Facebook Creator Studio: what it is and how it works

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook’s platform has been continually expanding features aimed at improving the experience of its users, and among the many tools at its disposal, Facebook Creator Studio certainly stands out. The tool was launched in the summer of 2018 and is a true ”Page Management” tool: it allows you to manage all your pages on the social network via a single, dynamic dashboard and thus optimize your marketing strategy.

Main features of Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is a tool created for all those who want to directly manage their social strategy without resorting to tools outside the social network created by Zuckerberg. In a single platform, social media managers, influencers and marketers can:

  • create and manage posts on their different pages, including Instagram pages;
  • manage insights and statistical data to assess the performance and value of their content;
  • monetize the use of their pages;
  • manage incoming mail messages;
  • receive notifications from individual pages;
  • edit and schedule the publication of posts in drafts.

Facebook, therefore, provides its users with an ”all in one” platform, thus eliminating the need to resort to external tools, which are often fee-based and difficult to use. Facebook Creator Studio, therefore, allows you to manage content marketing in its own right, thus completing the family of Facebook tools for Business, which also includes Business Manager (more focused on advertising), Facebook Insights (the data management and analysis tool), and Facebook shops.

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What Facebook Creator Studio looks like

Let us now go into detail to analyze the menu of Facebook Creator Studio to better understand how it works.


This screen is very reminiscent of the classic Facebook page, as it consists of the functions ”post something”, ”share a story”, ”upload a video” and ”start a live broadcast”, all flanked by a first overview of the statistical data of our page. From this section, it is also possible to access the ”create content” function so that we can create a post for our page in just a few clicks.

facebook creator studio overview

Content Library

In this section, on the other hand, we find a summary of our posts, those already published and those scheduled, and we have the option of putting them in chronological order so that we can create greater consistency of publication. This function is very effective when we need to view old posts and compare their effectiveness with new ones. In addition to the content, you can also find in this part a small preview of the insights of the posts we publish.

Statistical data

This is certainly one of the most important sections of the Facebook Creator Studio: we can monitor the statistical data relating to our content and thus elaborate new social strategies or strengthen the ones in use. Specifically, the data relates to videos and stories, which are evaluated according to performance criteria (showing when our posts are effective), loyalty (showing the most active followers), revenue and retention (showing where the views come from). The data is very reliable, even though it is less diverse than Facebook Insights, which remains the platform for monitoring page strategies.

facebook creator studio insights


It is the functionality with which we manage comments to posts, direct messages from the Instagram account we link to, and Messenger chat messages. It, therefore, allows us to keep the status of our pages active at all times and is certainly the best section for generating leads and new fans for our pages, as well as improving the relationship between our brand and followers by always being there to answer their questions.

facebook creator inbox


This is the function of Facebook Creator Studio that allows us to understand whether our page is monetizable or not, i.e. whether we can earn money with our posts. The eligibility status is expressed with traffic light colors, i.e. red when the answer is negative, green when it is positive, and yellow when it indicates that the page could monetize if appropriate changes are made. In addition, Facebook Creator Studio makes customized tips for increasing sales and earnings available to those users who are allowed to monetize.

The earnings if our page turns green are mainly related to three factors:

  • in-stream advertisements to be included in their videos;
  • brand collaborations manager, i.e. collaboration with influencers and pages that have a similar activity to ours;
  • subscriptions: i.e. providing exclusive content for their followers.

facebook creator monetization

Rights manager

To be able to use this function, you must request permission from Facebook, and once you have received this, you can protect your content here by current copyright rules.

Creative tools

It is a feature dedicated to live broadcasts and quality audio content. As far as live streams are concerned, in this part of Facebook Creator Studio you can see their statistical data and also view the results of any polls, while as far as audio content is concerned, Facebook provides a wide range of titles and sound effects to improve the quality of your content completely free of charge.

facebook creator live dashboard

How to use Creator Studio for Instagram

On the home screen, Facebook Creator Studio also allows us to manage our Instagram accounts, which as we should remember is one of the flagship products of the Facebook family. Using it is again very easy and intuitive. One enters from the home screen of Facebook Creator Studio, connects one’s account, and can begin to manage one’s digital strategy. The functions provided for Instagram are three:

  • manage posts”, i.e. the possibility to organize one’s posts according to the help of different filters and thus see the most effective ones;
  • explore statistics”  is the function to find out more about who follows us, how they started following us, and how they interact with our posts;
  • check messages“, is a user-friendly section to manage mainly direct messages.

What is most interesting about the creator studio application on Instagram is that even though the social networking site is predominantly used on mobile, content can be uploaded directly from the PC and can be accessed optimally from the desktop.

creator studio for instagram

How to manage Facebook Creator Studio via the app

One feature that makes Facebook Creator Studio an even more appreciable tool is certainly the possibility of managing everything via the app. You can take care of your pages in just a few clicks by downloading the official App, available free of charge in the Apple and Google stores. In this way, it is possible to manage one’s activity on all social channels at any time without the need for desktop navigation or being physically in one’s own office.

Pros and cons of Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio, therefore, seems to be a very advantageous tool for managing one’s social activity; it is easy to use and provides various functions, as we have seen. Moreover, being a native tool of the social network created by Zuckerberg means having great potential for growth in a family like Facebook, which is always ready to improve its service. However, it is in some respects an ”immature” tool. For example, it has the limitation of not being able to program stories, its user experience compared to other similar tools has great room for improvement, and its scope is limited to the tools of the Facebook family. It is not possible from this platform to manage other social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Google for business.

When choosing a tool for managing one’s pages and social media in general, one must always have one’s objectives in mind to choose the best tool and take one’s communication channels into account.

Main competitors of Facebook Creator Studio

Having seen the pros and cons of the Facebook Creator Studio, it is also good to talk about the two main competitors and alternatives to this tool, Hootsuite and Buffer, which have often been compared in the past.

Worthy of note an all-in-one social media management platform is Hootsuite: it is a paid tool, but allows in its free version to manage up to 5 social media. Through its very intuitive dashboard, it provides very strategic post creation and planning possibilities for one’s social media.

Another tool that gives Facebook creator studios a run for their money is Buffer, another incredible tool for managing one’s social activities. One of its key features is the possibility of being able to organize social management according to the engagement of one’s posts, thus offering itself as a creation and monitoring tool at the same time.

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In conclusion, therefore, Facebook Creator Studio is a powerful tool that can greatly help the work of Social Media Strategists, Social Media Managers, and all those who use the social platform Facebook for their business.

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