How to get more Instagram likes: ideas, strategies, and suggestions

How do I get more Instagram likes? Let me tell you a common story, which you have probably come across as well.

A company creates an Instagram account hoping to market its fantastic product to the platform’s 600 million users, aiming at how to get more Instagram likes.

After posting 10 photos, the response is negative, resulting in financial disadvantage and no visible improvement in business success. For any such issue, it’s always crucial to have a strategy or an idea that allows improvement.

With this brief guide, I want to help you unlock the keys to success, providing you with some ideas and suggestions to get more Instagram likes.

Capture high-quality photos with consistent filters

To create a fantastic post, ensure you have good lighting, a suitable smartphone, and take large photos. I recommend being consistent with your filtering scheme, this is one of the best ways to build your brand and get more Instagram likes.

how to get more instagram likes after posting

Using the same set of filters for all your photos will help you create and maintain a consistent visual identity, making your photos immediately recognizable in your follower’s feeds.

Share posts on other platforms

Another useful tip is to link your Instagram account to other social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to simultaneously share what you post on multiple channels.

This helps you leverage profile traffic and views generated on other platforms to direct them to your profile, allowing you to get more Instagram likes and followers.

Also, if you have a blog, use it to share your posts! When targeting Instagram users “near you”, use the most popular hashtags.

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The backstage of your activities leveraging location

Social media is where you share the most important moments with your followers, helping you develop your brand personality and strengthen your emotional connection with customers.

Show your followersbehind the scenes” of your activities, for example:

  • Allowing a preview of an upcoming product.
  • Introducing your employees or sharing an office tour.

This type of unique and engaging content is capable of boosting your Instagram likes. Adding a location tag to your photos makes it easier for people in your area to see them and follow you.

The difference between a Like-to-Enter #giveaway and a Tag-to-Enter #giveaway

Everyone loves to receive freebies! Running a simple like-to-enter giveaway is one of the best ways to get more Instagram likes.

Since entry barriers are low, it’s easy to accumulate likes on your “giveaway” photo through giveaways.

create engaging content

Create an attractive and engaging photo of your prize (remember “your product is the best way”) and include a simple “post this photo for a chance to win…”, i.e., a call to action in your caption.

For the tag-to-enter giveaway, make sure to ask participants to tag at least two friends to enter the contest. This means more followers and more Instagram likes.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with an Influencer is a great way to have a photo posted with your product. This allows companies to reach more people and increase credibility.

Influencers’ followers make decisions based on their preferences, meaning that people who are posting will be more open to purchasing a product from that reference company.

Ensure, however, that the influencers inform their followers in the days preceding. All of this will make followers aware, generating credibility and traction for the reference brand within your influencers’ base and increasing your Instagram likes.

Create partnerships with other brands and sponsor

Just like with an influencer, a partnership with a brand that has a complementary product in the reference sector (not a competitor!) can help reach a larger audience in your target market.

Subsequently, you could also collaborate with another brand to host a giveaway, with a prize package that includes both of your products.

partner with brand

All of this would be super engaging and help both your brands share followers and increase Instagram likes.

Paradoxically, Instagram can be a complicated tool for brands looking to increase their visibility. Its powerful targeting options (the ad platform is the same as Facebook’s) allow you to precisely select the people who will see your ads.

If your target is valid and your content engaging, you can bet that your followers will grow

Create Videos and Boomerangs

When you look at a crowded feed, other media, often, are more engaging than photos. The first of these is video.

create videos and boomerangs

Posting a video that showcases something like a “how-to” of one of your products, a preview of an upcoming product, or some other captivating content idea can be a much more exciting multimedia piece than a simple photo.

You can also use Boomerang, a tool that creates content halfway between GIF and video. Make sure it’s something exciting using quick movements that are the most engaging.

Carousel and IGTV

Until recently, Instagram’s “Carousel” format was not available outside of ads. Now, anyone can use it to showcase different moments of an event, create a shareable story, or highlight some selections from your product line to get more Instagram likes.

You can also use Instagram TV to record longer videos where you tell what you want. You’ll have more time to describe each event and create more engagement with followers.

Tag Influential Accounts

Look for influential accounts in your industry and tag them in your posts (in the photo itself, not in the caption). Also, notify these accounts of your new photos and ensure your photos appear in their feeds in the “tagged in” section.

tag influential accounts

This is a practical way to reach other people in your target market, generating an increase in likes on Instagram.

Post photos of customers and users

Posting photos of your clients and users is a fantastic way to engage more intimately with the people who make your business effective.

post photos of customers

Tagging the people featured in these posts in the photos increases the likelihood that they and their followers will see it.

Post the “Tag a friend” and write quotes

Sharing content related to your industry, brand, and product is one of the most engaging ways to get more Instagram likes. The topic can be anything you prefer.

You could post a photo of your latest product with a call to action in the caption saying something like “Tag a friend who would want this!”.

Thinking of different content ideas to post on Instagram can be a challenging task. One of the most eye-catching forms of content I’ve seen is quotes.

Since quotes are often posted as plain text on a clean background, they grab attention and are easy to read. Posting quotes relevant to your followers is a great way to engage them and get more Instagram likes.


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Post user-generated content

User-generated content is one of the advantages that allows you to maintain an active presence on social media. People who are fans of active brands often post content related to these brands.

Instead of just liking these photos or even commenting, they take a few extra minutes and repost their photos, giving them credit. All of this encourages other users to share their content, helping to grow the number of likes on Instagram.

If you follow specific accounts in the industry, you’ll find them filled with relevant content. Find popular posts and comment with short and simple messages!

Others who interact with that post (along with the original poster) will see your comment, and this could lead them to learn more about your brand by visiting your profile, ultimately increasing likes on Instagram.

Follow more people and post consistently

Utilize your exploration feed to discover individuals who share interesting photos related to your product and engage with them.

Consistently posting means continuously involving your followers and earning more likes. Going for extended periods without publishing content may lead your current followers to unfollow you, diminishing engagement.

Post at peak traffic times and capitalize

Sharing a post when most of your followers are active on Instagram increases the likelihood that they will see it. Stay updated on trends, as each one represents an opportunity for your business.

post during high traffic times

Post discounts and promotions

One of the best ways to leverage Instagram for sales is by posting promotions on your page. A simple product with a message announcing a 30% discount, for example, is easy to read, and people will save it.

You can also say something like “Follow us in-store and get a 30% discount on your next purchase”. All of this will help to get more Instagram likes.

Use Stories and Live

Stories enable users to share real-time updates on the platform for 24 hours. It’s the less “polished” part of the Instagram platform, allowing you to use it for “less perfect'” content.

use stories and lives

Consider highlighting new promotions, your employees, or other interesting aspects of your business in your story.

Instagram has also introduced Live to engage your followers with questions and answers on any topic you want. The key to success is knowing how to use – and mix – the right strategies.


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Understanding the constantly evolving trends and strategies for enhancing social media engagement has become essential. This article thoroughly covers the most relevant and effective methods for increasing likes.

Implementing these straightforward techniques correctly can yield remarkable outcomes, including broader reach, increased likes, enhanced leads, and conversions.

Nowadays, social media has become a powerful tool and not using it correctly means missing out on opportunities for success and realizing one’s aspirations.

With the continuous rise in the popularity of social media, marked by significant increases in monthly and daily users, establishing a presence and employing simple strategies for garnering more likes can pave the way for success.

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