Learn how to create a telegram channel step by step

What are channels?

Telegram is a simple and free instant messaging application founded in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. How to create a telegram channel? With Telegram it is possible to send any type of file and, unlike other apps, it is possible to open a public or private channel (or more than one), which is used to spread messages, links, and content exclusive to the channel’s subscribers.

Public channels have a username and anyone can find them using the Telegram search, while to access private ones you need to be added by the administrator or receive an invitation link.

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What can be done through a channel?

By opening a Telegram channel you can reach an unlimited number of members, so this app is a tool for spreading messages to a wide audience. As the creator of the channel, you can invite the first 200 members and, once they are reached, the channel will be considered autonomous; the only users who can publish content on the channel are the administrators, who can be a single person or several.

It is important to remember that when you create a Telegram channel, messages are marked with the channel name and not with the administrator’s private name, and, unlike groups, deleted messages disappear for all members.

The aim

Channels serve to develop an ongoing discourse on certain content, helping “followers” to learn new things, get to know the brand, bond, and “get attached” to it. Many Telegram channels are therefore used for:

  • building a Community from scratch
  • sending interesting content
  • have a following relevant to the channel topic and cultivate it over time
  • develop a topic or macro topic in depth (e.g. a digital marketing channel could provide content on all micro topics related to it)

How to create a telegram channel

So you want to find out how to create a Telegram channel? First of all, you have to register with the platform. Users choose which channels to follow according to their interests and, once registered, they will receive a notification every time the channel owner posts content.


To open a Telegram channel, simply launch the application (from a smartphone, PC, or desktop), enter the menu, and click on “New Channel”; then enter the channel name and a short description.

steps to open telegram channel

Steps to open Telegram Channel

At this point, a screen will open where you can choose whether to make the channel public or private and also the link that will identify it (if you opt for the public, it is advisable to choose an easy and intuitive link so that users can find the channel quickly). Finally, on the next screen, you will be able to add the first 200 members.


Opening a Telegram channel may seem easy in procedure but, like all activities, it needs a well-structured editorial plan that allows the right content to be shared at the right time. At the same time, it must have a well-thought-out and precise objective behind it so that, as the months go by, you don’t end up publishing any topic without a logical thread and without utility. Here are some suggestions:

  • The channel must have a name that represents its content or can be linked to the brand or company; it must not be too long, but neither must it be too short or banal.
  • The channel image or logo is also important; it serves to identify the topic or brand and therefore must have good graphic quality and be suitable for the platform.
  • Also not to be neglected is the description; the text is 255 characters with spaces included and you can include within it, either the link to your company site, brand, or LinkedIn profile for example, or official and personal hashtags useful for users to search for you.

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How to increase the number of members

There are many ways to achieve this:

  • Sharing the channel link on social networks.
  • If you have a website/e-commerce/blog make a banner dedicated to your Telegram channel and link to it.
  • If you publish content on social media or a blog, insert call-to-actions inviting people to subscribe to your Telegram channel as well.

What will make the difference, in the end, is, above all, word of mouth from users who find your content useful.

Publish in the channel

To publish content in the channel, simply type text in the typing area. As mentioned above, it is possible, in addition to text, to post photos, videos, links, files, emoticons, and even send voice messages.

post in telegram channel

Post in telegram channel

Involving users

Posts in channels cannot be scheduled or commented on, and members generally have no way to reply. This might seem to be a flaw that can make Telegram channels a one-way communication tool but, in reality, there are some tools that can extend the basic functions of the channel and make it more engaging.

These additional functionalities can be achieved by using specific bots, i.e. external applications that are implemented with Telegram to perform different actions. With bots, one can, for instance, create posts to which users can reply via a comment section, schedule posts that self-destruct after a certain time, create polls, and even charge a subscription fee to join a private channel.

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In a business Telegram channel, more than one bot may be used. Ne. There are many wide varieties of functionalities, and if these are not enough, it is possible to create your own customized bot and then implement it on various platforms. Let us take a look at some of the most useful existing bots:

  • @ControllerBot is used to create posts that can be postponed, insert the comment form, and create posts that self-destruct after a set period of time
  • @VoteBot allows you to create polls
  • @telegra.ph allows you to create posts with images, videos, and more embedded
  • @like allows emoji buttons to be added to the post allowing users to express their opinion toward the content of the post
  • @InviteMember allows you to charge a subscription fee for access to your private Telegram channel and also supports recurring payments (it can therefore be a useful feature for earning money with Telegram).

Close the channel

You can close the Telegram channel at any time, bearing in mind that you will lose all published content and all members will lose access to it. To do this, simply click on the channel name, and in the menu, in which you can view information about it, click on Delete Channel.

close telegram channel

Close telegram channel

Changing the channel

If you do not want to permanently delete the channel but only change elements, you can change the name, description, and link from the same screen.

In short, opening a channel on Telegram allows a variety of communication possibilities and business strategies.

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