Facebook Marketing: what it is and how to do it successfully

Facebook Marketing is a complex topic that encompasses functionalities, strategies, tools, and diverse characteristics for various companies and business types. Thus, here’s a Facebook marketing guide that compiles all the most useful information for you. Whether you’re a small local trader, a restaurant, a retail store, or a multinational brand, on Facebook, you’ll find tools that can help enhance your visibility, build a community, and increase brand awareness and product or service sales, both online and offline.

Facebook Marketing is a continually evolving subject: Facebook consistently updates the tools available to businesses by introducing new functionalities.

Facebook is now known and used by nearly 30 million people, so there’s no need to explain the functionalities of a basic profile; we’re practically all familiar with them. What truly stands out is the importance Facebook has gained as the premier platform for social media marketing and social commerce.

In this article, we’ll cover the core aspects of Facebook Marketing: you’ll learn the fundamentals for a successful social media strategy. You’ll discover how to execute marketing on Facebook and how to leverage social marketing to enhance your business on Facebook by managing Facebook fan pages and utilizing Facebook ads. Moreover, we’ll showcase some examples of Facebook social media marketing, presenting successful cases from top brands online.

Ultimately, you’ll have all the foundational information to develop your effective Facebook marketing strategies and plan your path toward becoming a Social Media Manager. If you think that conducting marketing on Facebook is the digital equivalent of a flyer, a radio ad, or a poster, unfortunately, you’re mistaken. That’s why it’s often advised to follow a course in Facebook Marketing to learn how to craft an effective digital strategy. We also recommend considering obtaining the Facebook Blueprint certification to stand out among the often unprepared crowd of Facebook marketers.

Facebook Marketing: what is it

Fast, Simple, and Free!

Facebook Marketing at zero cost: to make the most of this social network by promoting your website/blog and boosting online business, it’s essential to define the objectives you want to achieve, such as:

  1. Promote our Brand (brand awareness)
  2. Build a user base
  3. Increase visits to the website or individual blog posts
  4. Promote the sale of a product or a service

With objectives defined, it’s useful to create a Facebook business profile or public profile that enables a relationship between the company and the user. This is particularly useful because it initiates a dialogue with our fans/users/potential clients in the online Facebook channel, effectively engaging in Facebook social media marketing. Users can choose to become “fans” of the company but not “friends,” as is the case with sending a request from a private profile.

Fans can comment and express their appreciation for links, sharing them with their friends, thus giving rise to a viral marketing mechanism. However, it’s then necessary to identify a Facebook target and profile users based on interests. In fact, the Facebook page could have thousands of fans, but not all interested in the content offered.

An excellent Facebook Marketing tool is undoubtedly contests, which we recommend delving into by reading this guide on contests.

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Facebook Marketing Guide

How it works

Before understanding how Facebook Marketing works, let’s explain the main foundations and some key concepts that characterize this social network.

FRIEND NETWORK: Facebook is built on the development and maintenance of your online friend network. To contact someone you want to be part of your network, you need to send a friend request. This is easily done through a button called Add Friend. This way, you can connect with another registered person, just like finding an old schoolmate you haven’t seen in a while by typing their name and surname into a search engine.

LIKE BUTTON AND COMMENTS: The like button, along with the comments button, is undoubtedly one of Facebook’s most recognizable features. The thumbs-up expresses appreciation for a post, photo, opinion, or video on Facebook, allowing interaction. By clicking the comments button, you can share your thoughts on content and make them visible to others as well.

SHARE: With this action, you can share the content of a page you follow, a personal status update, or that of a contact, a video, or a photo that you think might be interesting to others too.

NOTIFICATION: The notification is the little red square that indicates a new update, message, or friend request.

STATUS UPDATE: At the top of your profile’s home page, you can write a personal status you want to share with your network. Facebook suggests some moods, such as: What are you thinking about?

TAG: It’s a mention that one contact makes of another using text that includes the tagged person’s exact name and surname. You can be mentioned in a photo or status, and the recipient is alerted by a notification.

CHAT: Through chat, two contacts can exchange unlimited messages privately. You can quickly do this by clicking the message icon at the top, selecting the person, and starting a conversation. Thanks to the Facebook Messenger application, you can also do this comfortably on your mobile device.

If this topic interests you, also read our page on Facebook groups.


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Facebook Ads

What they are, how they work, why they could be useful for your business

If our Facebook business profile or public profile needs a profiled user base, it’s necessary to use Facebook Advertising to promote our page. Through ads, it’s possible to increase “likes” to the page or boost comments, but also drive targeted visits to your e-commerce or blog, promote app installations, promote the sale of a product or service (including Local Ads), and generate leads. To create an effective and easy Facebook marketing ad, you’ll need to:

  1. Choose the target audience for the ad
  2. Pay close attention to content (both image selection and copy)
  3. Specify budget and campaign duration
  4. Evaluate ad performance details

For local promotions, you can use Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads, which allow you to reach people within a defined radius on a map. These are even more targeted and cost-effective ads that can include four possible call-to-action buttons: Send a message, Call now, Get directions, and Learn more. The last call-to-action, in particular, allows you to direct users to any page on your website to provide additional information and also incorporate the functionality of Facebook Retargeting. Local Ads are especially useful for Facebook marketing Ads to:

  1. Increase Local Awareness
  2. Introduce a new store
  3. Promote an event
  4. Engage a local community
  5. Announce promotions and special offers

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Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting (or remarketing) is a technique in Facebook marketing used to increase CTAs (Call To Action) through personalized advertising based on the visits made by each user to a website or specific page. Often, the first visit to a site doesn’t immediately result in a conversion, but a good portion of users might be persuaded to take a desired action (a purchase, a like, a share, etc.) by presenting it again through retargeting. For small and medium-sized businesses, when used correctly, this Facebook marketing tool can be the key to online success.

Retargeting often involves the use of a tool provided by Facebook: the Facebook Pixel. It allows businesses to target potential customers, monitor campaigns, and retarget those who show interest.

Facebook Marketing

Promoting through events, groups, and causes

Another way to do Facebook marketing, and therefore advertise your page or public profile for free, is by creating Events, Groups, or Causes. By creating an event, you can sponsor a brand’s initiative and engage users by encouraging them to actively participate in the event. To reach a fairly large audience, you need to first post the event link on your Timeline, and then also in Groups and Pages related to your niche. It’s essential to spread the link on the web and request visibility from the admins of other Pages.

Creating contests on Facebook

Another method to create engagement on Facebook is through creating a contest. This involves a contest with prizes that users can participate in, for example, by submitting photos, data, or votes. To organize a Contest, however, you’ll need to follow three rules:

  1. Compose contest rules
  2. Adhere to Facebook’s web policies (using native Facebook functions for counting is prohibited)
  3. Be registered with the Ministry of Economic Development

As you can’t use any native Facebook tools, you’ll need to use external applications to manage the campaign. For instance, if you want to run a photo contest, you’ll need to find a fast and simple-to-install application. This app should allow you to gather new email contacts and ensure the contest is shared on social media to involve more participants. Lastly, it’s useful to keep costs limited to avoid allocating a high budget for your Facebook marketing campaign (e.g., use the subscription for a month and then decide whether to keep the app or not).

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How much does it cost to market on Facebook?

The answer, albeit not particularly thrilling, is: it varies.

To clarify, a considerable portion of Facebook Marketing comes at no cost. You can create and share content endlessly without opening your wallet. Achieving effective reach and engagement might require an investment of your time rather than your money.

However, there are indeed avenues where you can allocate financial resources to bolster your Facebook business marketing strategy. This entails payments for content boosting or the creation of advertising campaigns. The budget for these endeavors is at your discretion, ranging from a modest $5 ad campaign to a substantial $50,000 campaign. The specifics depend on the type of advertisements employed and your desired reach. While we delve into comprehensive ad pricing benchmarks elsewhere, the gist is that your experience may differ.

Should you contemplate a partnership with an influencer or content creator, budget considerations come into play as well. Nevertheless, the expenditure for such collaborations can fluctuate greatly, contingent upon your requisites and the individual you engage with.

Facebook Business Manager

Management and Applications

This is a tool that simplifies the work of a Facebook consultant, as it allows you to bring together all the necessary tools for page management, ad accounts, and applications for a successful Facebook marketing strategy in one place. Among the many features, we can mention:

  1. Addition of multiple Pages to an account
  2. Linking applications to our Pages
  3. Editing or adding payment methods
  4. Setting up projects to facilitate the assignment of Pages to specific accounts
  5. Adding shared access
  6. Control of page access


how can i start facebook marketing

To optimize Facebook marketing campaigns, it’s useful to make use of Power Editor, an advanced tool created specifically for advertisers. If you’re new and want to manage small ads, using the self-service advertising tool available directly on the Facebook page is sufficient. For those who want to navigate Power Editor, it’s good to know that it’s a complex tool with great potential. Its usage allows you to:

  1. Manage and create different ad versions for each device
  2. Customize your audience (including interests)
  3. Edit ads
  4. Monitor conversions
  5. Use Facebook remarketing
  6. Customize ad offers
  7. Work on and edit campaigns offline

Facebook Connect

Actions in Facebook marketing are also facilitated by some widely used applications, such as Facebook Connect. Through this application, it’s possible to log in to blogs using Facebook credentials. This way, users can comment on articles without spending time entering registration data. Their comments can also be visible on their timelines, helping increase the visibility of the website or blog. It’s also possible to invite friends to join the site’s community and then display registered users and their profile pictures. All of this can be done using this tool as a regular Facebook application!

sign in with facebook

Facebook Marketing: success stories

To analyze and learn the best techniques of Facebook Marketing to use for a successful social media strategy, Facebook has dedicated a section to some examples of marketing from the most famous brands on its network.

meta for business

Among the many success stories, we mention Nestlé Fitness, which created a dedicated Facebook page to advertise its breakfast cereals. Specific ads were used on the page to promote posts aimed at a target audience of women between the ages of 18 and 34.

The brand’s goals were threefold:

  1. increase in-store sales
  2. increase the popularity of the product and its nutritional benefits
  3. reach new customers

Result: Mission accomplished! Thanks to its Facebook campaign, Nestlé managed to increase its audience by 8% compared to the TV campaign, gained 30,000 additional “Likes” on the Facebook Page during the campaign, and increased the perception of the product as “healthy,” “low-fat,” and “whole-grain.” Another success story is that of Iberia Airlines, which adopted Facebook marketing to increase the popularity of its brand worldwide and highlight its ability to connect people, especially during the holiday season.

facebook marketing step by step

To emotionally engage the target audience, Facebook was the ideal medium for conveying the video campaign. The aim was to depict Santa Claus delivering gifts on one of the airline’s flights, an emotional reminder of Iberia’s important role during Christmas. Thanks to this campaign, Iberia increased its brand popularity, especially among the 18-24 age group. Furthermore, the video received millions of views and reached millions of people! These are just a few of the many examples that can be found.

If you want to delve into the topic and become a Social Media Specialist, I invite you to participate in our Social Marketing Course. Alternatively, you can check out our Facebook Marketing Course or Facebook Ads.

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