How to become famous online: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

How many of us haven’t, at least once, thought of resigning from our demanding, stressful, tedious, and frustrating job and wanting to know how to become famous online? Showing oneself for who one is, perhaps impersonating a character with specific characteristics or even implementing strategies to go in the program.

They even hope to win the prize money, dedicating themselves to opening businesses, or leveraging the quickly gained popularity to become a credible actor, an esteemed journalist, or a radio speaker.

Methods on how to become famous online that many (including you, don’t deny it…) have tried to apply, especially with the advent of social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Over the years, the methods and ways of consuming a product have changed, and with them, the home audience.

If entertainment was once the prerogative of television and everything it offered, today the new content creation tools (YouTube, just to give an example) and new platforms (just think about the switch to digital broadcasting) have exponentially increased the offer.

For entertainment product creators, it was necessary to rethink formats and programs to conquer a new audience without losing the old one. Conquer teenagers without losing the high-end demographic. An impossible goal? Not entirely.

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How to become famous online on different platforms

The attention has shifted to the online and the digital world, on social networks, on the importance of capturing moments throughout the day in the hope that as many followers as possible will see where in the city one is.

And how much weight one can lift during a workout session, or perhaps how many bags of clothes one brings home during sales. The impulse to let people know what we do because subconsciously we think we are using a method to gain online visibility.

Becoming famous and being known to a wide audience, therefore, means giving new meaning to the terms of fame and popularity that were often used when the internet was not yet a tool used by everyone.

It also means not always being compared to a celebrity who appears on the small screen, it simply may mean collaborating to develop ideas online. Study, perseverance, the desire to do, dedication, commitment, and tenacity are just some of the best factors.

The real question that many people ask themselves is how to become famous online. No one can guarantee us a result, but becoming popular on the internet and social media is not always difficult.

Everyone should identify their niche, something they are truly experts in and passionate about. It’s also important to research those who came before us, no matter what career they pursued, these activities will open up new ideas for us.

One cannot think of cultivating attractions for the future without looking back at the past. Focusing on originality and engaging in daily storytelling work can help.

how to become famous online influencer

Communicating with value is not easy at all, it requires knowledge of ourselves, what we want to achieve, the target audience, and where this audience moves.

On the internet, we need to start with a purpose, a goal we set for ourselves through a valid strategy. Storytelling is defined as the narration of stories.

It uses words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story, stimulating the imagination of the reader. It is seen as the process that allows us to tell deep content.

It refers to narrative, folk tradition, and classical literature. Man is seen as the protagonist of a process that transmits values.

Not everyone can tell credible stories, events reconstruct the picture of the person who writes their own story through the points that have marked their path.

Telling your own story is not just a way to differentiate yourself and engage your audience directly. It is a way to create points of connection.

Being experts in storytelling also means once again focusing on the concept of inbound marketing, it is not enough, you should be good at entertaining the audience. This means informing and exciting the user to engage them.

Trust, emotions, relationship, simplicity, personal, immersion, and familiarity are just a few points not to be underestimated when you strongly aim to create an empathetic bond with the user.

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With the advent of social networks, excellent storytelling for how to become famous online is no longer enough, one must think of digital storytelling.

This is the narration created with digital tools that consist of organizing selected content from the web into a coherent system, guided by a narrative structure, to obtain a story made up of multiple elements of various formats such as images, videos, texts, and maps.

Social media exponentially enhances storytelling, using blogs and all spaces where people can share their experiences to develop an active and consistent presence to showcase what we can do.


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How to become famous on Facebook

Becoming famous on Facebook is very simple. To achieve this goal, one must consider some tips that help in becoming more popular.

One of the first tips is to add a beautiful, perhaps intriguing photo that makes a difference, consider adding a gallery of images with friends and family and also vacation spots.

If possible, post poses with famous personalities, as they usually attract many likes and comments.

You can continue by thinking of creating a persona, the message to users should be that we do exciting things, and express important opinions on our timeline, on pages, or in Facebook groups.

Users should perceive us as engaged individuals, publishing opinions and participating in discussions. Therefore, it is necessary to join groups where interaction and exchange of opinions are easier.

What does it mean to get comments on Facebook?

Being commented on and receiving many likes could mean having many interactions, and being able to get many shares on a post in the profile is a detail that will be positively noticed by the algorithm of the social network with the most users worldwide.

To all this, the idea of writing captivating content, making it much more interesting, can be added and you can publish funny stories, witty jokes, or create interesting events.

facebook profile post

It is also advisable to establish new friendships with everyone we know in real life or may have met only a few times and try to publish content on Saturday mornings and during weekend afternoons, these moments have a high number of active people.

A final suggestion, but not less important, is to link our Facebook profile to our blog.

How to become famous on Instagram

Consistency is the first and crucial element to become famous on this platform. A few days’ work will certainly not be the best weapon to try to become famous.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the right timing, with a fixed frequency for posting photos. Just avoid overdoing it, users who post content too frequently are not very popular.

As in the case of Facebook, you need to build your audience. To increase the number of followers, it’s not enough to just post an image, you must interact with people, exchange likes, and follow others.

It is also advisable in this case to choose a theme, that is, to have your guiding thread. The secret is to try to avoid doing something that others have already done.

The Importance of Instagram Stories

Recently, what has been discussed in various meetings with Instagram experts is precisely Instagram Stories.

Many wonder why they are used so much and, above all, so many times during the day when a small detail can be enough to arouse the audience’s interest.

increase instagram followers

For those who do not know, stories on Instagram represent photos and videos with short-lived content but undeniable impact. The story feature is considered immediate, straightforward, and sincere.

One of the best elements of stories is the polls that quickly test user preferences.

How to increase your followers

To increase your followers and understand how to become famous online, it is also very important to use hashtags.

One of the easiest ways to attract users to your Instagram profile is to like or comment on other photos with hashtags relevant to the photo you are publishing on your profile.

As with Facebook, there are also optimal times to post your content on Instagram, it is advisable to publish a post from 12:00 to 18:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00.

How to become famous on Youtube

Often, while shopping in malls during the weekend, we may find ourselves stuck in store aisles or hear groups of teenagers scream when their idols take the stage accompanied by dozens of security personnel with their respective managers.

Immediately, we think of a singer, a band, or perhaps a famous comedian. However, what attracts the interest of hundreds of teenagers is a YouTuber or a group of young crews.

In front of a camera or in their bedrooms, they create videos commenting on the latest video games released and challenging each other, teaching the right commands to the millions of users who populate their channels, thus turning their passion into their profession.

youtube channel customization

So the question is, how to become famous online, such as YouTube?

The first necessary step is to open your own YouTube channel. This means choosing a unique, special background image, perhaps avoiding too many details.

Keep the channel description updated whenever new videos are created and try to include, as much as possible, links to other websites in the channel description.

Even on this platform, a professional approach is needed, such as talent, ideas, fantasies, a lot of commitment, and above all, working full time.

It’s important to understand whether you want to talk about video games, cooking, or TV series reviews, and sometimes avoid leaving anything to chance. Behind every video, there is a script or a plan to follow.

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The importance of creating a dialogue with your audience

It’s important to create a dialogue with your audience through regular programming. The language should be clear, simple, and immediate.

Youtube is a race for more views, more subscribers, or more comments. Many argue that the first results come after uploading at least a hundred videos.

One of the tricks to make the most captivating videos possible is to use a good camera, many start by using their phone camera.

The important thing is:

  • Turn on the lights if you’re shooting the video at home;
  • Try to have as much silence around as possible;
  • Use editing programs to improve the quality of your videos;
  • Add music and text to make the video as original as possible.

What does increasing our popularity mean

Increasing our popularity also means responding to everyone who comments, it’s an excellent way to start building relationships with those who follow us.

Another very important aspect is giving people who follow us the opportunity to meet us in person.

Lastly, remember to greet, them in an original way before the end of our video, our fans and invite them to continue following us in future videos.

In a world where online fame is increasingly desired and anyone can achieve it, it becomes essential to combine our talent with the knowledge of strategies and small details that can make our results great.

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If you are dedicated to expanding your brand through social media, establishing an authentic and actively engaged follower base stands out as a crucial initial move.

By following the suggested actions here, you can prompt fresh social media followers to express their interest and interact with your brand.

Keep in mind that the focus should be on the caliber of your audience rather than its quantity. Therefore, persist in discovering means to provide value, and the followers will naturally accumulate.

Explore this guide on crafting a robust social media presence for additional insights on enhancing your social media following.

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