How to become a YouTuber: find out what to do step by step

How to become a YouTuber?

Do you want to find out how to become a YouTuber? Have you always wondered how and how much you can earn on YouTube?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. With this mini-guide, you will discover how you can turn your passion into a job. YouTube is one of the most important and most used media in the world and holds the record as a social network exclusively dedicated to videos.

For this reason, those who open a channel on this platform know that the potential it offers is numerous and very broad but, at the same time, it is not so easy to become a YouTuber. In fact, getting off to a good start is the first step to success, trying to limit mistakes as much as possible.

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There are several steps you have to take to become a Youtuber, and there are additional ones to start earning money with YouTube. Let’s look at them in detail.

Open a channel

The first essential step to becoming a YouTuber is obviously to open a channel. Since YouTube is owned by Google, to open a channel you need a Gmail, i.e. a Google account. If you don’t have one yet, your first step is precisely to create a Gmail.

After signing up for Gmail, go to YouTube and click on”‘sign in” in the top right-hand corner, and immediately afterward add new account’ by entering the new Gmail. Now you need to enter a profile picture and a cover image by clicking on the box to edit the YouTube profile picture.

Once you are back on the screen of your YouTube channel, also include a cover photo. On the web, images are very important, which is why yours must be clear, original, and eye-catching while remaining true to the theme.

Finally, insert a brief description of your channel, introducing the topic, or topics, that you will cover. I advise you to avoid formality and focus on simple, direct language, as if you were speaking face-to-face with your audience, or potential audience. Use irony and start from the outset with your personality and how you will show yourself to your visitors.

Summing up:

  • Create a Gmail;
  • Access YouTube with the new Gmail;
  • Insert profile photo and cover photo;
  • Insert a short description.

Building Videos

If you want to become a YouTuber, you will at least have a vague idea of what you want to post on your channel, and thus the topic you want to cover.

The most popular topics for YouTubers, in general, are undoubtedly those concerning video games, while on the more purely female side, one of the most popular topics is make-up.

Whatever the subject of your channel, the videos you post should look as professional as possible: editing and photography, needless to say, are the two most important technical features if you want to go viral; irony and differentiation are the peculiarities that can get your video a lot of views. If you follow these tips, understanding how to make a name for yourself on YouTube will be a little easier.

From the above, you will have realized that becoming a YouTuber is quite a challenge, and not exactly as piece of cake, as it might initially seem.

For this reason, if you think you want to turn your passion into a real job, I recommend you get experts to help you manage both the technical/graphic part and the communication part. If you think you can do it without external help, jump in, and good luck! After a few experiments, you will understand for yourself whether you need it or not.

Once the video has been created, upload it to your channel and monitor its performance.

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Reaching subscribers and views

Very often, good quality and a large number of videos are not enough to achieve a high number of subscribers and views. YouTube, in fact, is the most used social platform in the world, which is why hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day: not exactly a niche market!

The competition is very high and your video could be drowned out by who knows how many other contents.

In addition to the recommendations I mentioned in the previous paragraph, here are some ideas for increasing your subscribers and views:

  • Differentiate yourself: making your content unique will help you reach a smaller audience more easily. This could be a good way to start making yourself known.
  • YouTube SEO: make your videos appear first on the search results page, click here to find out how;
  • Clickbait: this is not the most elegant way to achieve your goals, but it can be very effective. It involves inserting phrases or images that immediately draw the audience’s attention and invite them to click on your video (the important thing is that they are related to the topic of the video);
  • Collaboration: collaborating with other YouTubers can help gain views and subscribers belonging to the other YouTuber, and can therefore benefit both;
  • Dissemination: once uploaded, you should share your videos as much as possible on the various social networks or other sites you own (if you have any). In other words, if you share your video on Facebook by copying and pasting from YouTube, don’t expect big numbers from Zuckerberg’s platform, as it is well known that Google and Facebook are very competitive. Creating a parallel blog to your YouTube channel, on the other hand, can help you increase the circulation of your videos;
  • Haters: unbelievable but true, haters can help you achieve popularity. Thanks to their eagerness to show their disapproval of any content on the web published by a third party, they can make your video popular even if it is negatively commented on. I realize this doesn’t sound great, but if you succeed, haters are inevitable!
  • Following trends: dealing with trendy topics is a double-edged sword, but if exploited well, it can bring numerous advantages. Indeed, if you deal with a hot topic that is sought after by a wide audience, you inevitably compete with numerous competitors and therefore risk being hidden. If, however, your video succeeds in standing out, you can gain a large number of views and possibly also subscribers. I recommend that you adopt this method after you have gained some experience;
  • Consistency: your channel must be constantly updated, so I recommend that you publish at least two videos per week. Otherwise, you will risk not being noticed and will be drowned out by your competitors.

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How to earn money with YouTube?

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, you can begin to wonder how you can earn money on this popular social platform.

There are few YouTubers in the world who have managed to turn their passion into their sole occupation: PweDiePie, Fernanfloo, and Yuya are just a few of the world’s web stars who, with tens of millions of subscribers on their channels, manage to earn tens of millions of dollars per year.

The success that these aforementioned YouTubers and many others around the world have enjoyed certainly did not come in the aftermath of their YouTube membership but has been a long and well-managed journey.

make money with youtube

If you, too, want YouTube to be not only a game but also a potential channel for earning money, here are some ways to do so.

Become a YouTube partner

Becoming a YouTube partner means earning money from the advertising traffic that Google will insert in your videos. These are commercials in video format of about fifteen seconds or sometimes even one or two minutes (in the latter case skippable) that can appear at the beginning, at the end, or during your film.

Anyone who has come across YouTube at least once will have witnessed this phenomenon.

To take this route, you have to go to the left-hand panel “Creator Studio”, select “Channel”, and finally click on “Activate” in the box labeled “Monetization”. At this point, YouTube will insert spots in your videos and you can start earning money. Too easy to be true, right?

And indeed that is not all. In order for YouTube to accept monetization of your channel, it must comply with the community rule, copyright, a minimum number of subscribers, and at least four thousand views in the last twelve months. If you see a few red dots in the “Channel” section, your channel is not meeting some of the parameters and therefore cannot be monetized.

Summing up:

  • Go to the Creator Studio
  • Select “Channel”
  • Locate the “monetization” box
  • Check that all dots are green (if not, correct your errors)
  • Click on “Activate”

In order to receive the money, you need to subscribe to Google Adsense and link it to your YouTube channel.

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular methods used in recent years to achieve substantial earnings. It involves sponsoring a website (e.g. the site of a major e-commerce brand) and trying to transfer the traffic generated to that other site.

It is a much more complicated process than mentioned here, but it is capable of yielding not inconsiderable results from an economic point of view. In the case of YouTubers, a very good example would be the publication of videos containing reviews of a brand’s products, with the relevant links included in the description of the video.

The more interest you manage to arouse in your audience, the more likely it is that users will click on the links.


The videos you upload to the platform will be copyrighted, so without your permission no one can appropriate your film or claim ownership of it, but above all, they cannot be used for profit by third parties.

If you decide to allow the use of your content, you can put the license for your video up for sale: there are specific sites where you can publish it and have it more easily reached. Obviously, your videos will only want to be bought if they are very interesting or even viral.

Selling one’s own products

If you are successful and have built up a large network of fans, you will start to think about creating an original and eye-catching logo (which could later become a registered trademark) and a range of products affiliated with it.

Your fans will want to buy your products and in this way, you will not only earn additional income but also increase your reputation and the trust of your supporters.

An example of this type of earning is YouTube star Roman Atwood, a 35-year-old vlogger, and comedian who, after achieving success through his channel, founded the “Smile More” logo in 2013 by creating T-shirts, sweatshirts, and bracelets and sponsoring them in his videos. If you’re interested in this kind of income, take a tour of his channel!

How do you become a famous Youtuber? 5 useful tips

There are no textbook rules or a definitive guide to becoming a web star. Your personality plays a very important role because it allows you to leave a trace in the mind of the viewer. However, there are strategies that if well understood and applied can lead you on the road to success.

Below are five useful tips, starting with an analysis of some winning moves made by famous Youtubers who have turned their passion into a real business model.

First, however, don’t forget to take care of your channel’s image: make sure that your chosen name, personal image, cover image and graphics are attractive and in line with your brand; improve the description you put on the channel’s home page to give your audience a first impression of the content you offer, using relevant keywords; add links to your associated website and social pages both in the information tab and on the channel’s home page, helping to link the channel to the rest of the online brand.

Now you are ready to discover the 5 simple but effective tips designed for those who want to become a successful and famous YouTuber.

Customer satisfaction

To become famous on YouTube you must first bring out your uniqueness, your character, and your originality, only then can you create that bond with your audience, known as customer retention. How can you increase engagement and bonding with your audience?

  • Captures the viewer’s initial attention

Remember, involving the viewer during the first 5/10 seconds increases their involvement for the entire duration of the video. If the viewer does not understand from the first moments what he is watching, he feels lost and is inclined to abandon the vision. To hook him, optimize the first 15 seconds by concisely and captivatingly describing what you are going to talk about and what the objectives of the video are.

  • Provide interesting content

Remember that to your potential audience, you must provide content that can bring benefits or added value. For example, benefits in terms of new skills or entertainment, in English better known as entertainment. Your visitors are potential subscribers, which means that once they are acquired, they will turn into an increasing source of visits.

  • Creates empathy

Are you creating a connection with your audience? It is crucial to create empathy, to push your audience to interact with your video in a positive way. An active user is almost always synonymous with success or success, both in the eyes of the search engine and in the eyes of other users. In general, creating a bond with your audience leads to loyalty, in other words to good customer retention.

The content strategy

The second piece of advice, albeit dated 1996, comes from an authoritative voice, that of Bill Gates, who in one of his historic speeches states: “Content is king”.

youtuber content strategy

The now-famous phrase is still highly topical and refers to the concepts of originality and uniqueness of content. How do you give voice and form to original content? Below you will find the most frequently used content strategies followed by successful YouTubers.

  • Storytelling

Thanks to storytelling, content becomes regularly repeated appointments in the form of stories that intrigue and generate an emotional bond. The topic told presents the narrative structure typical of any story: incipit, the objective of the narrative, any critical issues to be resolved, solutions, and conclusions.

  • Video tutorial format

The tutorial format is also one of the most popular strategies used by YouTube influencers, mainly due to the high sharing rate and thus the high probability of going viral, whereas by viral effect, we mean the ability of the video to induce the viewer to share. The interest, surprise, and emotion aroused make the user feel the need to talk about it with other people.

  • Thumbnails and titles

They are a useful strategy to help viewers choose whether or not to watch videos. Thumbnails and titles if well done can therefore attract more users to the channel: they encourage viewers to watch the videos because they know what to expect, as well as making the content visible to advertisers.

Multimedia tools

If the content is king, the quality of the video, audio, and lighting plays a key role in the success of a professional video, an indispensable element in maintaining user retention. Our third piece of advice, therefore, concerns the use of high-quality multimedia tools. Let’s see together which ones are used by professional YouTubers.

  • The camera

The cameras most commonly used by Youtubers are of two types: SLRs and compact cameras. They allow you to make very good quality videos, without the need to make large investments. The common feature is the foldable screen, which can be rotated for viewing while recording.

  • The tripod

A tripod is an indispensable tool that allows you to keep the image steady and adjust the height of the camera, providing stable and secure support.

  • The microphone

Sound quality is just as important as image quality. If a video has poor sound quality, the viewer will stop watching. For this reason, it is best to avoid recording audio with the internal microphone and use an external one or a recorder to avoid background noise or buzzing.

  • Lighting

You can have the best camera in the world, but if the scene is poorly lit, details and colors will not be captured. It is advisable to avoid shadows, especially on the face and to emphasize the subject in relation to the background.

  • Assembly

Once the video has been recorded, the last step, before uploading it to the platform, is editing. This is why we recommend using professional programs that allow you to create creative and engaging online videos.

Final Cut (Mac) or Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and PC) are the most widely used programs as they offer many options compared to other editing programs. ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camtasia (Mac and PC) also give the possibility to record the PC screen with the screen capture option. This option is used by many YouTuber gamers who want to show a game played from their PC.

how to become a youtuber step by step


Our fourth tip for those who want to become popular on YouTube is to share content. If YouTube is the platform designed by Google to regularly publish videos, Facebook and other social networks will help you make them go viral. Remember, however, that a piece of content goes viral if it is deemed original, funny, exciting, or useful.

Also through the Call to Action strategy at the end of the video, you can invite the viewer to take actions such as sharing, commenting, or simple questions, or referring to other content in the playlist or social pages. Remember, online video is always an interactive experience.

The positioning of videos

As a fifth piece of advice, to all those who want to embark on the road to becoming a successful YouTuber, we say that positioning your videos on Google and in YouTube’s internal search engine is another key step to gaining more traffic and views. In order to optimize the positioning of your videos in the best possible way, we recommend that you take care:

  • The title

It should contain the keyword, preferably concise and surprising because it helps the audience and YouTube’s detection systems to make sense of the content.

  • The description

It is a valuable space that allows the audience and YouTube’s detection systems to understand what the content is about, which is why it must contain the keyword. In addition, you can add the link to your social networks or webpage.

  • Sections

They serve as the main organizational tool for channels. They are displayed on the channel’s category page and can consist of videos, playlists, or channels.

  • The Playlist

It allows the channel to be themed by topic and guides the user in the selection of the video.

  • Tags

These are keywords that describe your video to position it in search and show it to new audience segments.


As you may have noticed, becoming a YouTuber is not the easiest thing in this world, but it is not impossible either. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to ensure that your channel grows, that your videos are viewed by more people, and that they have a high viewing time by users.

There are so many other aspects to learn about YouTube and online video marketing, you can learn more about it through the dedicated course that Digital Coach provides, or by following our master’s course in social media marketing if you are interested in the social networking sector more generally.

Whatever your project is, I wish you to achieve it as soon as possible and hope that this mini-guide has helped you. Good luck!

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