Digital Marketing Beauty Industry: best strategies to adopt

Are you a beauty enthusiast like me? Do you know every type of cosmetic and do you always like to try new products? In this article, I will introduce you to the world of the Digital Marketing Beauty Industry.

In recent years the cosmetics sector has achieved exponential growth, the advent of digital has led to the creation of new forms of communication and marketing, such as digital strategy and social media marketing. Digital marketing beauty industry has become a crucial element for success in the modern market.

New digital technologies have made it possible for beauty product buyers to experiment with the various brands, through increasingly innovative and different ways, for example with augmented reality, which is used as a key moment in the shopping experience.

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What is Digital Marketing Beauty Industry?

Digital Marketing Beauty Industry is a new way to implement the sales of the cosmetic sector, through the power of social media.

Social media have had the function of transforming the way beauty brands relate to customers and consequently have given rise to a new business model, in particular, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube represent real channels of marketing.

Cosmetic companies have shifted their focus no longer on the product itself but on the purchasing experience. Successful brands leverage digital marketing beauty industry to engage and captivate consumers.

Nowadays, beauty cosmetics consumers are increasingly looking for an interactive experience with their favorite brands, who want to build their beauty routine through the conversations that are established within social networks.

digital beauty marketing social media

Precisely for this reason, cosmetic brands must set themselves the goal of highlighting the communicative aspect around their identity and making the user feel an integral part of the philosophy and way of conceiving cosmetics.

Therefore, beauty companies must not only limit themselves to selling their products but instill a feeling of trust, well-being, and consequently satisfaction in users. The digital marketing beauty industry encompasses various online channels, including social media, websites, and email marketing.

For example, Kiko, the famous brand of cosmetics for face care and products dedicated to make-up, stands out from other competitors because it has understood very well the power of the role of good digital communication and has been able to adopt the right digital strategy.

digital marketing cosmetic  industry

Their policy was based on maintaining low prices that are easily accessible to all beauty enthusiasts and on continuously updating their product catalog. The effectiveness of the digital marketing cosmetic industry lies in its ability to target specific demographics and personalize marketing messages.

In particular, to always involve new and potential consumers, they have seen fit to offer the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter and to be able to take advantage of a welcome discount when the user visits their site for the first time. In this way, the consumer becomes part of the Kiko community.

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What role do social media play in Digital Marketing Beauty Industry?

  • First of all, the particular attention they pay to the customer; in fact, it is accompanied from the beginning to the end of the purchasing process, receiving the advice and assistance it needs;
  • Offer of easily accessible low-cost products and treatments: this aspect makes the brand highly appreciated above all because they have numerous cosmetics suitable for any skin type and age.
  • The presence of a strong Customer Experience: is established both inside the stores through the support of the sales staff and online through the site and the interaction resulting from social networks.

The company aims in particular to enhance its social channels by using a spontaneous and direct tone of voice and a feminine and fashionable language. Content marketing is a vital aspect of the digital marketing beauty industry, with brands creating valuable and engaging content to attract customers.

Furthermore, to land users on the landing page of their site, the brand has the habit of tagging the products featured on the image itself on Facebook.

The promotional activity does not end here, in fact on YouTube you can find video tutorials and short commercials that are created to increase their brand awareness, aimed at astonishing and attracting the attention of users.

10 strategies to adopt to strengthen Digital Marketing Beauty Industry

The digital marketing strategies to be implemented to make the promotion and awareness of a cosmetic brand more effective are:

1. brand identity: to distinguish itself from its competitors, the brand must have its own well-defined identity. This aspect is extremely important for the retention of users who will be more inclined to purchase a certain product.

How to achieve this goal?

  • Choosing the right tone of voice within your site;
  • Creating messages that represent the company as much as possible, trying to be as authentic, direct, and concise as possible;
  • Using engaging storytelling;
  • By sending personalized emails with visual impact graphics.

A clear brand identity helps improve product positioning and protect corporate visibility in a specific moment of crisis.

2. Social media: use social networks to create interaction with users through stories, surveys, questions, quizzes, and gifs, especially on Instagram which lends itself very well to developing communication as well as promoting one’s products and services.

3. Consistency in the choice of image: to be successful, every brand must know right from the start what image it wants to inspire of itself and define the best way to convey it coherently. It is essential to be able to create an image that reflects your brand and transfer it to the posts of each social media.

What does a brand image include?

  • Scenario;
  • Graphics;
  • Text content;
  • hashtags

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4. Availability: companies must convey the idea to their users of being always available, present, and easily reachable. Nowadays social media has made it possible to be easily traced and all this has led brands to connect much faster with their audience and establish one-on-one dialogues.

The two ways that lend themselves very well to this type of interaction are:

  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Instagram Direct

A very important aspect that should not be underestimated is to respond promptly to all comments and feedback relating to the products or the brand.

This simplifies the construction of the consumer loyalty path and allows the company to manage criticisms and negative comments in a short time so as not to compromise the brand’s reputation and image.

There are also other ways to demonstrate customer focus such as:

  • The creation of social campaigns;
  • Competitions;
  • Freebies;
  • Poll ;
  • Q&A to increase overall engagement

5. Dissemination of messages on multiple platforms: to be constantly interesting, it is advisable to share the most appropriate content on different social platforms. It is also important to keep up to date and modify older content and integrate new concepts. Experimenting with different social media that are not usually used allows brands to reach a greater audience, highlighting the published content and page management activity on other channels.

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6. Create value: to fully involve followers, you need to have a strong imagination, offer original and specific content, emphasize themes with humor, and talk about more serious topics to bring out the brand’s humanity as well.

7. Speed and functionality of the site: two factors that are truly essential to guarantee the user’s prolonged permanence on their pages, intriguing them and deepening all the sections of the site.

To achieve this, a beauty brand’s website must be capable of quickly loading all the images, videos, and interactivity to show the products in sharp, vivid colors and high definition.

In addition, the user-friendly guides are also very useful to allow users to navigate quickly and easily.

8. Mobile-friendly functionality: a further important feature is the optimization for mobile devices the site must contain captivating, interesting, and fascinating graphics and must allow users to use them easily.

9. Video marketing: it has become a powerful tool for generating interest, curiosity and attracting potential customers. The creation of content through videos increases conversions and sales.

Why do videos have this great power? Because sight is the dominant sense, the brain tends to work using images.

marketing strategies for cosmetic product

So if a photo already manages to generate a very strong visual impact on the user, the video can enhance this effect.

Content created through videos can easily get in touch with users by triggering an emotional reaction that leads to a greater relationship of trust with the brand and this is highlighted above all through images, movement, sound, and music throughout the movies.

10. Influencer marketing: it is now increasingly popular on social media and represents a great opportunity for cosmetic brands to take advantage of it to promote their products and increase their engagement.

In any case, collaborations with influencers do not lead to immediate success. What we need to pay attention to is the choice of the right influencer, which reflects the brand identity and its style.

In conclusion, it should be noted that social media represent a constantly evolving world.

The trends that are all the rage today will be different from those that will show up in a month. Precisely for this reason, strategies must quickly adapt to last-minute changes by adjusting the particular dynamics in progress.

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