How to promote a product – Tips and methods

Are you considering how to promote a product? Start by identifying your target audience to enhance your communication strategy’s effectiveness. You can study:

  • Buyer Personas,
  • Create online advertisements,
  • Utilize powerful advanced marketing techniques like Real-Time Bidding.

Taking part in a Digital Marketing Course or an Online Marketing Course will deepen your understanding of best practices for:

  • Promote a product on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram by targeting your target audience;
  • Advertise the product using Google Ads;
  • Use landing pages and DEM campaigns to promote it.

Throughout the article we will go over the main concepts on how to promote a product.

What is the Significance of Product Promotion?

Promoting a product plays a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition, recall, credibility, and ultimately, boosting sales. A product lacking a well-thought-out promotion strategy is akin to a car without wheels – it simply won’t go anywhere. Particularly when competing with businesses offering similar products, a promotional strategy becomes the key differentiator for selling your products.

Furthermore, product promotion serves as a means to gather invaluable customer insights, which can be analyzed to formulate more effective strategies in the future. These insights provide valuable information about market trends, customer preferences, and their consumption habits.

In today’s digital age, one of the major advantages of product promotion lies in leveraging online platforms. These platforms significantly enhance your online presence, ultimately leading to greater visibility in front of your target audience.

While understanding the importance of product promotion is essential, it is equally critical to grasp the methods and consistency required to execute it successfully.

6 effective methods and tips for advertising a product

Here, you will find some effective methods and tips on how to promote a product online through a strategy that includes the following steps:

  1. Identify the target audience,
  2. Promote a product on social media,
  3. Use effective landing pages,
  4. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram and on social media in general,
  5. Advertise a product with Google Ads,
  6. Promote a product with a DEM campaign.

Any business or entrepreneur looking to advertise a new product in the online market must be prepared to invest time and effort to implement a strategy that sets them apart from competitors in an increasingly competitive market in every aspect.

Implementing these six strategies will help you reach your target audience and optimize your investments, as you’ll see in the next paragraph.



1. Find the target audience

The first step in understanding how to promote a product is to identify your target audience. Through advanced communication strategies, you will study buyer personas to produce consistent content aligned with your target audience.

This will allow you to display your advertisements in real-time and in precise locations based on the behaviors and habits they exhibit online. This strategy is called Real-Time Bidding and allows you to optimize your investment capital for purchasing advertising space, resulting in a better return on investment (ROI).

This process is activated through online auctions that last only as long as a webpage loads. It involves the advertiser setting the target, budget, and web campaign, and the publisher, who sells impressions and offers their advertising space through the Ad exchange platform.

This technological platform facilitates real-time buying and selling by evaluating offers and determining winners.

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2. Promote a product on Social Media

Among the most relevant resources to draw from on the web regarding how to promote a product, social media stands out as a separate channel of marketing importance. In the online realm, the relevance factor is represented by search engines, which are the main source of website traffic and visibility.

At this point, you may wonder which one is better. In reality, using both would allow you to achieve good marketing results. The key is to identify your target audience.

This way, organic web traffic driven by SEO and planned paid social campaigns would work synergistically, increasing interactions on your website and pages.

how to promote product strategy

Each social network has its own language dictated by its user base. Therefore, you must be careful when selecting the characteristics you are looking for in the target audience to communicate in their language.

Promoting a product on social media and planning campaigns to advertise a product on Facebook or promote a product on Instagram or Pinterest must take this aspect into account, ensuring that the post is visible only to people who match a certain profile.

Companies have quickly realized how to promote a product online through the use of social media and by studying buyer personas, with appropriate communication tailored to the interests of their brand’s profile. Therefore, it is also useful to know how to give visibility to your business.

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3. How to promote a product with effective landing pages

The purpose of a landing page is to provide the user with all the information they need to present a product or service, maintaining consistency with visual and textual content, and also giving them the opportunity through Call to Action to request information, download free resources, fill out registration forms, or even better, purchase a product.

In this regard, I want to reveal eight secrets on how to promote a product with effective landing pages:

  1. Use persuasive messages;
  2. Create a modern and impactful design;
  3. Include clear and intuitive CTAs to encourage user action;
  4. Insert quick-to-fill contact forms with minimal barriers;
  5. Offer the option to easily share your page on social media and across the web with just a few clicks;
  6. Check the loading speed to make it as immediate as possible;
  7. Optimize visual and textual content to improve the quality score in case you want to support the page with advertising campaigns;
  8. Remember to set and track goals to monitor conversions.

To get a clearer idea of how to promote a product through professional landing pages, take inspiration from Unbounce (choose the best landing for you!).

It is an online platform that allows you to create pages suitable for launching offers, promotions, or important events, an excellent example of how to advertise a product. You can choose from various templates based on the page design you want to create.

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4. How to promote a product on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook represents social media par excellence, and its strength lies in its size. There are an estimated 2 billion registered users, with over 30 million. Through this social network, we can reach people practically all over the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

promoting products on facebook

In light of all this, I want to help you understand how to promote a product on Facebook in three simple steps:

  1. create a business page and not a personal profile for this type of activity;
  2. use communication that aligns with the values of your product or brand;
  3. promote your services or articles that have shown more user interest, showcasing comments, likes, interactions, and shares. You can link these contents through posts to your website, making it easier for the user to delve into the features of your products.

The content of pages is shown to only a minimal percentage of the audience, less than 3%. Facebook itself allows you, through its paid tool Facebook Ads, to show your products or services to a specific group of potential customers, reaching those you consider more in line with your advertising message.

Among the main functions, in addition to setting demographic data, geolocation, interests, and campaign duration, you have the option to establish a total or daily budget, as well as choose the times of day to highlight the post.

Depending on whether it’s about how to promote a food product or how to advertise a cosmetic product, you’ll need to carefully set your target audience to launch an effective campaign.

Advertising a product on Instagram means investing in communication on a user profile where 70% are aged between 16 and 34 years.

advertise product on Instagram

Because it relies on a different user experience compared to Facebook, it is almost exclusively composed of photos and videos. As a result, it’s crucial to create high-quality visual content. Even on Instagram, the marketing goal is to use sponsored content, especially through the use of stories.

To understand how to promote a product on social media in general and Instagram in particular, creating compelling storytelling is essential. In this regard, enroll in the Instagram Marketing & Influencer Marketing Course and a Storytelling Course. Your marketing approach will change significantly.


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5. Promote a product with Google Ads

The website is now essential for any company, professional, or entrepreneur who wants to establish an online presence and needs to implement new Internet marketing strategies on how to promote a product.

An excellent investment to promote a product on Google through your online store or website is provided by the Google Ads platform, because it displays your ads only to users searching for specific keywords or related terms that you choose during the product sponsorship phase.

advertising product on google

Google has a much broader user base, much more than social media, which is why promoting your products and using the web as an ideal tool to understand how to launch a new product in the market is a best practice that you shouldn’t miss out on.

In this regard, I want to draw your attention to two specific marketing activities:

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which is the set of activities aimed at improving your website’s ranking in search engines through the production of organic, non-paid content, driving as much traffic as possible through the creation of pages and articles using the study and strategic planning of focus keywords.
  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is the set of marketing activities aimed at directing users to a website through strategic planning of Google Ads campaigns for payment, with the goal of optimizing the budget through market research.



6. How to promote a product with a DEM campaign

The DEM (Direct Email Marketing) represents one of the most effective methods for promoting a product because it relies on sending product introduction emails to users who are already in the company’s databases, for instance, those who have subscribed to the newsletter or, even better, have made a purchase.

This is a fast and cost-effective strategy that can be very effective when well-structured. There are various software options to use; for example, with Mailchimp, you can schedule the automatic sending of emails with various templates and many features.

It is a form of direct marketing that includes strategies and techniques to communicate via email while enhancing the relationship between the brand and the audience. Email marketing is an excellent tool used by many companies to understand, for example,
how to promote a food or cosmetic product and how to build customer loyalty.

It’s important for your business to know the costs of registering your brand and create a personalized brand identity to stand out from competitors in communication.



The most important aspect to consider is the target audience. Analyzing their needs and habits is essential to making your strategy effective and understanding how to promote a product (even how to promote a blog) through all digital marketing channels, using both paid actions and organic traffic.

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