FAQ page template: 3 ways to inspire you to create your own

Looking for FAQ page templates? The word FAQ is an English acronym that stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

These sections are crucial within a website as they help the customer resolve any doubts regarding the product or service of their interest.

Understanding how to structure FAQ models is essential as it can influence the user’s stay on the site and even the completion of a purchase.

In this article, I will discuss:

  • What website FAQ pages are?
  • The advantages of having this section.
  • How to effectively create a frequently asked questions page?

I will then show you in detail 3 practical examples of FAQ page models for websites that sell services or products to satisfy every need and request of the end-user.

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What are website FAQ pages

Website FAQ pages are those sections where doubts and objections raised by potential customers approaching your online store are addressed.

They differ from “About Us” pages, typically used to tell the brand’s story. In the frequently asked questions page, more specific issues are addressed, answering commercial or product-related queries.

If set up correctly, the FAQ page is useful to the consumer in different stages of the purchasing process: from the initial product evaluation phase to the post-purchase phase.

Furthermore, frequently asked questions are an integral part of the user experience as they anticipate any questions the consumer may have before making any payment or to get a more general overview of what they are interested in purchasing or booking.

To be effective, a good FAQ page template must present not only the most important and useful Frequently Asked Questions with their respective answers but must also be well-structured to allow a satisfying browsing experience.

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Benefits of having a frequently asked questions section

Why is it useful to have an FAQ section? The reasons it is very advantageous to have one are:

  • Improves user experience: it is important to meet your customer’s needs while navigating within your digital store or booking service.
  • Builds trust in the company: without it, you couldn’t build loyalty with your customers.
  • Provides concise answers quickly: your audience will have all the answers to their doubts and concerns in a few seconds.
  • Aids in completing a purchase: the user is guided through all stages of the purchasing process, finding helpful questions and answers.

FAQ page templates: 3 useful examples

After discussing the benefits of having good FAQ page templates, I present 3 successful examples that can be useful if you offer online services or are involved in sales.

Remember that Frequently Asked Questions pages are an excellent solution to all doubts that may arise when making online purchases because they guide towards the resolution of uncertainties.

Due to their importance, nothing can be left to chance: from questions to answers, from the layout of the section to the colors, everything must be carefully crafted to perfection.


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The first FAQ page template I want to talk about is from eBay, one of the most famous websites for buying and selling items through auctions or direct purchases on the internet.

In this Marketplace, you can find the FAQ page in a dedicated section where you can read all the information regarding user queries and answers.

Specifically, a distinction is made between buyers and sellers, leaning towards tutorials and guides rather than simple answers, to encourage the seller to achieve greater success and increase revenue for the platform.

ebay faq page

Source: screenshot from eBay’s website


Airbnb is an online booking portal that connects people looking for accommodation with those who have space to rent, typically private individuals.

A convenient opportunity in terms of platform reliability and the numerous offers available.

Here, the FAQ page template can be found in the “Help Center” (located in the Footer, i.e., the bottom part of the site), where you can read about searching for accommodation, payment for reservations, accessing your account, and many other forms of assistance.

airbnb common questions

Source: screenshot from Airbnb’s website


Zalando is a very famous E-commerce, specializing in the sale of shoes, clothing, and accessories such as bags, jewelry, and much more.

Its template is more focused on the logistics of product sales and shipping because the typical customer concerns primarily involve delivery, payment, returns, and product stock.

You can find the frequently asked questions on this site in the footer under the “Help and Contacts” section. The most popular FAQs include shipping times, how to make a return, payment methods, and order status.

zalando faq page

Source: screenshot from Zalando’s website

How to create your FAQ page template

Creating templates for an FAQ page requires time and care. It’s an essential part if you plan to open an online store, especially for selling specific or complex products/services.

Additionally, it’s part of the user experience and one of those pages that converts the most, as it increases the likelihood of receiving customer inquiries.

faq page template design

Now, I’ll explain briefly, but clearly and comprehensively, how to guide yourself in creating a template to then integrate into your website. First of all, where to find FAQs?

Listen to your audience; they will guide you best. So, here’s where you can find more information:

  • In customer service, to understand the problems your users are facing.
  • On Quora, a site that collects recurring curiosities where you can search for keywords and topics relevant to your service.
  • By searching the site for keywords your potential customers might use.
  • On Google Search Console where you can identify queries that are gaining more success.

How to write frequently asked questions? First of all, consider the needs of your customers so you can turn possible objections or doubts about your product into questions.

Your question should be tailored to inform customers with the ultimate goal of generating sales.

When writing the question, focus on the usefulness and relevance it can have for the most profitable user journey possible.

As a final tip, I would advise you to group each question into categories to make navigation on the site much more agile and intelligent.

Where should the FAQ page be placed? FAQ page templates can have various positions within the site.

For example, if customer service is crucial in your case, you might consider dedicating an entire section of the site to frequently asked questions.

If you’re involved in selling products and services that could generate curiosity or concerns, my advice is to have the link to the dedicated FAQ page directly in the navigation menu.

You may also consider the idea of adding a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page directly in the product pages’ description.

Finally, as an additional suggestion, I would advise you to add a dedicated FAQ section in the footer of your website.


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Conclusion and free consultation

As you have by now understood, having an FAQ section is very important for your website as it fosters customer loyalty and enhances their browsing experience.

Always strive to keep this section updated with any questions that are useful and functional to your customers’ purchasing journey. Strategically use FAQ page templates as they can bring numerous advantages to your site.

Moreover, they are useful as they address doubts that your potential customers may have during the purchase process, guiding them effectively toward the final conversion.

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