How to get more followers on Instagram: 10 strategies

100k followers mission: 10 rules to follow

Want to know how to get more followers on Instagram? In this guide, I will reveal all the tricks and strategies to get to 100k followers in no time! 100k, that’s right! Because you either do things well or you don’t, and because when the wind blows towards Instagram the tough guys start playing!

how to get more followers on Instagram fast

Get comfortable, open Instagram, and let the fight to the last follower be! Learning how to grow your follower following on Instagram requires commitment and a lot of attention!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a public figure or an expert in social media marketing, what matters is knowing how to create an intense network of relationships on Instagram and having a strategy put in place that leads to dozens, if not hundreds, of followers!

Build your strategy

Define your goals and study your target group (interests, age, profession, origin), fundamental and very useful details to reach your goal faster. Study the competition. Try to understand how your competitors communicate, what they focus on, and what strategies they use.

In order to get a lot of followers on Instagram, you need to identify the characteristics that distinguish you from others and the added value that only you can offer.

After all, if you’ve decided to put yourself out there, it means that you already feel a little different from your “colleagues”, doesn’t it? Define your own style and design your editorial plan.

Finally, optimize your profile, always involve your audience (advertisements, Instagram stories, boomerangs, Instax photos, comments on other profiles), and don’t forget to keep communicating constantly with those who already follow you. Come on and cheer up, we are just getting started!

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Enhance your Instagram profile

To give your would-be followers a reason to follow you on Instagram, you have to find a way to get their attention:

  • An interesting bio;
  • a clearly visible profile photo in line with your business (remember that this is one of the first things a user will see once they land on your Instagram profile);
  • an original user name (or simply your first and last name) and easy to search for;
  • a link to your blog or website (to be updated regularly when a new post is published);
  • convincing and captivating photos.

To get lots of followers on Instagram make sure you have enabled your profile as “public” in the Settings menu so that everyone can see it even before they start following you.

Don’t limit yourself to a simple bio or a banal description of your brand: make it creative and intriguing (you have 150 characters to give it your best!), and don’t forget to include emoji and hashtags here too to give it an extra touch.

an interesting bio

As for photos, I’ll let you in on an “incredible” secret: do you know what the first thing people do when they visit your profile is? Scrolling through the top ten Instagram photos to decide whether or not to follow you.

Keep in mind that your photos will be your trump cards: make sure they are always of high quality and perfectly tell your style and business!

Last but not least, connect Instagram to Facebook and start with the friends you already have on Facebook in order to increase your number of followers on Instagram: many of them will surely have an Instagram profile and won’t have too many problems following you on another social network.

Publish quality photos

To be successful on Instagram remember that the goal is not just to get followers but to keep them, otherwise many people will soon stop following you. When posting a photo always think about your target audience and what they might be interested in.

post quality photos

Put your face on it: telling people about yourself through personal shots in everyday or funny situations can always generate a lot of engagement! Make your photo gallery colorful, original and give it your personal look & feel!

Distinguish yourself from other profiles but take inspiration from them: uniqueness always pays off! You don’t have to become a professional photographer, but you do have to have the right idea to capture it in the right place, with the right mood, and define it with one of the many filters made available by Instagram!

In addition to these, Instagram also allows you to change individual parameters of an image: I am referring to brightness, contrast, and color.

After you have determined your filter, go to Edit (bottom right) and work on these other features: Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Texture, Colour, and Saturation.

I recommend that you always apply the same filter to all images in order to give your feed a distinct, personal style! Among the best photo editing apps I recommend are Afterlight, Vsco Cam, Snapseed, and A Beautiful Mess.

Impress with valuable content

4 words: content is king! As with any other communication strategy, content is of paramount importance for Instagram. The famous 5 Ws also apply here, but it is the style that must make the difference.

Tell, inform, excite: there are no length limits as long as the caption, i.e. the description of the photo, has an impact and is able to captivate your reader. Enrich it with emoji and separate the text from the section with hashtags.

Another very useful tool with which to increase your followers on Instagram and add valuable content to your profile is Stories. Make the most of them by alternating between polls, text, and emoji to thank one of your customers, to inform them of something new (even the release of a new post on your blog), or to “spin” a particular photo.

impress with valuable content

We all know that Stories only have a “public life” of 24 hours, but since June 2017 Instagram has applied two big new features: past 24 hours you can now review Stories, republish them as posts, repost them in stories, or set them as highlights on your profile; plus there is a new space called Featured Content where you “park” your most meaningful Stories about you and your business.

They will remain highlighted as long as you like and appear as a new horizontal scroll bar above your profile photo grid.

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Choose the right #hashtag

Literally speaking: a hashtag can change your life or in our case the fate of your profile! I’m not kidding! This is one of the most effective strategies for gaining a lot of followers on Instagram (word from Instagram added!).

Inserting as many hashtags as possible that are relevant to your photo will dramatically increase your likes and you will have a much better chance of being noticed and therefore followed.

Before you share a photo, make sure you have applied all the filters and parameters correctly, make sure you geolocalise the image (to enter the photo stream and end up in the most popular posts section), and insert all the necessary hashtags.

hashtags as possible

But there is one rule: do not use more than 30 hashtags at a time, between truthful, specific, and relevant, and remember that the most popular ones should be inserted between the 20th and 30th hashtags.

To find out the most popular hashtags take a look at Top Hashtags (, or download the apps TagsForLike and Hash Tags Manager to quickly choose the hashtag category most akin to your post (fashion, food, friendship, love, travel, etc.) and import all the best tags into your photo with a single click.

Post regularly

An effective Instagram profile is an active profile. Prepare your own stash of snapshots of trips, weekend getaways, special moments, and selfies to keep on hand at all times: to constantly engage your users it is good to post every day and never, and I stress never, let popular events (holidays and anniversaries, relevant sporting events, seasons, etc.) slip by.

It is statistically proven that posting a photo every 3 hours can greatly increase engagement but it is also good to experiment, go by trial and error and study how your target audience responds to your actions. Generally, traffic on Instagram is constant throughout the week, with peaks on Mondays and every day between 3 pm and 4 pm and at lunchtime.

post regularly

When you start to have a lot of followers on Instagram and a certain popularity, and in this case, it is essential that you prepare a detailed editorial calendar, I recommend hiring a good photographer so that you can have more professional shots if necessary and start to concretely launch your business: you will see how your followers will increase in no time.

Finally, remember to comment and like photos with hashtags contextual to the topic of your profile so that people notice you and start following you once they end up on your profile, even if only out of curiosity. If you are not the first to interact, no one will interact with you!

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Beware of bots

Although there are bots, such as Boostgram, that can automatically like and comment on photos with certain hashtags, there are also a few cons. By identifying you as a probable spammer, even if your goal is simply to innocently get a lot of followers on Instagram, it may punish you by blocking your Instagram profile for a certain period of time.

This would not only be detrimental to the security of your account but would also “take you out of the picture” for a while by removing you from the opportunity to publish posts with the risk of suffering considerable drops in the number of followers due to lack of activity.

watch out for bots

In addition, not having control over where your likes and comments will go could lead you to comment on photos that are not in line with your values and business just because the caption of that photo features one of the hashtags you pointed out to the bot, thus “dirtying” your audience base or even worse your image.

In short, if your goal is to have a lot of followers on Instagram, and I would add healthy followers, be wary of bots and trust your skills!


There is a wonderful scene in the film The Pursuit of Happyness where Will Smith tells his son: “If you want something, go and pursue it. Full stop!” Well for getting lots of followers on Instagram it works a bit the same way.

If your goal is to create a network to support your content, aim for engagement: getting in the right stream of followers can certainly make it easier to get a like and, even better, a #forfollow click.

The first thing you need to do is to look for profiles similar to yours, your business, or your ideal target audience, as long as they are not too much bigger than you, both in size and gender; to do this you can use Instagram’s search function and search for hashtags as close to your identity as possible.

Avoid the ones that are too popular, especially those above 5 million posts, because they belong to big users with little interest in small users like you and will not help you increase your followers.

Instead, aim for hashtags with less than one million published posts. Once you have selected your hashtag, a new Instagram profile-type page will appear with lots of photos posted by all possible followers.

Carefully choose the photos or profiles most akin to your image, assess the quality of the content and above all the frequency of updates, and make that range take notice of you, starting with the Instagram direct message.

Remember, don’t forget the good old follow-back clause, and let the fight to the last follower begin!

follow for follow

Promote your photos and videos

In order to increase the number of followers and make yourself known on Instagram, there is a further solution: promoting a photo or video by launching ad hoc advertisements created on Facebook or directly from Instagram.

You must first go to your Facebook page profile and link it to your Instagram page via “Settings” and then click on “Instagram Ads” and “Add an Account”.

You will have two options: add an existing account or create a new one. We are interested in the first option, so click on this and enter the username and password of your Instagram account.

To get lots of followers on Instagram and beat your competitors by optimizing engagement on your profile, I recommend managing your promotions on Instagram directly from mobile.

If you have a business account, once you publish a photo, the “Promote” button will automatically appear in the bottom right-hand corner.

promote your photos and videos

Click on it and have fun defining your promotion (actions, cta, audience targeting, budget, and duration). It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? If you are particularly ambitious, I recommend that you also learn how to use Facebook’s Power Editor for better monitoring:

  • Your brand awareness
  • Coverage and traffic
  • Interactions
  • Views of your videos
  • Conversions
  • Contact Generation.

In addition, Instagram Business provides an “Inspiration” section where you can develop your creativity and take inspiration from many success stories.

Get noticed by brands

As already mentioned, a hashtag can help you get a lot of followers on Instagram and give your profile that edge you so much seek. Think big and think about the brand you might be interested in and what your business could be good for.

I know people who have reached 100k followers just because of this! Want some names? Giulia Gaudino, Eleonora Petrella, Ida Galati, Grazia Giulia Guardo, Virgola, and many others, all young entrepreneurs who, thanks to the right post on Facebook or Instagram, have been noticed by big companies and contacted by them to sponsor their products through images and videos.

get noticed by brands

What differentiates you from these people? That is for you all this is still a dream, for them having lots of followers and earning money with Instagram is already a reality! 

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