Enterprise Content Marketing: what it is and how to do it

Have you ever thought about introducing an enterprise content marketing strategy as corporate communication?

This is a powerful trend at the moment we have realized that there is an excellent return in terms of user interactions.

This doesn’t mean we need to start doing content marketing in the company so randomly just because competitors are doing it.

In this article, we will see why focusing on content marketing could prove successful and how to do content marketing of value that is constructive and brings results in terms of company business.

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Why do enterprise content marketing in the company?

Marketing without focusing on content is practically impossible or rather it is strongly discouraged, as any communication strategy without valuable content does not have a solid foundation to hold up and be effective.

When we talk about a winning strategy, we do so by referring to all those actions that serve to bring valuable leads and therefore new customers to the company.

Contents have a very strong power, through them, you can achieve customer loyalty: how?

The company conveys a message and responds to a need of the reader; this is how the reader feels involved and considered and is led to “become attached” to the brand that somehow reflects his ideals.

The customer will themselves become a promoter of the brand, amplifying the power of the content.

 enterprise content marketing examples

What is meant by content strategy?

Doing content marketing in a company means creating a series of content for a specific reference audience, the target, which must be identified upstream and to which you want to sell your products and/or services.

Although it is a marketing technique that has existed for many years, most companies do not know it or perhaps do not know how to make the most of it.

So in this article, we will try to clarify, and above all, we will analyze the steps to take for a solid content-based strategy.

If you want to learn more about the definition of content marketing, I recommend directing your attention to the official website of the Content Marketing Institute.

They define it as an innovative communication approach, contrasting it with traditional marketing that is now redundant and obsolete, as well as increasingly less effective.

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A communication strategy suitable for everyone

“But is this content strategy suitable for my company?” This is one of the first questions that comes to mind when approaching something new like content marketing.

If the corporate communication adopted so far does not satisfy you, has not yielded the expected results, or does not represent you, then it’s time to remedy, change, and focus on something new that works.

Keep in mind that your company, whether B2B or B2C, can derive enormous benefits from content marketing.

By creating valuable and unique content, you have the opportunity to build customer loyalty in a fresh and non-repetitive manner.

content strategy for business

This involves educating customers about your brand’s values, providing information about your business, and engaging and entertaining them with unconventional posts that reflect your identity.

The user will be inclined to follow the content you put online with interest and may decide to talk about you with friends, triggering the famous word-of-mouth mechanism.

But that’s not all; a communication strategy based on the online sharing of content can increase traffic to your website, contribute to improving brand awareness, and consequently generate new customers genuinely interested in your business.

The professional figures necessary to create the work team

Content must be well-planned and thoughtful; it is no coincidence that a dedicated content marketing team is created, which includes, in addition to the specific figure, other professionals such as SEO specialists and copywriters.

They all work together to create visually appealing and easily readable content that strikes at first glance and remains fixed in the user’s mind.

Teamwork ensures that the pages created, once analyzed by Google, are indexed in the SERP as much as possible among the top positions.

Indexed content that doesn’t end up among the first search results is wasted, doesn’t work, and needs to be reviewed and adapted to the target audience’s demands.


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How to create valuable content marketing?

Don’t dive headfirst into content creation just because you’ve seen your competitor do it. It’s the biggest mistake one can make, especially since duplicated content has a short lifespan on the web, doesn’t work well, and won’t get the desired response.

The keyword here is the plan! Never go randomly, but instead, invest time in a good content marketing plan, taking care of brand identity and identifying corporate messages that you want to convey.

In other words, create the business card with which you want to present yourself to the chosen audience.

Every piece of content is a key step toward success. The more you avoid clichés and predictable content, the closer you will get to the desired results easily.

Unique and different content allows you to stand out and be noticed: whether your company sells appliances, food, clothing, or beauty products, finding something that sets you apart and highlighting it in the content you create is the key to assured success.

Remember that every company has something unique that sets it apart from all others. Think, for example, of your brand name; it’s undoubtedly unique, and it’s very unlikely that a competitor has the same name.

Focus on that and the fact that users can memorize and associate it with you. Consider how many ads we see every day on the web, on TV, or on the radio.

Even a simple jingle or slogan is enough to make us memorize the brand, ensuring that our minds register and recognize it when we see it again.

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Contents with higher engagement

Contents come in various forms; you don’t necessarily have to focus on blog articles and websites. Contents also include infographics, webinars, videos, gifs, etc.

It’s not enough to publish with a certain frequency; it’s important to conduct a comprehensive analysis that provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are we publishing?
  • Have we used interesting keywords?
  • Do we know our target audience?
  • Does our content meet the needs of our readers?

If the answers given satisfy us and are complete, then we can say that we are on the right path to achieving the set goal.


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Content marketing and storytelling: are they the same thing?

The storytelling technique is probably the most famous, often cited in social media, and it works very well as a concept.

However, storytelling and content marketing are often confused when designing the strategy, it’s time to clarify:

  • Storytelling is the sum of everything a company communicates by telling its story and engaging users. The type of website that goes online, the chosen colors, font, types of images, tone of voice, etc.
  • Content marketing is the set of informational materials that aim to retain customers in the long term. What do we tell? What aspects do we reveal? Do we put a face to it?

The two techniques are meant to coexist and support each other: using storytelling to strengthen content marketing is the right strategy to adopt.

After all, we know that the eye wants its share, so if in your strategy, you visually impact with content and then leverage the attention received to tell your story, you will see tangible results and be thoroughly satisfied with your work.

What do you think of this overview of doing content marketing in a company? Did I pique your interest? Now it’s up to you to try and implement the advice you’ve read in this article.


The analyzed content emphasizes the importance of adopting an enterprise content marketing strategy for effective corporate communication.

It emphasizes the importance of high-quality content in fostering customer devotion and propelling the success of a business.

The piece covers the necessity of having a strategic approach to content marketing, the involvement of a committed team, and the crucial aspect of producing distinctive and captivating content.

Additionally, it explores the connection between content marketing and the art of storytelling, underlining the importance of their synergy.

In summary, this content offers valuable perspectives on the reasons and methods of content marketing for companies, serving as a beneficial guide for those aiming to improve their marketing approaches.

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