Corporate coaching: what it is and how it can help businesses

Nowadays, corporate coaching represents a great opportunity for growth and improvement for companies, whether they are multinational or small. By now, more and more companies and public bodies are deciding to avail themselves of the support of qualified professionals: the objectives to be achieved can be different: increasing productivity, improving communication, digitization, and streamlining processes.

Choose business innovation by relying on a dedicated route. You don’t know exactly what it is? Would you be interested in learning more about it and how to innovate your company? In this article, I will talk to you about coaching for companies, analyzing some fundamental aspects that will help you better understand the subject. In particular, I will focus on the following aspects:

  • what is the meaning of business coaching and what activities it consists of;
  • what reasons to start a partnership with a coach;
  • how to organize corporate coaching.

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What is corporate coaching?

Surely you have already heard about this activity, perhaps at a professional development course or conference. Despite the fact that it is a widespread and much sought-after activity in various work areas, confusion seems to reign supreme and many people have a wrong or inaccurate idea of the meaning of corporate coaching. As a result, very often wrong or at least unrealistic expectations are built up. What exactly is its definition? What objectives does it aim to achieve?

What is the definition?

Corporate coaching is a process of support and coaching made possible by a partnership between a coach and a corporate, undertaken with the aim of achieving certain results in the work environment. We are therefore talking about a coaching process involving a qualified professional working with a person or a group of people in a corporate context (so-called coachees).

The intervention of a professional figure is not only instrumental in increasing work performance and productivity, the efficiency and innovation of the company, but also in improving the well-being of employees, facilitating communication and problem solving, and promoting team building. These are all aspects that prove to be crucial in the long term for a company’s growth to be healthy and continuous.

It is an articulated process, which can be very complex and requires a proactive attitude on the part of those involved. In short, a coach does not merely provide a series of useful tips or concrete solutions for achieving certain results; on the contrary, corporate coaching enables one to acquire the necessary tools to make the most of the potential of the company and all its workers, which may not have been exploited so far.

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Main types of coaching

In order to define the most useful and effective type of corporate coaching, the coach will have to take several key factors into account, including the type of company he or she is working with, its mission, and its specific medium- and long-term goals. Of course, critical issues and problems that have already arisen within the working context should also be taken into account: in this way, it will be easier to try to solve them through a customized, ad hoc structured coaching course. But what are the most widespread and requested types by companies?

  • Strategic coaching: adapting one’s company to the demands of the contemporary world has now become a fundamental and no longer-postponable need. There are many companies and professionals who choose to use corporate coaching to innovate their business in various aspects. Digital marketing has profoundly changed the way of doing business: an expert digital coach can follow your company through the digital transformation process, providing the most appropriate tools to innovate and make processes more efficient and providing specific training to manage the presence of a business on the various web channels. The coach, therefore, will work with internal figures to develop a strategy aimed at making all those changes and improvements necessary for the company to grow and compete successfully with other companies in the sector.
  • Executive coaching: as we can easily guess from the name, this is a course designed for executives and managers. Very often it is individual one-to-one coaching, focused on the acquisition of managerial and communication skills and the consolidation of management and problem-solving skills.
  • Group coaching: this is a process that involves an entire work group of several people; the coach’s task is to improve communication within the team and consolidate the team to achieve the set goals and help the individual to express his or her qualities and potential to the full, but in a coordinated and constructive manner with his or her work colleagues.
  • Career coaching: career coaching is a much sought-after and appreciated consultancy. Many people feel the need to take advantage of the help of a professional who knows how best to direct their career path in a way that enhances personal qualities, with the aim of embarking on the most suitable and, at the same time, satisfying career. Within a company, it can be of great help to make full use of the aptitudes and skills of staff. An advantage for both the company and the employees.

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The skills of the business coach

The corporate coach is a very competent person in business and company organization. Technical knowledge must, however, be complemented by soft skills that are of crucial importance for inspiring people and accompanying them on their development path. Here are the main ones:

  • Listening skills: the business coach must be able to implement active listening techniques. He/she must therefore have empathy skills and listen both to what the coachee expresses explicitly and to what is not expressed verbally but can be grasped through observation and stimulation techniques;
  • Relational skills: the ability to establish a trusting relationship is fundamental. The coach must not be an authoritarian and directive figure but must be perceived as authoritative by the coachee. In fact, the latter must, first of all, trust the method proposed by the coach as it is the essential premise to lead him/her toward the awareness of his/her own possibilities and their subsequent development;
  • Capacity for involvement: corporate coaching is successful when there is active participation in the process. This must in fact be constructed from a participative perspective so that the coachee feels an active part of the development process and realizes his or her role as co-creator of it;
  • Mindfulness: the ability to abstain from judgment is also very important. Coachees must feel free to express themselves in order to bring out their latent potential and therefore must not feel judged;
  • Criticality management: during a growth and change process it is normal, if not necessary, to face difficult situations and make mistakes. The company coach must therefore be able to promptly identify these critical issues, and provide immediate feedback in a constructive manner so as to help the coachee overcome the obstacle.


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Why corporate coaching

When approached in a serious and constructive manner by all parties involved, coaching for companies makes it possible to achieve a wide range of objectives, which are crucial for increasing the company’s productivity, but also for enhancing the motivation and well-being of employees. Why are more and more companies choosing corporate coaching? Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits that motivate many owners and managers to seek the advice of an experienced coach.

Company digitization

The digital transition has now affected all business sectors and requires a radical overhaul of the way marketing, communication, and sales strategies are managed. Through a process of business innovation, it is possible to ensure that one’s business remains competitive and can be ready to face the constant challenges that the market presents. For this reason, it is really essential to acquire all those skills that are indispensable for proper business management on the web. Business coaching can help you accompany your company into the digital world, a transition that no business can avoid. For example, an innovative way to triple your sales is the ‘digital sales’ method, which allows you to take advantage of digital marketing tools even if you do not have e-commerce.

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Increasing productivity

Business coaching is a collaboration aimed at increasing work performance, both personal performance and that of the entire team. The objective of the business coach, in this case, will be to optimize work, working on the organization and management of human resources and the various business processes to make them smoother and more linear, so that everyone performs at their best. Each corporate coaching intervention should be considered in its own right: a good coach will be able to recommend the most suitable interventions for the situation he or she is facing, in order to solve pre-existing problems. It is also important to set realistic goals so that in the course of the weeks it is possible to monitor whether the collaboration is actually bringing the desired results.

Team building

Teamwork is indeed indispensable in every sphere, work, and non-work, and is a guarantee for achieving satisfactory results. Very often the working environment is characterized by disagreements, antipathies, and unresolved issues that go on for a long time without finding a solution.

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Yet it is precisely cohesion and harmony that makes it possible to achieve goals. One of the reasons for choosing corporate coaching is certainly team consolidation or team building.

Improving the “corporate climate”

One of the reasons why more and more companies are requesting corporate coaching is to improve the welfare of employees, as well as to increase their motivation at work. There are many people who find it burdensome to go to work every day and cope with their commitments. Many find themselves working unwillingly and in a bad mood, hoping that the day will end as soon as possible. This is certainly not the attitude that can guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency.

Corporate coaching is an opportunity to calmly and serenely outline all those issues that can make the so-called ‘corporate climate’ heavy, addressing those situations that create discomfort, tension, or difficulties for staff. The intervention of a professional coach can help facilitate relations within the workgroup, making communication, confrontation, and collaboration between colleagues easier.

Managing crisis situations

The reality we face today is very complex and constantly changing. It is therefore normal for an entrepreneur to be faced with situations of stagnation, lack of growth in turnover, or a crisis in terms of lack of human resources and internal skills adequate to meet the challenges of the market.

For an entrepreneur who is constantly immersed in his or her own business reality, it can be difficult to take a detached and impartial view. Business coaching can be a winning solution in this case: it can bring an external point of view that can clearly grasp what is not working and act to improve the situation.

Employee Training

Providing training and updating staff is a truly indispensable necessity for a company. In the digital age, in fact, it is essential to acquire all the skills needed to invest in digital marketing, from opening e-commerce to managing social profiles and reputation on the web. A dedicated business coaching course can provide your company with all the necessary means to remain competitive in today’s dynamic and ever-changing business world, offering adequate and in-depth preparation to face the challenges of the market.

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How to organize coaching for companies

I have outlined to you the benefits that business coaching can bring to a company, both from the point of view of productivity and staff welfare, and well-being at the organizational level. Do you think it can be useful for the company you own or work for? Would you like to plan one? Here are some useful pointers.


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For which companies is it suitable

Any business can benefit from corporate coaching. The activities and objectives can be very different: a qualified and experienced professional will be able to propose a ‘tailor-made’ structured path, according to the work context and the expectations of the company and the organizers. A large company with many employees will certainly find it useful to have an external figure who can better coordinate and manage certain crucial aspects, such as the organization of production processes, and company digitization, and help increase turnover, sales, and customers. On the other hand, we are not talking about a course aimed solely at large companies: even a small or medium-sized enterprise can certainly benefit from working with a professional.

How coaching takes place

The support of a company coach may be requested by different figures; it may be the owner or, especially in the case of larger and more consolidated realities, it may be an initiative proposed by a manager, an executive, or (more frequently) by the head of human resources management. It may involve either a single worker individually, especially if we are talking about a managerial position, or a group of several people, perhaps belonging to the same area or sharing the same work project.

Corporate coaching starts with a delineation of the goals to be achieved. The meeting between the coachee, the coaches, and a manager, usually the person who requested the intervention, is fundamental in order to establish, with positivity and a good dose of realism, what the aims of the path being undertaken are. Once begun, it will be fundamental to monitor all changes very carefully, to realize whether the approach and methodology are proving to be correct and adequate or whether, on the contrary, there is a need to modify the general approach of the partnership.


In the digital age, the opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize processes in one’s own company are manifold; the important thing is to be able to seize all possibilities, so as to take advantage of all the tools and opportunities for growth and improvement: business coaching is one of the best strategies, successful in many ways.

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