Community Facebook: what it is and how to build it

Facebook’s goal has always been to unite people, near and far, to create connections and discussions around a topic, content, an event. It follows, therefore, that at Facebook everything revolves around the world of communities. But what is a community Facebook? How to build it? How can a community Facebook be useful?

The term community indicates a set of people, united by one or more common interests, who thanks to the advent of the web, first with forums and then social networks, have been able to share experiences and opinions, points of view, and advice, delve into known and unfamiliar topics. In this article, let’s discover the world of Facebook communities together: what they are, how to create them, and what advantages they can offer on the business side.

What is the community on Facebook?

The members belonging to a community confront each other and have an exchange of opinions mainly around a sector or, more precisely, a topic of common interest. The communities, therefore, constitute real virtual communities that interact and create synergies that can also materialize outside the ethereal space.

Initially, it was forums that were identified by users as shared spaces, but later also social networks, in particular Facebook, gave way to express themselves on a common interest or, for example, on what revolves around a brand. In general, there are many topics around which it is possible to create a community on Facebook: for example, the city where you live, a sport you are passionate about, a famous person, and a job that has to do with the digital entrepreneur. For this reason, communities on Facebook are a valuable tool for allowing companies to talk about each other and interact freely with their users, as well as being very useful for identifying reference targets.

how to create community facebook

But how to create a Facebook community? There is no magic rule that allows us to quickly create a real community of users who follow us with an interest in building an active community Facebook is a job that requires time, perseverance, and attention. It’s important to trigger conversations about a topic, ask questions about the subject being discussed, try to intrigue those behind the screen, and above all constantly respond to messages sent by users, even in the most difficult situations to manage. In this regard, to remedy the frequent “crisis” situations, it is good to create a policy in which, for example, it is specified which specific terms or topics to avoid.

Reasons to Create a Facebook Community for your brand

Today, managing a corporate Facebook page and developing an active community Facebook can be complex and complicated for a brand to follow. The advantages and potential that could be had by inserting it into the digital marketing strategy, however, are many. A company has the opportunity to be able to tell its community, create events, and show unpublished content on its products, thus getting closer to its target, interacting, and creating loyalty. By developing a community, communication becomes direct, therefore, customer assistance also benefits the products or services offered by the company, which in this way becomes faster and more effective.

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The community, therefore, becomes a magnifying glass for the brand, through which to know the opinions of users, which will certainly be an enrichment and a reason for growth. Indeed, one of the things that distinguish the virtual community is frankness: the public is not afraid to have its say and the brand must be ready to respond and try to stem the problem. The role of the community manager therefore appears decisive in these circumstances, he, has the task of moderating conversations, planning, and coordinating community activities.

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Groups: An effective tool for building your community Facebook

Facebook pages, as we now know, no longer have the same reach as they once did, and posted content risks being viewed by very few users. However, those who administer a Facebook page have the option of creating groups that can be linked to the managed pages. In this way, those who, for example, manage a brand’s page, are offered the opportunity to take advantage of a valid tool, which allows them to get closer to their audience through a preferential lane, managing in this way to get in close contact with the community. I advise you to delve into the concept of social community.

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Before talking about the advantages that the creation of a Facebook group could bring in terms of marketing strategy, it is important to understand the substantial difference between a page and a Facebook group: the Facebook page was created basically to present and promote the services and products offered by a brand, the group, on the other hand, is configured as an environment in which the sense of community is born and strongly develops, and where therefore there is greater interaction.

In fact, within the reserved and confidential space created by Facebook groups, users feel more comfortable expressing opinions and sharing their points of view on issues that excite the Facebook community, thus creating greater involvement. The group can be open, closed, or secret, but always monitored by one or more administrators who have the task of moderating conversations.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Groups strategically?

  • Offer added value to the community

Creating a group on Facebook can be useful for rewarding, for example, those who have purchased your product: in this way, you will make the members of the community feel special, who will be able to receive exclusive content or test some features of the product/service.

  • Update and discuss current events in your industry

Communities are also great tools for keeping up with industry events and exchanging valuable information with group members.

  • Communicate with Brand Ambassadors and build a network of advocates

When considering building a community Facebook for a brand, one of the best strategies may be to use it to communicate directly with more active fans. The strong relationships you build with your biggest advocates and brand ambassadors are invaluable and very helpful. Also, the group allows your supporters to connect.

  • Create and promote events

A Facebook group can be very useful if you organize or promote a lot of events. Those who join the proposed activities will be able to use the group to create networks and share photos and videos.

  • Strengthen relationships with the corporate team

Creating a group and therefore a community on Facebook can also be useful if the company has offices in different cities, and therefore a team of people who work from offices scattered throughout the area. In this case, the community could facilitate communications between the founder of the company and its employees, helping to improve corporate relations.

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How to manage a community: 3 successful examples

We have therefore seen that it is very important to know how to create a corporate Facebook page, let’s examine some examples in detail:

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is the Community dedicated to the topics of Visual Storytelling, Visual Marketing, Visual Strategy & Branding, and Visual Content Marketing. The group was created to better understand the potential of Visual Storytelling and Visual Marketing applied to online communication and social networks. Every day the members discuss and exchange news, advice, and curiosities on Visual Strategy, Branding, Advertising, Storytelling, Video Marketing, Visual Tools, and how to create a Visual Marketing strategy on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube, finding new useful hints and tips for your work.


Socialgnock is an all-female community that was born in 2013 from the desire to get in touch with women engaged in professions related to Digital Marketing. Over time, however, the topics covered have been expanded, as the common interests have gone far beyond the professional sphere: personal growth, travel, lifestyle, family and solidarity are some of the topics covered by the community, which currently boasts 15,386 members and of which two official spin-offs were also created, #socialgnock UK official and #socialgnock ROMA official. #Socialgnock is among the communities selected by the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

socialgnock all female community

Mansardina Wednesdays

I Wednesday della Mansardina is a group that was created to provide help and support to those who want to develop an entrepreneurial idea to work on their own. A real community dedicated to small businesses: for those who have one, for those who would like to start, and for those who want to get to know this world more closely.

Through this community it is possible to ask for advice and find useful resources, moreover, every Wednesday a live video is published on significant topics, to create a comparison between the members of the group. Wednesdays at Mansardina are also among the communities selected by the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

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