Buy YouTube views: is it really possible? 10 false myths to dispel

If you have come to read this article, you are probably thinking of opening a YouTube channel, or better still, you have already tried to launch one or more videos but unfortunately did not get the desired result.

Basically, you have received a few hits and are trying to figure out how to increase views on YouTube.

If we do a Google search under “buy YouTube views” or “buy YouTube views for free”, we see that there really are an infinite number of sites and, within them, customized services to suit every budget: foreign views, Instagram followers, Facebook followers, post likes, and much more.

So you want your videos to go viral? Do you think buying YouTube views is the best way? Maybe so, but you have to ask yourself whether buying YouTube views is legal and whether this is possible, and especially how fair and truthful it is.

Buy YouTube views: is it legal?

With over a billion subscribers, corresponding to almost a third of Internet users, have you ever wondered how many views it takes to earn money on YouTube? Before you decide whether or not to access paid services to buy YouTube views, take a look at this article.

But let’s start with the basics. YouTube is a social platform dedicated to video sharing. Artists, vloggers, gamers, streamers, reviewers, instructors, and so on are the leading players.

This does not mean that anyone with an interest in expressing themselves in an audiovisual format cannot be active on the site; on the contrary, YouTube proves to be an exceptional medium in terms of advertising and personal branding.

The success of YouTube is unquestionable and if you believe that your services or products are suitable for this medium, the advice is to do something about it and create ad hoc content.

There are many cases of artists who have been successful thanks to their large number of subscribers and views. The only way to succeed? To increase one’s visibility and have a large audience.

Consequently, many search the Internet for information on how to buy YouTube views. Some of them thus end up resorting to third-party means and sites to buy YouTube views and increase channel subscribers, likes, and followers (real and otherwise).

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Don’t worry, at this point, the question arises. Can you buy real views on YouTube? What if I told you that you can?

Unbelievable but true, buying views is legal and, with due care, carries no risk whatsoever for you and your account. In fact, as per the rules, YouTube has a controversial position.

buy youtube views and likes

The administrators themselves recognize the existence of paid services that increase the number of views, as long as they comply with the rules and terms of service.

In summary, the idea of generating traffic from third-party sites is possible but the purchase per se is strictly forbidden. Beware therefore of fake views and non-real contacts.

10 false myths about Buying YouTube Views

  1. It is illegal. Untrue, buying YouTube views is possible, that’s a fact.
  2. Videos will be deleted. Not entirely true, YouTube reserves the right to remove files that do not comply with the rules, and videos with automatically generated views from illegal, albeit paid, sites.
  3. Your account will be banned. The same applies here as for the removal of videos. It all depends on the transparency of the service you decide to purchase.
  4. The blocking of 301 views. Technically, YouTube reserves the right to scan the first 301 views for spam and fake hits. In reality, if you buy from reputable providers, the problem does not arise.
  5. All the views bought are fake. Some are, but not all. Buying through secure sites also means paying real, “organic” users to watch your videos.
  6. All views bought are equal. Not exactly. So-called cheap views typically come from questionable servers, quality views depend on an endless variety of credible accounts, social media, and websites
  7. All views are foreign. False, we no longer talk about visits from Indian countries as we did in 2012.
  8. Comments on posts are generic and irrelevant. In reality, quality sites provide not only “human views”, but also “customized” comments, tailored to each content.
  9. Youtubers don’t buy views. Don’t feel alone and guilty. Buying traffic is a common practice even among the most famous.
  10. Buying YouTube views is the only way. Not necessarily. There are several ways how to increase YouTube views and how to increase YouTube subscribers. Have you ever heard of Seo for YouTube?

buy youtube views myths

It is worth mentioning that this could actually happen if you decide to rely on unreliable third-party sites with questionable reputations.

In such a case with fake users with little interaction, you will certainly run the risk of lowering the “rank” and positioning of your channel, as well as having your account banned and subscribers deleted.

Buying YouTube views, what it means, and how it works

To better understand the principle behind view traffic, try asking yourself a question. Would you watch a video with less than 5,000 views? Probably not.

A view is more than just a page load. To have a textbook definition: “Views of YouTube videos indicate the number of times a video has been watched and can be an important measure of overall popularity”. This means that the average user will always tend to watch only videos with the highest number of views.

Buying YouTube views basically means entering into a marketing system that allows the video/channel to be visited even outside the platform. Incredibly, it is also possible to reach a number of 500/1000 views per day and in the luckiest cases, with a higher budget, 20,000/30,000 views per day.

youtube page load

3 methods to increase views on YouTube

  • Extremely not recommended: the illegal acquisition of views. Usually, the direct acquisition of views from third-party sites results in the use of deceptive layouts, redirects, and pop-ups that take the user to a page he did not actually request.
  • Illegality aside, there are web agencies that buy promotional space and sponsor videos through various channels: Facebook pages, blogs, banners, and apps. Each click corresponds to one viewing. The more viral the video becomes, due to the buzz effect, the more traffic it generates and the possibility of increasing subscribers and overall views. Or, depending on how much we are willing to pay, we can access a pool of real users willing to sponsor our products/services via stream.
  • Use the most correct and secure route. Start a paid advertising campaign via Google Adwords, creating targeted ads and getting 100 percent real views.

The packages offered

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of options, just enter the URL of the link:

  • Automatic views
  • Comments
  • Live Views
  • Daily views
  • Subscribed to the channel
  • Automatic (and non-automatic) daily likes
  • Sharing the video

Prices range from 1000 shares for €99 to 100 subscribers for €25, and even 5 comments for €25 or 100 likes for €9.90.

The advantages


The greater the number of subscribers and views, the greater the trustworthiness of your channel among potential customers. If the purpose of the channel is to sell, it is much more likely that a user will be willing to try or buy your service/product.

Ideal for launching new campaigns

It is a quick, albeit initial, solution. Buying YouTube views is certainly useful when you do not have a starting audience.


Fans and views go hand in hand. By the law of viral marketing, users much prefer to follow videos and channels with more views, which are inspiring and trending.

Best practice: how to avoid buying fake views

  • Do an initial test. Once you have identified the site or server to which you want to turn, check the reliability of the service. The advice is not to spend the entire budget immediately, but to invest a small fee (10-15€ to be precise) and test the effectiveness of the views, and especially the reliability of the comments, likes, visitors, and so on.
  • Read reviews. is the first rule to consider when it comes to buying any product online. Especially when it comes to buying YouTube views, check for pages dedicated to customer reviews, faqs, contacts, and phone numbers. Social ads, for instance, also provide 24-hour customer service. There are also online communities in which customers discuss the services provided by companies and online sites. Pilot Trust is perhaps the largest community in this respect.
  • Do not trust foreign agencies. You will be tempted by low prices and cheap solutions, but avoid those foreign agencies, especially Asian ones, that offer services at competitive prices. Scams are always just around the corner.
  • Like traffic. To be absolutely avoided is the exchange of likes and sharing to quickly increase visits and views (also applies to Facebook). Lately, this is a very popular technique, but it does not yield any reliable and, above all, credible results. As you will see in the example in the next paragraph, the traffic of shares can generate the creation of bogus accounts that are immediately deleted and not recognized by search engines, YouTube above all.

read the reviews

The case of Universal Music and Sony-BMG

A few days before Christmas, the official channels of two of the world’s best-known major record labels suddenly collapsed, losing a total of more than 2 billion views.

What happened? Simple, with no bugs or malfunctions, the administrators of the most important video-sharing platform decided to take disciplinary action against “fake views”.

Blamed on views and exchanges of likes “pumped” through a botmaster, YouTube zeroed out all the views of artists linked to record companies that were considered “rigged”, generating a scandal that did not go unnoticed and became the subject of a television investigation by the British broadcaster Channel 4.

case universaluniversal music group

The biggest loser was Universal Music – the record label of artists such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber – which lost more than a billion views.

In a single day, Sony – to which Alicia Keys, for example, belongs – lost 850 million views. The channels of artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Beyonce were also affected.

When buying views is not enough

So far we have seen together the basic steps to create a more or less solid and growing audience base. Buying views on YouTube can therefore be a world to incentivize users and increase curiosity, but it does not always turn out to be the best solution.

The advice is always to work and make it known who we really are, being aware that those few clicks made are true, of people who have visited the channel or viewed the video and perhaps even appreciated our work.

Basically, buying visualizations cannot be considered a definitive way, but certainly a good help. There are other means that are equally effective and 100 percent safe. The choice is up to you.

Youtube Advertising

As subscribed to by the rules of the platform itself, the only paid options for promoting videos are those allowed through TrueView.

In practice, by linking your YouTube channel with an Adwords account, you will have access to numerous services to create advertising campaigns and monitor ad performance and views.

Among these, Google makes some video advertising formats available on Adwords: TrueView in-stream and video discovery, as well as bumper ads.

How does it work?

  • True-view in the stream: when the promotional video is played before, during, or after other films.
  • True-view in video discovery: formerly known as Trueview in-display, ads are presented as thumbnails within a film and prompt the user to “click”. Automatically, you will be taken back to the site of the displayed product/service.

true view discovery

Youtube remarketing

Using Adwords you can create remarketing campaigns by creating a “remarketing list” from your account. This gives you the opportunity to specify which segment of your visitors will view the video content.

Remarketing means reaching again a user who has already visited your channel, watched a video, or shared a video.

In practice, when the user views the video, cookies are activated that Google stores in order to replay the same video to that same user when he or she visits a site belonging to Google’s partner network.

You can choose to monitor the performance of your channel simply by using YouTube analytics. If you think you need to improve your skills with Google Analytics, take our course and obtain the Web Analytics Course.

If you are passionate about the topic and would like to use the YouTube channel for your business, there is a YouTube and Online Video Marketing Course in the Digita Coach training offered for you.

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