Criteo: what is this retargeting platform and how does it work

Have you ever heard of Criteo? Would you like to reach users who have visited your website or used your app but don’t know how? 

Criteo is a personalized retargeting service. In other words, it is an advertising platform that enables online advertising companies to “chase” users who have left their website without making any purchases. Use custom banners to bring potential customers back to the initial website.

Criteo is also a “cross-device” service. Advertisers’ advertising can therefore be extended to different channels. In this way, you will be able to “chase” your user with extreme precision.

How does Criteo Work

Let’s take an example of how Criteo works: a user, let’s call him Dario, visits your site from his computer looking for some products. You put a product in your cart but don’t complete the purchase. This cart abandonment phenomenon is extremely frequent. A few days later, Dario sees an advertisement for the same product on his cell phone. Dario remembers your brand and, intrigued by the advertising, returns to the site to complete the purchase.

This is Criteo retargeting in action:

  • It involves the customer constantly throughout the purchase process;
  • Send dynamic and personalized advertisements based on the preferences of your users;
  • Automatically adjust ads based on budget and performance.

The scenario presented for Dario is the typical example of Retargeting.

Dario or generic User X, when he visits your site, leaves a huge amount of signals about his intention to purchase. You can use these signals to figure out how to remind your user that your products have captured their attention and then offer them the level of personalized service they expect. These signals will allow you to advertise the product observed by Dario/UserX and other products that may be of interest to him.

Personalized advertising doesn’t just mean sending the right message: it means sending your customer the right message at the right time. Reach your users when they are most active with dynamic and personalized messages it is certainly a very effective solution to the problem of the share of users who do not complete the purchases on your site.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

If you want to re-engage your shoppers along their buying journey with personalized video and display ads and increase conversions across all channels, here’s what Criteo Dynamic Retargeting can do for you :

  1. Generate more sales and profit: Post the right ad at the right time in the shopper journey. A custom code placed on your site allows Criteo to check shopper engagement and boost the advertising of your products on your ads ;
  2. Engage buyers with top publishers. Thanks to the presence of the most important publishers in the world, you will get the best placements on the best online sites;
  3. Bringing users back to your site to buy. Customized offers generate more sales from visitors who leave your site without making a purchase.
  4. Maximize your budget. You can set bids based on what each buyer is worth to you. Predictive Bidding technology accurately predicts each shopper’s engagement, conversion, and cart value for maximum returns.

what does Criteo do

Retargeting: Criteo vs. Google Ads

Retargeting is the keyword of those involved in online advertising.

Among the new professions created thanks to the digital revolution, in addition to the Digital Marketing Specialist, who generally plays a fundamental role in the creation of promotion and marketing strategies for services and products, there is more specifically the figure of the SEM Specialist, i.e. Search Engine Marketing Specialist.

The SEM Specialist deals in particular with online marketing, specifically advertising on search engines. Its main objective is to make its sponsored banners appear on the first page of the main search engines, especially Google.

How is Criteo different from Google ads?

In practice, the SEM Specialist must plan advertising campaigns and implement them using the appropriate tools, be they Criteo, GoogleAds, FacebookAds, and many others to achieve results in the shortest possible time. Digital Coach also offers you the possibility to prepare for the GoogleAds certification, a course in which you will learn all the main features of the GoogleAds platform.

The knowledge and best practices to become a good Sem Specialist are very broad.

One of the first steps will certainly be to become familiar with the most used platforms, i.e. Criteo, and Google Ads, and with the best-known tools, such as SEMRush, for example.

In this way, you will be able to meet the needs of your customer immediately. The purpose of this job is to gain visibility on search engines and to turn this visibility into business and profit for your company.

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There are many services that businesses can use to retarget. As I have already extensively highlighted throughout this article, Criteo is one of them; but, in addition to Criteo, it is also possible to carry out retargeting campaigns on Google or even on Facebook.

Google Ads, for example, is a service that allows you to reach people through the strategic placement of ads. The latter can be made visible to certain segments of the public while browsing on Google. This allows companies to increase their awareness and remind users to complete the purchase.

Google Ads provides several ways to reach users:

  • Static remarketing: Allows you to show ads to users who have visited your website as they browse sites and apps;
  • Dynamic remarketing: It allows you to optimize results through targeted ads on certain products or services for which users have shown interest on Google.
  • Video remarketing: Allows you to show ads to users who have interacted with your videos or with the YouTube channel, while they use YouTube itself, websites, and apps from the display network.
  • Remarketing of customer lists: Through specific tools, it is possible to upload contact lists provided by the customers themselves. Every time they sign in to Google, they’ll see your ads.

Criteo as an advertising tool

 In addition to being an effective retargeting tool, Criteo,is also a powerful advertising tool.

Indeed, Criteo can:

  • Connect with users who are most likely to be interested in your products;
  • Offer personalized advertising and announcements to new users based on their specific browsing and purchasing habits;
  • Increase views, watch times, and engagement with direct access to thousands of publishers.

Mobile App Advertising

The Apps work and are increasingly popular, they are easy to download on devices and are easy to use. In-App sales have been shown to account for the largest percentage of online transactions in Europe and have much higher conversion rates than the mobile web.

However, we need to ensure that people use the Apps. The percentage of people who abandon the application after downloading it is still quite high. The goal is to get the user back to using it again. For the user to use the App constantly, it is necessary to identify the users who have downloaded the application through social media and try to involve them again. Don’t forget that for brands, apps are an extremely useful conversion tool. In fact, with apps, users generally spend more time browsing the products offered, converting much more.

App retargeting, therefore, has the advantage of being able to bring the eyes of new consumers to the brand and higher conversion rates.

Mobile App Advertising is a solution offered by Criteo to increase the performance of your application, a mobile advertising platform capable of installing apps, generating engagement, and retargeting. Such a platform will be able to generate numerous benefits for your brand. Here are some:

  • Transparent performance: if your goal is to grow sales, reorders, or registrations, without hidden costs, Mobile app advertising could be very useful for you;
  • Criteo understands consumer journeys: artificial intelligence will be able to collect data and optimize your strategy based on your goals;
  • AI-enhanced bidding: You can spend your budget efficiently thanks to machine learning that’s optimized to find the right user.
  • Prevents fraud: Criteo can manage invalid traffic, visibility metrics, and user filtering.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization+ (DCO+) is a proprietary technology. An AI-powered optimization will help you present each user with the most engaging ad to maximize your sales.

DCO+ will allow you to:

  • Present branded ads: Criteo provides its consultants who, together with you, will best achieve your graphic objectives and create the structure of your project on your brand.
  • Tailor Ad Elements to Each User, Powered by AI: Criteo relies on more than 120 consumer intent signals, such as products viewed and sites visited, and powerful AI.
  • Increase the number of your consumers through relevant ads: The freedom of choice on size and layout allows you to dynamically customize the graphics so that they can be adapted to any device.

Predictive bidding

To reach your user, Criteo’s Predictive Bidding accurately predicts each user’s engagement, conversion, and cart value and presents offers at the right price.

Fueled by massive amounts of data about consumers, products, publisher sites, and their interactions, Predictive Bidding determines the ratio of value to the cost of each impression based on the data it has about consumers, sites, products, and publishers and allows you to get the most out of your invested budget by creating the right offer at the right time to advertise your business online and achieve your marketing objectives and target audience.

With this insight into potential consumer value, you can get the most bang for your buck.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations take into account general consumer habits, not just the last viewed or most popular items, to present the best ads and therefore increase sales.

Product Recommendations, through the combination of artificial intelligence and commerce data, can help you create personalized experiences for each user.

One of the advantages is precisely that of showing and recommending to consumers products that they have not yet seen on the site, thus increasing sales of the entire catalog.


Digitization, online advertising, and more specifically retargeting complement every aspect of your company’s broader digital marketing strategy, because they can identify low- and mid-level potential customers who have not yet converted and maintain your products and services at the top.

Without digital transformation and retargeting, the chances that a user forgets the initial commitment and never returns to the web page and therefore concludes the purchase of your product or service are very significant.

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