Customer Engagement: 5 strategies to interact with customers

In recent decades, the way companies interact with their customers and understand their real needs has completely changed.

Today, buyers want more information; they want to find it on their own and know exactly how to do so. In a scenario where the consumer is the main actor, customer engagement takes center stage.

The digital era has created an increasingly active world with new communication channels, where consumers, short on time but increasingly bombarded with possibilities and promotional messages, expect companies to anticipate and meet their needs in real-time.

Companies are starting to discover the potential of genuine customer engagement to connect and engage with customers in the “places” where they spend their time, converse with them, and bridge the gap between the consumer and the brand.

Customer Engagement definition

The term Customer Engagement defines the degree and depth of the continuous relationship between a brand and its audience.

It involves all activities that engage customers to the point where they feel encouraged to interact and share the experiences that the company creates for them.

Companies focused on customer engagement are dedicated to building valuable relationships with their audience.

They offer a brilliant end-to-end experience that integrates all customer-initiated activities, increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.


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Customer Engagement: 5 successful strategies

To improve your customer engagement, there are 5 strategies you can implement immediately:

  1. Enhance Brand Identity and define shared values with your audience;
  2. Use Content Marketing to reach your customers and shorten distances;
  3. Engage with customers on Social Media;
  4. Listen to your audience;
  5. Integrate your channels and create an engaging experience for your customers.


customer engagement examples

1. Enhance brand identity

As the emotional connection with your business is one of the driving forces of the customer engagement strategy, it is necessary to define core values around which to structure your brand identity.

These values cannot be uncertain and must be consistent in all your communication, promotion, and customer support activities.

Choose the tone of voice you want to use when communicating with your audience, ensuring maximum consistency between the brand’s identity and its way of expressing itself.

enhance brand identity

Do you want to communicate simply or creatively? Friendly or formal?

More often than you might imagine, it’s emotion that guides purchasing decisions, not the price. Consumers increasingly prefer companies whose values align with their own.

Your customer engagement strategy should captivate customers, giving them the right motivation to connect with your brand and create brand engagement.

2. Content Marketing to engage and inspire

“Content is King.” This is what Bill Gates wrote in a visionary article back in 1996, and today it’s truer than ever.

As consumers have become increasingly desensitized and disengaged from traditional advertising, content marketing has evolved as a softer and more persuasive means to capture their attention.

Content Marketing aims to create and share targeted and valuable content that engages an audience and generates customer engagement.

Giving consumers information they would be willing to pay for may seem like an innovative approach, and indeed it is in the online world, but you’ll be surprised to discover that they had already thought about it in 1900.

It was in that year that Michelin released its renowned guide, in which the company didn’t promote its products but provided customers with free information about the area, railway stations, doctors and pharmacists, mechanics and petrol stations, and the best restaurants to eat.

The guide would then appear on the dashboards of all cars, giving considerable visibility to the brand.

promoting products sample

Michelin Guide 1900 edition

It’s through content that you can communicate your uniqueness and solutions to your customers.

It’s an exchange of values that not only pushes consumers towards your product but provides insights, inspiration, and an informative message that aligns with their interests.

The primary benefit of content is that it makes what you say credible.

3. Meet your customers on social media

Social media are the ideal place where companies can meet consumers and engage with them.

While on a personal level, these platforms allow us to communicate with friends and family, share content, and keep up with what’s happening, on a business level, they play an invaluable role in customer engagement.

Unlike traditional advertising, when you use social media, you can connect with your audience on a more personal level. Customers prefer to engage with companies that have a “face.”

Social media is an excellent way to make them feel special through direct communications or promotions reserved for them.

As you interact with your audience, you are creating customer engagement and marketing your brand without even realizing it.

Be original, use a tone of voice that aligns with your values, and don’t be afraid to be daring!

One of the companies that has made social media presence its flagship in recent years is Ceres. The brand addresses its audience with its communicative style evident at first glance.

Nothing within Ceres’ social profiles is left to chance; each post is planned based on the current event, sparking many interactions.

ceres ads for elections

Ceres’ social campaign for the elections

Communities to build customer engagement

The term community refers to a group of people bound by common interests who discuss, exchange opinions, and share thoughts.

By their nature, social media is the perfect place where communities of all types emerge. In this regard, communities play an important role in customer engagement.

Marketing communication has changed significantly in the digital era, moving from traditional “one-to-many” communication to “many-to-many” communication.

marketing communication

It’s no longer just the company communicating to its audience, but consumers themselves spreading the brand.

People crave human connection and are part of a community, which is one of the reasons we will continue to see customers sharing their experiences with others and recommending products.

Social communities are the ideal places where companies can aim to trigger conversations among their customers about their products or brand, rather than just transmitting them.

4. Listen to your audience

The other side of the coin in using social media for customer engagement is to use them to listen to what your current and potential customers think and interact with them.

Through effective web monitoring, you can intercept your audience when they are talking about your product. You can use this opportunity to answer questions and clarify concepts where you perceive confusion, bridging the gap between the company and consumers.

Additionally, you can take advantage of instances where people express negative opinions to try to turn them into positive engagement moments and create new customers interested in your brand, thereby increasing brand engagement and reducing the abandonment rate.

You can also use these spaces to assist your customers. With social media, you can provide quick and efficient responses, allowing them to contact you through this platform.

For example, AT&T uses X (Twitter) to offer customer support, allowing customers to immediately connect with consultants ready to answer their questions.

at&t customer service

Customer service AT&T on X (Twitter)

5. Integrate your channels and create a successful customer experience

One way to reach your customers and ensure customer engagement is to offer them a complete journey and continuous dialogue, regardless of where they come from.

An integrated approach to your channels, so that they are all stylistically aligned and offer the same functionalities, allows users to move from one channel to another without interrupting engagement.

Your audience might be on your website to compare prices, on your social media page to seek customer service, or they may be using your app to access their account.

In an experience where all your channels are integrated, the customer will be able to perform these actions seamlessly.


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The Customer Engagement Specialist

From the realization of the importance of building strong and stable customer engagement, a role that is gaining more and more prominence within companies is born: the Customer Engagement Specialist.

The Customer Engagement Specialist is a digital marketing expert who focuses on customer care.

They support and manage various customer engagement programs, ensuring that all company channels are integrated and consistent with the brand’s values.

They collaborate with the web analytics team to develop engagement measurement models to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

They are also experts in user experience to find the most suitable solutions to increase customer satisfaction and improve conversion optimization.


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Did you enjoy this mini-guide on customer engagement? What strategies do you use to engage your audience?

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