How to promote your YouTube Channel: the steps to follow

Are you new to the world of Video Marketing and want to know how to promote your YouTube channel?

We’re talking about the second-largest search engine after Google, with 1.9 billion active users every month and over 500 hours of video uploaded per minute.

With these numbers, it’s clear that the competition on this platform is fierce, and promotion and sponsorship activities involving other channels, especially on Social Networks, are necessary.

This way, it’s easier to reach a wide audience that you can later transfer to YouTube.

Starting with channel and video optimization, we’ll explore some techniques to promote a YouTube channel effectively, both for free and paid strategies.

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Optimize your YouTube channel

Why promote a YouTube channel starting with optimization? The answer is simple: optimizing a YouTube channel for search engines is the first step to increasing views and subscribers.

Have you ever, after a Google search, seen videos in the SERP?

Achieving such a position on the results page significantly increases your visibility since, in addition to YouTube’s vast audience, you’ll potentially reach the 3.5 billion users who perform searches on Google every day.

Consider all those people who, need immediate information, and will click on the video that stands out among the test results. Optimizing a YouTube channel is also essential to improve content quality.

Today, increasing subscribers and views is not enough for success: likes and views can be easily bought and are therefore parameters subject to manipulation.

The first ranking factor is Time Watched, i.e., the viewing time. If your video is not interesting and engaging, the user will leave immediately, penalizing you. Besides, it’s a challenging factor to manipulate.

Thus, video originality and quality are crucial factors for success on YouTube.  

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7 steps to position your channel

Following these practical tips, you will be able to advertise your YouTube channel effectively, offering quality content.

  • Add a branding watermark to your videos: the watermark is a linkable and dynamic icon that you can insert into each video (see the example image below). Carefully choose an image that represents your brand and is attractive. It can be a transparent image or a button – the choice is yours!
  • Choose a channel icon: that is memorable, easily readable, and relevant to your channel’s identity.
  • Create an effective trailer: the trailer is a video that automatically plays when a user arrives on your channel, making it an excellent resource to introduce yourself and your content. Create a trailer that is 30-60 seconds long and includes a call to action. Consider combining various clips from your videos to create an impactful trailer.
  • Write an interesting channel description: it’s another way to tell users what your channel is about and convince them to subscribe.
  • Use keywords in tags: tags are important for both YouTube and Google ranking, and they can also be used to communicate the channel’s content to users.
  • Organize videos into playlists: if a video is in a playlist, YouTube will automatically play the next one after it finishes, increasing the channel’s watch time.
  • Optimize individual videos: write titles that match user searches, include video transcriptions, write SEO-friendly descriptions, and use appropriate tags. Finally, choose a suitable thumbnail to increase clicks.

how to promote your youtube channel for free

How to promote your YouTube channel for free

After having optimized the channel according to the YouTube SEO rules seen above, you will certainly be wondering how to advertise your YouTube channel effectively and for free.

The answer is simple, through Social Networks. Often the problem of low views is not attributable to the quality of the videos, but rather to the fact that the videos are not available and users cannot find them.

This is why it is essential to spread your videos on social media, especially when faced with very high competition.

Furthermore, Social Networks have the advantage of having a well-defined target audience, not only from a demographic point of view but also from the point of view of specific interactions and connections with friends, companies, and brands.

This helps you choose the type of content to publish and the communication style to adopt. Each social platform has different characteristics and requires specific audience segmentation, but the suggestions I propose below apply to all social networks.

  • Include the channel link in your social media bio: this way, all your followers will know about your channel and can easily reach it.
  • Create an editorial plan for social media: a daily schedule that dictates where, what, and when to post. It’s advisable to post at least once a day on various social platforms. This is important for building a relationship with followers and subscribers, who require real and continuous interaction. Remember not to overcrowd your profiles with just videos; instead, offer interesting content that captures attention towards your activities.
  • Share your interests and opinions with subscribers and followers: as long as they are relevant to the channel’s topic. First, it helps you be known by your followers, creating a deeper relationship that leads to more engaged subscribers. Second, by sharing your interests on various social platforms, users will discover commonalities with you and subscribe to your channel.
  • Share what you do during the day: for example, if you’ve read a book on “foolproof methods to grab attention within the first 5 seconds of a video,” share the book cover along with your impressions. This could attract new potential followers and subscribers.
  • Include social media references in your YouTube channel: in the “Social Network links” section, you can add up to 4 profiles.

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Promote YouTube videos on Instagram

Given the limitations of inserting links in posts, having your channel link in the Instagram bio is crucial.

To reach more users, study the most used hashtags and discover the trending topics: use hashtags as keywords and YouTube tags and include them in the posts and videos you publish on IG.

This way, you will have more chances of appearing in a user’s search. Instagram, originally focused on photos, is increasingly becoming a platform for sharing short videos.

Therefore, you can share exclusive live videos or promote upcoming videos on YouTube through short edits that serve as trailers to grab the user’s attention.

promote youtube videos on instagram

Use these videos to create anticipation, thereby eliciting questions from followers, which further increases curiosity.

If you have a business profile with more than 10,000 followers, you also have the option to insert links in Stories: this link is called Swipe Up, and you can use it to post introductory videos in Stories and redirect users to the channel through the link.

The teaser trick can also yield good results: if you are an artist or musician and want to promote your upcoming YouTube music video, you can post the first 15 seconds of the new song and then direct followers to your channel.

Publish your videos on IGTV

Since June 2018, Instagram has introduced the IGTV application, allowing users to view videos longer than 60 seconds.

The allowed format is different from YouTube videos, so you cannot publish the same videos on both platforms. You can leverage IGTV to create trailers, previews, or videos related to your main content on YouTube.

IGTV is useful for promoting your channel on Instagram, as during publication, you can insert the video preview into your profile or feed, attracting the attention of your followers.

The advantage of IGTV is the lower competition: if you’re not yet an established YouTuber, you can use IGTV to capture the Instagram audience and then redirect traffic to your YouTube channel.

Promote your YouTube channel on Facebook

Facebook has the highest number of users among social networks, and there are also many Facebook-like social networks. It is perfect for daily interaction with subscribers and followers, making it excellent for promoting your YouTube channel.

Hashtags on Facebook serve no function, so you can use this social platform to deepen your relationship with subscribers rather than to be discovered as a YouTuber.

To interact with subscribers, you can create a FanPage or a community to prevent your profile from being cluttered, and also because personal profiles have a limited number of friend slots.

On Facebook, there’s also the option to interact through private chat and groups. You can join various groups, preferably related to your channel, always avoiding spam and following the rules.

Look for ways to share and reuse your channel’s older or more successful videos. Create a communication style that is conversational and focused on videos: on Facebook, users are accustomed to more personal communication and are curious to learn more about you.

You can also seek collaborations with fan pages that might find your content interesting.


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Websites for advertising your YouTube channel

How to advertise your YouTube channel? A very effective method to increase views and the number of subscribers is to embed videos within your blog.

If you don’t have one, create one as soon as possible! It’s ideal to write articles that cover the same topics as your videos. You can also enrich your blog by posting articles where you transcribe the content of your videos. It’s crucial to include the link to your YouTube channel in the articles.

The same applies if, in addition to your blog, you use blogging platforms to spread and amplify content. In that case, you can post articles or excerpts, always remembering to include the link to your YouTube channel for easier access.

To gain visibility from external sites, you must ensure that you allow video embedding, meaning that anyone can embed your videos on their pages, leading more users to your channel.

Another site to advertise a YouTube channel is YouTube itself, thanks to end screens.

These are graphical elements placed at the end of the video, visible for 5-20 seconds, mainly used to direct users to other videos, playlists, or YouTube channels and encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel from which the just-watched video originated.

End screens can be added from the settings of the YouTube Creator Studio, where you can also monitor clicks and impressions obtained.

YouTube also provides a free training platform called YouTube Creator Academy, where you can take courses to help grow your channel.

advertise youtube channel

Promote YouTube videos with paid advertising

To achieve immediate results, you can promote your YouTube channel by paying. There are various tools available for creating video campaigns, but the most commonly used one is Google Ads.

The ads appear on the YouTube platform and, recently, also on smart TVs through apps or a mobile browser. The first step in creating the campaign is to link your Google Ads account to your YouTube channel.

Then move on to campaign design: set a budget, choose a catchy name relevant to your video content, select the ad format from various types (TrueView, Bumper, Outstream), publish the campaign, and you’re done!

It is also possible to sponsor YouTube videos on Facebook using Facebook Ads: you can launch a video campaign introducing, for example, your new YouTube channel or upcoming videos. Video ads can have different formats depending on the placement: you can place them in the News section or Messenger.

With Facebook Ads, you need to set the objective, choose the format, ensure it is supported, and determine the targeting, placements, budget, and other campaign settings.

The same process applies to sponsoring YouTube videos on Instagram: among the ad placements in Facebook Ads, there are also Instagram Stories, the feed, and the Explore section. Instagram ads can also be managed through Instagram Business, provided you have a business profile.

This way, you can promote your channel, reaching a broad audience quickly and monitoring results with maximum precision.


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In summary, promoting a YouTube channel is essential given the numerous YouTubers competing for the attention of millions of users every day.

To succeed, it’s necessary to create a well-optimized channel for search engines, with a clear theme, a recognizable communication style, and a focus on the quality of individual videos.

Due to the intense competition on this platform, seeking visibility elsewhere, especially on social networks, is crucial, as they serve as a significant amplifier for any interesting content.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of paid ads, which allow you to target a very specific audience and keep results under control.

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