How to increase Twitter followers: 7 powerful tips

Do you want to know how to increase Twitter followers?

Often, we view Social Networks as simple entertainment platforms, however, when used wisely, they can provide great satisfaction and generate leads, creating a real business for us or our company.

To be effective, though, certain rules must be followed, leading us to achieve optimal results. To achieve our goals, it is essential to increase followers and have a broader reach of our audience. 

Increasing followers on social networks has become a true obsession for many, a continuous race to see who has more, and sometimes the price to pay doesn’t even matter, only “winning” does.

However, are we sure that quantity is better than quality? In this article, you will find useful tips to increase your followers on Twitter strategically.

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7 tips on how to increase Twitter followers

Founded in 2006, Twitter is currently positioned among the top social networks globally. It is a platform where you can interact directly with other users, using a maximum of 280 characters to communicate thoughts, opinions, and moods.

how to increase twitter followers for business

For this reason, it is also classified as an “online public diary.” Knowing how to use Twitter represents a significant advantage for those managing communication and marketing because it promotes brand or event promotion and maintains contact with customers.

Followers don’t increase overnight, it takes a good and healthy dose of patience. With time and a strategy based on content and consistency, followers will be gained naturally and honestly.

1) Optimize your profile

People and brands who decide to follow you will want to understand who you are, how you are, and how you could be of help to them or their company.

Give them a taste of your personality. In the biography, include some #hashtags so that you can be found through keywords.

2) Mention those who inspire you

It turns out to be a strategic approach to quote an inspiring citation, flattering the “creator” of that particular thought, and making it easier for them to reciprocate the follow.

Twitter is interactive, so don’t hesitate to comment, initiate, or participate in discussions, the more active you are, the more opportunity you have to make yourself visible to other users.

3) “Follow” to be followed back

To increase your followers on Twitter, find people with similar interests using the search bar, using keywords or terms related to a specific topic.

Follow people connected to your industry, active and helpful individuals for your task. Also, follow and be followed by friends and family. Start creating interaction outside of Twitter.

replying to tweets

For example, leave comments on blogs, and create a background of interactions that you bring to Twitter but originate elsewhere, perhaps on the blog or Facebook or even on social networks similar to Facebook.

Then study the audience carefully, who is the most active user leaving the most comments? Follow them, create a virtual connection, add them among your followers, and start a conversation.

4) Be consistent

Tweet consistently to build a following and increase followers, even multiple times a day if possible. Consider current trends and the most influential hashtags.

Include images, as a tweet with an image is more likely to be successful than a standard text-based tweet. Use them without exaggeration, as they might distract the user if too frequent.

5) Thank personally

Personally thanking those who retweet or give a like develops a sense of “real/human” connection, stimulating trust in us.

Thanking with a gif in this case is the most direct method to convey our personality to the user, and this will positively influence their perception of us.

6) Respond to tweets from famous accounts

Being among the first to comment on tweets from famous accounts can be a valid strategy, as it is then easier to get involved in discussions with other users and create engagement.

It is important to respond to all users who reply to your comments.

7) Include the “Follow me” button

Adding the “follow me” button with the number of followers is a good tactic that convinces and encourages the visitor to take action.

Developing real followers on Twitter

Is having a mountain of fake followers any good? How to recognize them? Quality, not quantity, applies to followers as well.

Twitter Audit is the app that helps us discover whether our followers are real or fake, let’s find out how:

Twitter Audit

Twitter Audit uses a chart with a percentage score from 1 to 100. By considering various parameters such as the number of tweets from followers and the dates of their last tweets, it provides a reliable result.

If the score exceeds 60%, it declares the authenticity of your followers, below 40%, it’s the opposite, and between 40% and 60% is uncertain.


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Useful apps for managing Twitter followers

There are free apps that assist in managing Twitter followers, including:


Narrow is a tool that works by searching for hashtags to save corresponding profiles, start following them, and build a network of users reflecting your interests.

Additionally, it has the “clean your lists” function, removing the following from people you’ve followed but who haven’t reciprocated.


Crowdfire is a tool that allows scheduling and automatically sending customizable private messages to new followers. This software will undoubtedly support the creation and definition of your strategic social plan.

In this application, there’s the “copy followers” function that lets you see your potential competitors’ followers, helping you understand which truly influential followers are worth following.

Another useful feature is “nearby”, showing Twitter users within your radius. It also allows you to see who has recently started or stopped following you and identify inactive users who may be removed.

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Conclusion and strategic consulting

I hope you understand how important it is to build an “upstream” strategy to achieve concrete results and the importance of communication.

By following these tips, you may not be taking the easiest and fastest path to increase followers on Twitter, but you will be able to gain followers consistent with your personality or company.

These are the followers that truly matter “in the crowd” and will make a difference.

If you want to better understand how to increase your following on Twitter, contact an expert. They will guide you step by step in defining the strategy



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