Get paid to write reviews: discover the 12 best sites

“Do you want to get paid to write reviews on the Internet and make money quickly and easily? Click here and find out how.”

Who knows how many times you will have surfed the web and seen advertisements promising easy money to earn by writing online?

They make you believe that earning money on the Internet is so easy and in the end induce you to enter personal data in exchange for false promises. Simple solutions do not exist and finding innovative ideas to earn money is becoming increasingly difficult.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how to get paid to write reviews.

Earning online and making money online with a bit of luck and effective business ideas is a real job: whether it is part-time, and therefore useful for “rounding up” your salary, or full-time, it requires time and commitment. Moreover, it may seem like an activity that anyone can do, but it requires specific technical skills for those who want to work online from home seriously.

With the advent of digital, in an increasingly stagnant labor market, many new web-related professions are emerging: famous freelancers are the most striking example. They have begun to exploit the resources on the web by working online from home or even while traveling.

getting paid to write online reviewsThis is the case of working as a reviewer, a real profession that can be done from home and that allows businesses to get useful feedback to improve their products. It is precisely for this purpose that the figure of the Google local guide was born, i.e. you can write reviews on Google through your account and give your opinion on your experience in whatever business or place you are in.

Many in fact ask “How to earn money with Google reviews?”, unfortunately, it is not possible to earn real money but points that, once certain thresholds are reached, allow you to get 1TB of storage space on Google Drive or even, an invitation to the campus of the giant in question where you can find out all about the new features of Maps.

Having said that, do you want to know how to earn money by writing reviews?

Today, it is possible and can be a viable option both for those who only work part-time and for new mothers, for example, who spend so much time at home that they can optimize their free time to earn some money.

By reading this article you will discover the best ways and sites to earn money by writing reviews.

Best sites to get paid to write reviews

Product feedback plays a very important role in the purchasing process and also helps manufacturers to improve their product range. An example of this is Amazon, which, thanks to its affiliate programs, makes it possible to earn money by writing reviews on books and more.

The income in this case comes from the sale of the reviewed product. There are platforms such as or melascrivi, which, through a membership, allow you to earn online from home by sharing your opinion on the Internet. This way, in addition to working seriously online, you can help people make more informed purchases and you can get paid for writing your reviews.

You can do everything on several sites, here are the main ones:

  • Amazon

Wondering how to earn money from Amazon reviews? Here’s the way: join its affiliate program, create video tutorials where you review the product, and leave the link through which the user can proceed directly to purchase. You will receive a variable remuneration depending on the product sector.

If, on the other hand, you have a blog and prefer to write, you can earn money by writing Amazon reviews again through the affiliate program and leaving the link for your readers to make their purchases directly, which will generate a commission.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbuck makes you earn money by answering online surveys asking your opinion on specific brands, products, and services. Or by signing up to test products. You earn points by signing up for promotional offers and leaving reviews after testing the product. Besides earning by writing online reviews with product tests and online surveys, Swagbucks also pays you for surfing the web, shopping online, watching videos, and even playing online games. Points can be redeemed for gift vouchers or PayPal cash.

  • Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a Swagbucks alternative that allows you to earn money by writing reviews. You can get paid by answering surveys and getting free samples in return. Besides these paid opportunities, you can also earn money by watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and inviting friends. Watching videos can be an exciting way to make money with Inbox Dollars because you have the opportunity to provide feedback on TV commercials. Some of these commercials have not yet been aired and you can be one of the first viewers. Inbox Dollars will pay you by cheque. Gold members also have the possibility of being paid with a Visa prepaid card or an eCard.

  • ReviewStream

With ReviewStream you can get paid not only when you write product reviews, but also when a user votes for your content. You can write a review on almost any product. ReviewStream offers higher figures for more detailed reviews that meet their publication guidelines. Your earning potential can be even greater by writing reviews for on-demand products. ReviewStream will pay you via PayPal.

  • CrowdTap

CrowdTap is a fun way to review products because you can complete “daily missions”. Choosing a mission on your smartphone will give you the opportunity to be rewarded for leaving a high-quality review of the featured product. After successfully leaving a review, you can be rewarded with gift vouchers, product samples, and other merchandise prizes. In addition to reviewing products, you can also earn points for completing daily surveys and responding to survey invitations. You can earn additional points for sharing your CrowdTap reviews on your blog and social media channels.

  • Influence Central

Influence Central is another site to earn money by writing reviews that connects influencers with businesses. By joining the community, you can review products in the areas in which you are most knowledgeable. Payment will vary depending on the brand of the product.

On this site, you have the opportunity to collaborate with your favorite companies and provide feedback to your friends within the online community. If you have a decent following, you might want to know how much you pay for a review. You should know that if you are contacted by a company to post a review of its product on your social page or blog, you could earn as much as a hundred euros.

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Earning by writing reviews on blogs

A personal blog is one of the best options for earning money from writing reviews. Blogging about the products you use is a great way to share your experience in words and pictures, while writing reviews on other people’s sites may limit your freedom of expression to a few short paragraphs.

blog reviewsIf you are passionate about films or TV series, you could for instance make your blog profitable and earn money by writing film reviews that you would recommend.

If you don’t want to do it on your own blog but like the idea, you could find out how much you can earn with Melascrivi, a platform that you only need to sign up for and take a small test to be able to log in and start collaborating.

Blogging, however, has rightfully entered the new digital professions, so if done seriously and with dedication, it can become a real job with a decent income.

  • Blogsvertise

Blogsvertise offers paid review opportunities for bloggers of all experience levels. Besides writing reviews for a lump sum, you can earn additional money with Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale links in your reviews as well. You will be paid by PayPal 30 days after the publication of the review or advertisement.

Earning with videos and tutorials

  • UserTesting

UserTesting is one of the most profitable forms. Beware though, you need to download special software to be able to use it. Companies are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money to watch people interact with their product and UserTesting can be one of the most profitable ways to earn money. UserTesting pays you $10 for each 20-minute video you record after testing apps or sites, describing their merits and flaws.

  • HitBliss

HitBliss awards you points for watching and reviewing TV commercials. You can redeem these points for digital rewards such as shows, films, and music. This can be a fun site if you like to influence pop culture and marketing campaigns.

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Even mommy bloggers can earn money by writing reviews

  • Socialix

How to make money from reviews if you are a mum with a passion for blogging? Socialix is an affiliate network that can be a good option for “mommy bloggers”. You can earn money by writing review posts and including affiliate links within the post. You can also share your reviews on social. Most reviews are done on entertainment, fashion, and beauty. Payment can be requested at any time via PayPal or direct deposit.

  • Tastemaker Mom

Tastemaker Mom is another review site dedicated to mums who provide feedback to test products and services, in exchange for products. Reviewing products can also help you attract traffic to your blog or social media platforms, and you can build your presence as an influencer in the online mum community.

  • Mom’s Meet

Mom’s Meet is a site where mums can share their opinions and connect with other wellness-oriented mums. It allows you to try healthy, organic, and eco-friendly products. You earn points by providing feedback that can be redeemed for gift cards, surprise packages, and gifts.

To start reviewing products, you will need to apply for a Mom Ambassador or Blog Ambassador subscription. In addition to writing reviews, you can also earn points by watching educational videos and webinars and participating in community discussions.

Conclusions and Personalised Advice

I have so far shown you some ways to earn money online by writing reviews. However, there are many other ways to earn money from home! If you have a review site or blog and want to find out how best to monetize it, I recommend booking a completely free Strategic Consultation to get the best tips from a digital marketing expert.

Have you earned money by writing a review? Leave a comment on this article!

The digital revolution has now taken hold! If you want to be a part of it, keep up to date and train continuously with a digital marketing course.

The digital revolution has now taken hold! If you want to be part of it, stay up-to-date and continuously trained with the various training courses in digital marketing.

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