promoting the right balance between work and personal life.

Activities to open at home and digitization

Digitization is an asset that cannot be missing in the modern world that is preparing to emerge from a global pandemic. Digital technology will increasingly be the tool through which to acquire greater competitiveness.

What we have learned in the last couple of years is that the “online” sector is the one that responds best to moments of crisis.

It is no coincidence that during the lockdown periods, companies that already possessed a good level of digitization managed to respond more promptly to the needs of their customers, sometimes also thanks to an organization of remote work, which in fact was only possible thanks to digital platforms and tools.

This tells us that in the future it will be impossible to think of a new business to open or an entrepreneurial challenge without thinking and focusing on the aspects that concern digitization and online presence of your business.

Businesses to open to make money in digital

Now that you have understood why digital is a sector that can offer so many possibilities for starting a new business, the time has come to find out what are the best ideas for opening an innovative business. We will look at some online business models highlighting correspond to real market needs.

Also, keep in mind that the digital world is much more flexible compared to the traditional offline world and allows you to tailor each profession to your own needs and attitudes. For example, there are some activities that lend themselves very well to being carried out as an individual entrepreneur or as a professional, and even as a freelancer.

Activities of a more consultative nature, on the other hand, also lend themselves to the web agency model where one’s own business can be supported by internal or external collaborators depending on one’s choices.

In this context, exploring specialized areas like franchises can offer unique opportunities. For comprehensive insights and resources on this specific sector, consider visiting Digital Coach’s White Collar Franchise page, which provides valuable information for those interested in this particular digital business niche.

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Become an online consultant and sell marketing services

Selling marketing services as a new business to open is certainly a good idea because skills in this sector will be essential to devise effective strategies, and differentiate yourself from competitors to reach your target audience. Even better if you have an expert qualification in digital marketing.

In fact, in this era overwhelmed by digital transformation, consultancy and services relating to the online world and digital marketing will be increasingly in demand. More and more companies, even small entrepreneurial realities, will have to move online and explain their presence on various digital channels.

It will be necessary if they are to keep up with the times and keep their customers. So if you’re wondering what to open today to make money, know that digital marketing consultancy and services will be indispensable for integrating offline activities with the entire part dedicated to online marketing and also to support the creation of new businesses.

The consultancy may concern the entire digital strategy or it may be vertical on some very specific areas, such as an e-commerce consultancy. Other possible areas are:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • User experience

Open an online store

Opening an online store is the digital version of opening a “traditional” shop. New businesses to be opened in digital versions have the advantage of reducing initial investment and allowing a lot of flexibility and autonomy.

As you will have understood, it is a matter of selling online a product or more products of own production or of marketing products purchased from one or more suppliers under one’s own brand.

Of particular importance is the choice of products to sell online. To avoid competition from big players, it is advisable to focus on original articles, perhaps handicraft products and unique, in order to create a market niche in which you are the main and perhaps only player.

Then, thanks to digital channels, it will be really easy to intercept the customer target and start an appreciated and successful e-commerce.

To complete the online sales opportunities, we have to consider 2 interesting alternatives:

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online store management method that allows you to have a lot of flexibility and significantly reduces the initial investment. It allows you not to have a product warehouse because once the order has been registered on your e-commerce platform, the supplier will directly ship the products to the customer’s home.

Instead, as an entrepreneur of a business to be opened, your tasks will be to carry out:

  • A functioning and easily usable e-commerce platform;
  • ensure secure payments;
  • plan activities on digital channels to bring users to your e-commerce;
  • manage customer service and returns;
  • fulfill the bureaucratic and legal part of the business.

If you have truly unique and unobtainable products in mind that could meet the needs of a very specific market niche, developing a dropshipping e-commerce project could be the right solution for you. With the Dropshipping E-commerce course, you will be guided in the start-up phase of your project, and in just eight weeks you will be online with your idea.

  • Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is the alternative to opening a dropshipping eCommerce. In this case, it is about selling your product or brand directly on the largest marketplace in the world. In this case, Amazon behaves like a large multi-brand e-commerce, which like an offline shopping center rents out its spaces to third-party companies.

With this method you will be able to sell your products directly from the marketplace site, making use of its notoriety and ability to attract customers to the marketplace itself.

Thanks to the selling on Amazon course you will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities of the largest online shopping center in the world and thus start selling your products online without having to manage your own online store. With this business, model you will be able to focus on marketing and product.

Sell online courses or info products

Selling this type of product means doing it through digital platforms and websites, products, and services such as ebooks, video courses, and mini-guides. This is a very interesting idea and can be a good solution to opening a business with no money as the pandemic has paved the way for online learning mode and this sector is expected to grow in the future.

It is really very important that the choice to start this idea takes place on the basis of which courses to sell and is based on, in short, of which you feel like an expert. It could be a skill related to your current job or a hobby you’re passionate about like music or photo editing.

Once the topic has been chosen, it will be sufficient to prepare the material, for example, an e-book or a video lesson, and make it available online thanks to your website or also thanks to specialized platforms such as Udemy or Teachable, or both.

Selling online courses can be one of those high-paying businesses, especially if the quality of your material is high and the topic is a niche that few can master like you.

Work as an influencer in your industry

This job can fully qualify among the best businesses to open that you can consider. It might seem like it’s not a real entrepreneurial activity, but in fact, it can ensure good earnings and especially also in times of crisis.

Influencers are users of social networks who have a large following, and who, thanks to the trust and relationship they establish with their followers, are able to influence the purchase of a particular product or service.

This ability to gain credibility with a specific audience segment is an activity that can be monetized in many ways, including:

  • receiving sponsorships
  • doing affiliation
  • selling advertising
  • selling info products

Working as an influencer in your sector could be the right business to start if you have good visibility on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And in this case, the more the sector is narrow and niche, the more the earning potential increases.

Open a Social Media Agency

Another chance to start your own business online is to open a social media agency business. In this case, you can decide whether to work alone and make use of external professionals depending on the projects you will follow, or fully follow your entrepreneurial spirit and hire employees.

The presence on various social media, from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok, just to mention the best known, is now a fact that cannot be ignored. A phenomenon that does not only concern young people but involves practically all age groups.

For this reason, freelancers, businesses, and even retail stores will increasingly need one competent professional figure specialized in social media management that makes them visible and recognizable on social channels.

The social media agency actually takes charge of the complete management of the social profiles of its customers and therefore allows them to concentrate on the management of the company’s core business and more strategic activities. It mainly deals with:

  • Keep the social channels always active and updated;
  • create and manage the community of followers;
  • engage with industry influencers as needed;
  • achieve the planned results for social channels.

Make affiliations

Affiliates are probably one of the least-known activities of digital marketing but, despite this, they are certainly among the most profitable ideas for an online business to open. Go out on your own with a plan affiliate marketing’s very simple.

All you need is a site or blog, preferably vertical on a sector and well-established. Then, thanks to marketing and advertising activities, you can start making money through affiliate programs.

In practice it is about promoting a third-party product or service on your site and every time your visitor interacts with your link or banner, clicking and purchasing on the site of your partner in the program, you will receive a fee based on what has been agreed.

So you will get a commission or fee, generally as a percentage of the purchase, for each user who, coming from your blog, will purchase on the partner’s site.

There are several steps and, at first glance, it might all seem very complicated, but in reality, the process is very linear and simple. If you like the idea of using your blog to start a new business of your own, I recommend a course to make money with affiliations that will help you start a new online business.

Activities to open: the advantages of online

Opening an online business, such as an Internet shop, presents significant differences compared to the classic opening of a business in the physical world. And all these differences translate into so many advantages and benefits that lead us to highlight that the businesses to open on the web are particularly interesting and promising for this and the coming years.

activities to open online

I’ll show you the main ones:

  • Greater flexibility: opening an online business means freeing yourself from the constraints of physical places and fixed hours of work traditionally understood. In fact, starting your own online business means freely deciding where to work and when.
  • The ability to work from home: if you need to stay in your apartment, thanks to online you can very well open a business in your home because with the network you can connect from wherever you are. You might even consider it a great choice for a business to open in a small town or even decide to work from a seaside location and that will be like always being on holiday.
  • Cost reduction compared to the offline alternative: opening an online business does not require large initial investments. With the right choice, you can even open an online store without having to worry about having a warehouse or incurring transportation costs. In general, these are businesses to be opened with little money and which leads to the repayment of the initial investment in a short time.
  • High-margin and scalable businesses: once the initial investment has been made and the right digital strategy has been identified, they allow you to exponentially increase your earnings without additional investments.
  • Ease of finding customers: digital technologies make it possible to find a large number of customers also because there is no constraint linked to proximity as is the case for traditional shops. This is why with an online store you can sell easily and with just a few clicks
  • Reduced boot times: allow you to start earning immediately. An online business can be started even while you are still doing your old job. This gives you plenty of time to evaluate whether it’s working as you envisioned before you go all out with your new business.

reduced start of times

Conclusions and Advice

A new business to open online is certainly the right step to take advantage of this moment of great drive for the digitization of all economic activities. The digital transformation that is underway can facilitate in the find your niche market that you will be able to control thanks to choosing the right business to open for you.

In addition to the ideas I’ve discussed in this article, there are many other opportunities available, for example, in the franchise field. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit our page white collar franchise opportunities.

Are you among those who absolutely do not want to miss this opportunity? Then remember that Digital Coach provides a service Career Consulting free online course to help you make the training choice that best suits your needs.




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