eBay Affiliate: what it is, how does it work and how much do you earn?

eBay Affiliation: what it is and why to choose it

Today I will show you how and why to join eBay, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, which became famous in the late 90s, for its online bidding with which users competed and won the desired product.

The eBay platform has undergone several updates over the years, the auction remains its distinctive and characteristic trait but with its impressive number of products, it has developed to the point of assuming great importance in the landscape of online commerce, alongside Amazon and positioning itself in second place in the world panorama of marketplaces.

By bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the globe, it has a huge range of items. Linked to its partnership with PayPal, which provides a guarantee and protection on online purchases, has pushed users to purchase goods by combining quantity, quality, and safety in the largest market in the world. Earning with eBay is possible but you need to understand how the tool works and all its particularities.

In 2008, the platform launched its eBay Affiliate Program: eBay Partner Network, ePn for short, to increase the number of transitions and sales by expanding the possibilities of advertising its products on affiliate channels.

eBay Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money online, by simply using the eBay marketplace. As you continue reading, you will discover:

  • advantages and characteristics to be an  eBay Affiliate
  • how to be affiliated with eBay
  • operation, steps, and procedures to follow
  • the tools made available by the platform
  • how and how much you earn

What are the benefits and features?

The “eBay Affiliate” allows you to earn without having to sell or ship, just leads the user directly to the platform and induces him to buy. This program is among the best in terms of reliability and it gives you great earning opportunities.

It is easy and manageable even by affiliates who shyly or for the first time face this type of online sale. eBay affiliate is based on the millions of products that can be promoted and sold but above all the payment threshold is advantageous for the affiliate minimum guaranteed by the e-commerce giant, equal to $ 10 against the $ 100 imposed by Amazon, which is certainly a significant advantage, don’t you think?

How the eBay affiliate network works

To join the eBay Affiliate Program, there are some steps to follow, everything is very simple and requires little time but great attention because the earnings are generated through a personalized ID.

How does the eBay Partner Network work? By entering the site eBay network partners and by clicking on “Register now” you will be directed to the affiliate form where you have to enter your data; in detail, you are asked to indicate: name and surname, e-mail address for communications, and to create a personal password to be associated with your account.

Once the profile is activated, you will be able to use all the tools of the platform and promote products by directing customers to purchase through your channel and generate commissions by starting to earn. Remember that eBay has a dedicated site for each country, therefore easily usable by users because it is in their language.

Requirements to enroll in the program

To earn as eBay Affiliate, you need to have a sales channel, this can be identified in a simple website or blog, a social channel such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, or email marketing to exploit targeted messages directed to precise categories of users already targeted. To make sales as fast and direct as possible, I would suggest youunderNoselect products and objects in line with the topics you develop in your channel, this allows you to achieve higher levels of earnings.

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Create links to various categories and products

There are many tools made available by the eBay Affiliate Platform to create the links to be inserted in your channel, these links can connect the user to specific products, landing pages, or more generally search results.

What does it mean to generate links? It means that through the ePN dashboard, you can create hypertext links to insert within your channels and whoever clicks on the link will be redirected directly to the eBay marketplace to finalize the purchase.

The eBay Affiliate Program provides the affiliate with an excellent and complete platform that allows a great variety of customizations with logos, banners, and ads adaptable to every need. It is possible to choose the layout, theme, and content of the ad and, last but not least, to view the pre-advertising preview; a very useful option complemented by a set of marketing tools that facilitates automation and ensures speed.

The tools made available by the eBay Affiliate Program are several:

  • Link Generator: directs the user directly to where you want him to arrive, whether it is a specific product or a specific search page.
  • Smart Shares: this is a browser extension of Google Chrome and is certainly the fastest way to create affiliate links while browsing eBay. Once installed, it allows you to navigate to the page you wish to share with your audience and via the program icon in the browser toolbar directly select the links to share in your channel quickly and immediately.
  • Bookmarklets: it allows you to create trackable links in your browser while browsing or shopping on eBay, it’s a quick plugin.
  • Smart Links: By simply adding a line of code to your site or channel Smart Links automatically includes your tracking information.
  • Smart Placements: it’s a sort of remarketing, it offers dynamic and customizable banners that identify buyers based on their interests or based on content.
  • eBay SmartShare: is an extension for Google Chrome.

Put the links on your communication channel

Testing the products and giving technical information or using your imagination to advertise better different objects to your audience will be a constant challenge involving developing an editorial plan to build community trust. To maximize earnings, you need to know your audience and interest them in what you offer. Based on your skills, you will select correlated products linked to the topics covered to better intercept users through the creation of targeted content.

Adding the eBay Partner Network links
to the pages of your website, blog or social networks, you will be able to promote the items on eBay. In summary, links are added to content based on three characteristics:

  • topic covered
  • relevant audience
  • characteristics of the medium used to reach the user.

It is essential to direct traffic to maximize earnings, therefore creating the right combination between the content and the promotional link is important and allows you to involve buyers more and highlight your products; I can therefore create links to different types of pages:

  • category page that contains products of a very specific category
  • product page to promote a specific item
  • search results that present, through the use of keywords, a list of products related to the user’s search
  • brand page so specific brands are a kind of search filter
  • offers page to inform your audience about the best discounts
  • promotional events linked to particular moments in the year.

How much do you earn as an eBay Affiliate?

Income through the eBay Affiliate Program is translated into a commission on sales made through the channel used to advertise this product and is linked to a personalized ID. It is an ideal sales channel for those who have a physical store or a start-up e-commerce but also for those who love to buy and resell items online or for those with niche interests and a specific audience such as collectors.

You should be aware that this revenue model expects a lot of variability in revenue and that some product categories such as gift cards, promotional offers, and charitable items have no revenue. However, eBay’s affiliation is constantly growing in terms of levels of turnover, popularity, and reliability. The quality of the traffic that the affiliate manages to generate is therefore fundamental. The earning percentages vary according to the product category of the object of the transition.

monetize with ebay affiliate

In summary, the eBay affiliate revenue is equal to the following percentage calculated on the eBay commission:
70% for spare parts, fashion items or accessories, 60% for home and garden or lifestyle items, 50% for electronics, collectors’ items, business or industry, motor vehicles, and unspecified categories

On the dedicated page, you can find the percentages applied specifically for each product sector.

It is important to know that the affiliate earns only and exclusively in two cases:

  1. when the user clicks on the link and buys a product on eBay that includes the Buy It Now option
  2. when the user bids for an online auction within 24 hours of clicking and wins the item within and no later than 10 days.

The amount is paid by eBay via PayPal or bank transfer to the affiliate’s bank account every 22nd of the following month (if it falls on a holiday, it is paid on the following day). This means that you can start earning quickly.

There are two significant advantages to the eBay Affiliate Program because this important e-commerce guarantees incentive that should not be underestimated:

  1. bonus for new buyers or reactivated buyers: this allows the affiliate to receive 100% of the commission when new subscribers or users who were inactive in the previous 12 months finalize a purchase through the proposer’s link
  2. double commission bonus on the first 3 months of eBay membership Partner Network that allows the affiliate to receive precisely a double percentage compared to that foreseen for the initial registration quarter (refer to the calendar month not to the effective registration date therefore regardless if I register on January 1st or 31st the double commission’s end on March 31st). This type of bonus has a monthly limit set at $ 5,000

To keep track of your performance you can take advantage of the Performance Report. easily available on eBay for affiliates, within this report, you will find clicks converted into sales and detailed information on earnings. 

The earnings amounts are specified the day following the transaction, all profits are divided according to the program or campaign, and the average EPC, earnings per click is calculated based on the traffic that has moved to the platform.

The reports are easy to read and very reliable, they can be found in the dashboard ePN and provide detailed information that can influence sales strategies and improve your results, the data provided are the type of traffic, impressions, clicks, and earnings we have generated.

There are many plugins for eBay Partner Network but if you will use WordPress as CMS, I suggest you use eBay WooCommerce Import Product Manager which will allow you to transform your page into e-commerce with eBay products.

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Conclusions and Free Strategic Consulting

Now you have all the tools to move into the world of affiliate marketing, there are no doubts about the affiliate program to choose from: a reliable platform, a strong brand, an impressive choice of products, and the most diverse product categories will allow you to meet the needs of your audience.

The steps to follow are simple and intuitive. You can work with your imagination to create personalized advertising and find the best strategy to lead users on your blog or site and on social channels directly to the eBay page of your choice to finalize the sale and lead to home the result.

To delve deeper and learn more about the world of affiliate marketing, request a free consultation with an expert.




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