Travel Copywriting: how to promote your business in 9 steps

Travel Copywriting helps you promote your tourism business and build your identity on the web. If you want to turn your content into bookings for your accommodation, you’re in the right place.

If you’re asking, “Would having a website increase bookings and reach many potential customers?” the answer is yes, but not only that.

In addition to having a website to make yourself known, you need to know that various tools, tips, content, and tourism marketing strategies are essential for launching your hotel or accommodation on the web.

The tourism sector, as is the digital world, is constantly growing, and the two go hand in hand. Unless you want your business to sink, don’t waste time and start implementing them.

With this article, you will learn the basics of tourism copywriting on how to promote your business in 9 steps.

Using simple tips to revitalize your online presence and become a successful copywriter in the industry, will bring you great satisfaction.

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9 travel copywriting tips for your accommodation

This concise guide offers nine essential travel copywriting tips to enhance your property’s appeal. Learn how to establish an engaging online presence, master storytelling, effectively request reviews, and leverage social media.

These strategies are tailored to turn wanderlust into bookings and keep guests informed, helping you craft an irresistible narrative for your accommodation.

1. Create your website

Why create your website to develop your tourism copywriting?

  • Be found by those searching for you online
  • Build your identity on the web
  • Stand out among competitors
  • Rank on Google with SEO
  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Advertise
  • Improve brand reputation and awareness

But how do you create one? First, you’ll need to choose a name for the site that aligns with your accommodation, i.e., your domain.

After that, the web space hosting for your site, and finally, the Content Management System (CMS), a system that allows you to manage your content and develop tourism copywriting.

You can do all this even if you’re a beginner and don’t know complex HTML codes, and for the latter, I recommend WordPress, which is simple and easy to use.

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2. Develop a copywriting and marketing strategy

In our era, travel copywriting has become the fundamental step underlying any activity that aims to work well and profitably in the world of tourism.

Content, specifically words, through a blog, for example, has the power to attract, excite, amaze, convince, and make dreams come true.

A good copywriter in the tourism industry must be able to touch the emotional sphere of those dreaming of their vacation, their break, and their relaxation.

To do this, they must love writing and communicating as much as they love traveling and discovering new worlds.

To do this effectively, everything must be carefully planned, starting with a communication plan where nothing is left to chance.

Every word launched online describing your accommodation must be the result of a strategy carefully thought out and studied in detail.

Tourist marketing strategy, use of the most suitable web marketing tools, choice of content and language, production of online texts, competitor analysis, SEO strategy, knowledge of the target audience, tone of voice, channels to dominate, what to show, and much more.

To manage your travel copywriting at its best, you must stay constantly updated and, above all, know perfectly:

  • SEO copywriting rules
  • How to conduct keyword research and analysis
  • Stay updated on Google’s algorithm


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3. Write persuasive and quality content

Write to convince your potential guests, all you need to do is develop tourist SEO copywriting to persuade and encourage booking for those who have landed on your page at that moment because they need to fulfill a specific desire.

To fulfill a need and consequently persuade them to choose your service, all you have to do is write with the mindset of:

  • Create the need/desire.
  • Show your solution as the best to fulfill the desire.
  • Provide evidence of what you promise, such as through reviews.

Use a friendly attitude, and bring out emotions without forcing the purchase of your service, specifically without pushing for immediate booking. Regularly refresh your blog with high-quality content every day!

Read this very interesting article to learn more about Persuasive Copywriting.

4. Communicate through storytelling

Storytelling in travel copywriting is currently one of the most utilized and persuasive techniques to tell stories and evoke emotions.

Storytelling is a narrative developed not only through textual or verbal content but also through multimedia, published on previously chosen channels, exactly in the strategy phase.

It touches the emotional sphere of the user, making them experience and feel emotions, awakening the 5 human senses.

Thus leading the person who comes into contact with you to create a connection, an empathy that will prompt them to choose you and your option among a sea of possibilities.

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5. Include images and videos

In the field of tourism copywriting, images and videos accompanied by creative and strategic words are worth more than a thousand words, capturing the interest and the first impression of your potential customer: THEY MAKE THEM DREAM!

What you need to do is create storyboards, storytelling, and creative concepts touching emotions as mentioned above.

For tourism marketing, images, videos, and what is seen matter a lot, but equally important are the texts and content that accompany them.

Don’t forget that images and videos should always be named with SEO in mind.

travel copywriting ideas 

For example, a photo of a seaside hotel accompanied by the right text makes the interested party dream and takes them directly to the beach for their relaxation. In two words, guaranteed reservation.

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6. Choose the social media to use

What are the social media to use in tourism copywriting? There is no right or wrong answer, but it is not necessary to be omnipresent.

My advice is to start with Instagram and Facebook, the two social platforms that could help you the most in the tourism sector, nothing prevents you from expanding later on other platforms.

Very important in web marketing is the Social Media Editorial Calendar, it helps you plan what to write, when, and what time, and even identify the tools that effectively showcase your identity and convey your desired message.

The editorial calendar allows you to organize, schedule, and define a strategy for different social networks. It is, in fact, a program of activities and is essential for quality tourism marketing.

Only by planning will you have time and the means to create a perfect strategy. I suggest delving deeper through Social Media Marketing Courses to learn more about the subject and give a substantial boost to your activity on social media.

7. Transform the desire to travel into a reservation

Allow your visitors to book directly through your website, thanks to the impactful tourism copywriting you have created.

Visitors will be on your page, and the best way to turn that visit into a reservation is to allow them to book at that moment, simply and intuitively. This allows you to save on external fees, such as the commission on Booking.

If you are present on other platforms, once the “property hunter” finds you on one of them, they will visit your website and must immediately realize that by booking directly through the site.

They can access various privileges such as discounts, additional services, greater availability, room upgrades, and more.

Among the WordPress plugins that allow you to receive direct bookings, I recommend:

8. How to request reviews

To ensure that all your travel copywriting work yields the best results, it is essential to get positive reviews that confirm what you have communicated in words.

To be exact, 99% of people, once they have read part of the content and made the decision to choose your facility, rush to look at reviews because they need absolute confirmation from those who have already experienced your facility.

requesting reviews

How can you obtain feedback from your customers? There are several ways to request a review, here are my favorites:

  • Leaving a business card at check-out with a QR code that directs them straight to the reviews page on your site.
  • Through email, using the email they provided to confirm the reservation, thanking them for their stay, and asking for a review directly on the page.
  • Using social media, requesting reviews in exchange for special discounts or extra services on their next stay.

And what if the reviews are negative? Read the article on how to respond to negative online reviews.

9. Keep your guests informed with blogs and newsletters

Among the strategies of travel copywriting, updates on your blog and newsletters dedicated to your customers are essential.

Regarding the blog, you can create articles dedicated to updates about your business, additional services, renovations, events in the area, things to visit, and reasons to stay at your facility during that period.

All of this will give visitors an extra motivation to choose you. You can create a dedicated mailing list and, with a periodic newsletter, keep your guests informed with discount vouchers, information, or simply a link back to the blog.

All of this will remind them of your existence, and returning to a place where they had a good experience is always a great success.

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