Email Outreach: what it is, what it is for and how to do it in 6 steps

Email Outreach is a fundamental process that you must learn to develop if you want to make your SEO strategy more effective and become more competitive with your competitors. Knowing how to use this skill well will allow you to make your brand more authoritative, obtain quality backlinks from reputable journalists and bloggers, and increase their response rate.

Contrary to popular belief, doing Email Outreach is not simply writing a message and sending it to as many contacts as possible. Behind it, there must be a well-thought-out strategy to ensure that it becomes a useful and effective tool.

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It is therefore important to build up a good brand reputation online so that your emails are not immediately trashed or ignored. Want to know how? Together we will see:

  • what Email Outreach is and how it can be used to enhance your brand;
  • how to make it effective in 6 steps;
  • what are the best practices to achieve concrete results?

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What is Email Outreach and what is it for?

Email Outreach is a marketing and SEO strategy aimed at getting in touch with influencers by sending emails. The goal of this content marketing strategy is to build a network of authority around your brand by promoting your content, partnering with journalists and influencers, and requesting backlinks.

Why is it important to run an Email Outreach campaign? You can go deeper and learn how to use this tactic if your goal is to grow your brand. In fact, this is currently one of the best ways to make yourself known directly to people interested in your industry. It can also be useful to improve the positioning of your web content or to make your products known and sold.

In any case, having a well-defined plan of action is the best way to be successful. The risk of doing an Email Outreach campaign without first creating a plan is to be mistaken for a spammer.

This happens because many marketers do not pay attention to the messages they send, sending them to as many people as possible without personalizing the content. So, even if they try to increase their response rate, they often get the opposite result.

Instead, you need to search for contacts within your sphere who may be genuinely interested in your content, so that this SEO practice is really effective and not just a waste of time and energy. For this, you will also need to learn how to do a “backlink check” to see if your work is working.

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How to do Email Outreach in 6 steps

Learning how to do Email Outreach is becoming more and more important to raise the profile of your business and the content you produce. Indeed, while it used to be sufficient to publish quality content on your website or social channels to make yourself known, this is no longer so effective.

Today, competition on the web is very high and fierce. You must therefore look for ways to make yourself more visible by reaching the right audience.

And this is where an outreach email campaign, created by following the right steps, can help you. Here are the 6 basic steps to create it without making mistakes and get a better response rate from your contact network.

Define measurable goals

The first step is definitely to create an Email Outreach strategy and define from the outset what you want to achieve with your campaign. Considering that on average the acquisition rate of an email is considered excellent when it is around a 10% open rate, you should aspire to hit this first target.

Other goals you could achieve with this tactic are: building new relationships with influential people in your field of expertise, contacting journalists and influencers and creating a link-building strategy through them, promoting your content, finding investors for your business, or generating leads for companies.

Base your campaign on realistic and easily achievable goals. If you are consistent and objective, you will see that the goal will not be long in coming. Writing down all your results on a spreadsheet can help you understand which method works best for you.

Choose content to share

Choosing content carefully is key to creating an outreach email that works. This is why it is important to have a good content marketing strategy to create and share texts that have value, are in line with your brand, and are relevant to the interests of the person receiving them.

Topics should be relevant to the user and designed for him so as to establish a relationship of trust. Your objective is therefore to address a specific target group, to engage him, attract him and offer him a solution to his problems. In this way, he will be more inclined to share what you want and your chances of success will be greater.

Put the most important elements of your email at the beginning, to attract attention, and be brief. In your first contact e-mail explain to recipients specifically how they can help you. The call to action must be clear. You are asking for their time and therefore you have to give them precise instructions on what they have to do next.

Be original in your content. Connect with your interlocutors and make it easy for them to read your message, perhaps by using bulleted lists, so that they can grasp the most important information immediately. Avoid sending unsolicited files as attachments and do not write words in capital letters, and always try to use the same font when writing text.

In this mod, you will build yourself an Email Outreach template that works for use in your mail marketing campaigns.

Select e-mail recipients

To make your Email Outreach campaign work you must first identify your target audience. Build on your content and do some research, even on competitors, to find your buyer personas. Demographic and professional data of your contacts will give you a first reference on which ideal customers you need to reach for faster and more effective conversion.

Selecting the right recipients of your emails is crucial to a backlink strategy that works. Finding the right people, those within your area of expertise will allow you to increase response rates and make your campaign more effective.

Sharing useful content for people who receive your email will also increase the chance of obtaining links to authoritative sources. To do this, create a list of people who have in the past linked to pages similar to the one you want to promote or who have written an article similar to yours. Researching the right target group is crucial to avoid being considered spam.

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Content care and length

A perfect email starts with the subject line. It is the first thing you see in a message; consequently, it must catch the attention of the person you are sending it to and be clear so as to increase the likelihood that the message will be opened.

The subject line makes the difference between e-mails that are opened and others that are simply ignored and deleted. Consider that an average employee receives about 120 e-mails per day. Competition is therefore tough and you should therefore take great care in choosing the right subject line.

Avoid using numbers and percentages in the subject line: these do not invite openness. Instead, appeal to curiosity and emotions and customize the subject line for each person you send your message to.

email outreach campaign

The length of the content is also important for the success of your Email Outreach campaign. In fact, it has been shown that marketing emails perform best when they are between 75 and 100 words in length.

People don’t have time to read long emails and summarising concepts in a few sentences can help you achieve your goal. In your content always maintain a friendly, but respectful and professional tone of voice.

Remember to close your message with a cordial greeting and add your thanks for your time. And never forget to add your contact details.

Customize your message

Personalizing the message is crucial for an email marketing campaign that works. Emails should not be cold and impersonal: these are in fact so-called “Cold Email Outreach“. Their fate is to be ignored and deleted immediately.

People like to feel unique and you should also take care of this aspect in order to create a network of contacts who respond to your e-mails and share your links. Personalizing your message increases response rates.

Then use the name of the people you contact, start by greeting them in a professional manner, and refer to something you have read on their site or in an article of theirs to show that you are really interested in getting in touch with them, that you know them and follow them.

For example, you could congratulate them on a recent success they have had. With this small measure, you will start building a relationship right away and avoid giving them the impression of being part of a list of randomly sent e-mails. They will feel reassured that you know and admire them.

In the end, everyone likes to be flattered a little and this will make them more likely to agree to your request. Always add links to your social media contacts in your e-mail. This way you will make yourself better known to your target audience and this will help you increase your response rate.

This is why you should always maintain your LinkedIn profile so that it looks professional and inspires authority and trust in those who search for you.

Monitor Outreach activity and follow up

Once you have sent your email sequences, the work does not end there. You will have to monitor the progress of your awareness campaign with the help of some specific tools for this activity. Check who opened your email, who replied, who shared your links, and who ignored or trashed your email.

According to one study, only 30 percent of potentially interested people reply to the first contact email, which is why follow-up becomes important. A few days after the first message, you can re-contact people who have not replied and do an initial follow-up, either by changing the content of the message or by sending a simple reminder.

It may happen that some e-mails are ignored simply because each person receives so many of them and not because that e-mail is not actually interesting to the contact receiving it. In general, it is better to wait at least three days before sending a new e-mail.

monitor outreach activity

By relying on the help of some dedicated Email Outreach software, you can manage your campaign in an easier and neater way. Among the most important functions, you will find email and recipient tracking, which is very useful for designing automatic follow-ups and reminders with customizable message formats.

Some of these tools also offer the possibility of finding email addresses in various areas of expertise.

Among the tools that might help you, I mention:

  • SemRush
  • NinjaOutreach
  • Yesware
  • Hunter
  • Bouncer
  • BuzzStream
  • Mailshake
  • Outreach
  • Klenty
  • Postaga

Don’t be discouraged if your first campaigns have a low response rate. If your project has value, results will start to come over time. Avoid following up and being persistent in presenting the same article more than three times.

This, in fact, is the number of times when going further is considered annoying by journalists and bloggers.

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Email Outreach Template: useful example

After having explained how best to implement an Email Outreach strategy, I talk to you about how you could set up your first contact email, giving you an example.

“Good morning [contact name],

I’m [your name] and I wanted to congratulate you on your latest work [here you can personalize your message by adding an idea you found on his profile, an article he published, an achievement, or a job promotion]. I found it very interesting and have forwarded it to some of my contacts who might find it very useful! (You can add this note if you mention a service or product that the contact shared).

As I was reading, I noticed that my [here you describe the product, service or article you want to introduce him] complements yours very well [insert his product, service or article] and so I wanted to know if you would be interested in sharing it [here you can insert the link to your article or the product you want to introduce]!

I remain available for further information.

Have a good day,

[your full name, your email, and the link to your LinkedIn profile]”.

Best Practices for Effective Email Outreach

Having a set of tricks to do good email outreach is essential to do your marketing work well.

  • Before you start your email marketing, always check the value of your content. Ask yourself whether what you are about to send really brings authority to your brand and whether the recipient will gain real benefit for themselves or their target audience.
  • Ask yourself whether, on the other hand, that message could be considered spam and deemed useless or even annoying. If you have this doubt, better not to send your e-mail to that person. Find commonalities with your buyer personas and tailor your message to make them feel important.
  • Always aim for the quality of your content rather than its length and choose your target audience well. Sending random emails will not benefit your business. And always be clear with your interlocutors. Only then can you get what you want from them?

Only if you adhere to these practices will you be able to start an effective email outreach campaign and create a link-building and SEO strategy that will pay off over time. When you have created a network of contacts that are truly interested in your content, you will have achieved your important goal.

Conclusions and free advice

As you have seen, implementing an email outreach strategy that works is not easy, but it is a key SEO tactic for becoming competitive and gaining authoritative links from contacts in your field. So you need to work on the quality of your strategy, devote the right time and resources to it, and you will see the results come.

Giving your work the right importance is what makes the difference between a campaign that does not work and one that is successful. Don’t get discouraged right away: keep trying and testing different ways of doing Outreach.

This way you will really understand which is the best way to achieve your professional success.

Start developing your Email Outreach strategy by making the right moves. Contact an expert and define with him the actions to be taken!




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