How to start a music blog: where the idea comes from

How to start a music blog is a question often asked by musicians, music producers, and industry professionals; those who have a desire to share their experience and passion for music with others.

Opening a blog is really just a matter of a few clicks: what will make the difference are the hours you dedicate to it and how you choose to present your content. Writing for a blog means having greater visibility on the web.

Thinking about how to create a music blog means knowing how to research and use the right keywords. Using the right language to talk about your passions will allow you to find your followers more quickly.

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How to Start a Music Blog: Tips from a Music Blog Creator

We interviewed Gabriele Aprile to learn more about his journey from musician to content creator. In the interview, he tells us about his online experience: he reveals where his desire to understand how to start a music blog came from, who he intends to reach, the activities he promotes, and, most importantly, the platforms he has always used to develop his content.

Gabriele Aprile, initially known as a musician in a music competition, has created a music blog over the years.

gabriele conducting the interview

How would you define yourself now, Gabriele?

Gabriele aprile as content creatorFirst and foremost, I am a singer-songwriter: I have spent the last ten years studying digital marketing to try to find the right answers to my many questions about the opportunities that emerging artist has to promote themselves on the web.

In recent times, the answers I was initially looking for for my personal goals have arrived and have brought me various gratifications; I have also managed to share them with other artists and musicians.

So, I am transmitting the concepts of this discipline that I’m not sure if I coined, but that I call Social Music Marketing.

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gabriele conducting the interview

What are Gabriele Aprile’s and his music blog’s future projects?

Gabriele Aprile as content creator

My mission is to try to instill certain concepts in the minds of the musicians who follow me. With my content and videos, I hope to increase the number of followers subscribed to my blog as much as possible.

My primary interest is to promote an entrepreneurial culture in music for all artists with limited budgets and no network of connections to capitalize on.

How to write engaging content for a music blog?

gabriele conducting the interview

So, where does the need come from to open your music blog, which I know you prefer to call a Community?

Gabriele Aprile as content creatorCompared to a traditional blog, my activity is primarily based on Content Marketing: my goal is to provide value to enhance one’s reputation, and personal branding, and strive to achieve a series of consequential results.

My activity has mainly materialized on Facebook: this platform has opened up a very interesting scenario for professionals based on creating meaningful relationships with their audience, and with their users.

This type of relationship is established in the way you are able to provide value. The value I try to provide is related to training in the field of music promotion through digital marketing. The videos I insert into my blog aim to educate my subscribers on using social platforms: especially Instagram, followed by Facebook and Youtube.

To make my subscribers understand the importance of Personal Branding, I refer to my own example and the significance Instagram has had for my personal growth. This platform helps us better manage our communication and our positioning on the web.

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The Importance of Targeting Your Music Blog Audience

gabriele conducting the interview

When did you think of opening your music blog, and who did you think of targeting?

Gabriele Aprile as content creatorMy goal, when I started to be interested in how to set up a music blog, was to target people who share my interests.

They are followers who have a musical path they care about and, in addition to having a strong desire to be heard and supported by their fans, they seek to develop their own small business around their art.

Thinking about who I wanted to address, I based it on my own characteristics. I wanted to be heard by artists with a small independent project, with limited budgets but a clear communication idea. Communication is not only related to music but to all the values that surround it.

gabriele conducting the interview As a Social Media Manager and content creator, you also work for Rockol. What kind of reaction did your colleagues, who have always been attentive to the music of established artists, have when they learned that your goal is to give a voice to young artists?

Gabriele Aprile as content creator Since the beginning of our collaboration, they have always appreciated and welcomed my dual role as a musician and marketer. The majority of Rockol’s community, which I have helped to grow in recent times, consists of musicians.

So, my initiative and interest in how to create a music blog were well-received from the start, as Rockol aims to communicate more directly to this specific target audience. I act as a spokesperson for this mission to provide a platform for emerging artists.

However, I want to emphasize that this should not be an excuse for them to rest on their laurels; the right determination to build their own audience must always be present.

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The Power of Videos and Social Media for the Music Industry

gabriele conducting the interview On your YouTube channel, I saw that you were a guest at Medimex, an international music fair aimed at professionals working in the music industry. The topic you discussed was the power of videos on the web and social networks. Could you tell us about your experience there?

Gabriele Aprile as content creator It was a very important episode in the development of the Social Music Marketing concept.

During my workshop, I had the opportunity to meet other artists, other musicians, and see that there is indeed interest in these topics. In a way, I also shattered my preconceived notion that musicians are lazy and have difficulty becoming entrepreneurs of themselves.

Actually, there is a significant portion of this audience that is highly interested in these topics and has a desire to develop their own business around their music.

For me, as an experience, it was crucial: my workshop was very successful. That episode made me realize that the right time had come to understand how to start a music blog and provide my supporters with answers to many of their uncertainties.

how to start a music blog for beginners

How to create a community for your music blog

gabriele conducting the interview

What kind of feedback do you have with your followers, and what kind of relationship have you established with them?

Gabriele Aprile as content creatorThese days, social media truly allows you to create communities. It’s not a term to be taken for granted, in my opinion. It’s a group of people who are interested in what you do and who also have expectations of you.

These expectations, some time ago, could only be hypothesized or searched for in your own experiences.

In my Facebook group, you have the opportunity to interact very directly with your audience, and I believe I have this direct relationship with each of them. Many of the topics I’ve covered in the videos have emerged from discussions.

They are the result of surveys that I have periodically conducted within my blog. I believe that being able to do content marketing today has to do with the notion of knowing the people you are addressing well and not taking anything for granted.

An issue that interests me may actually not arouse any interest in my real audience. There’s no need to engage in digital narcissism; in reality, it’s important to create content for other people.

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My primary interest is to promote an entrepreneurial culture in music for all artists with limited budgets and no network of connections to capitalize on.

Having a winning strategy right from the start, knowing which topics to address, and being aware of the audience you intend to target are just some of the aspects that Gabriele Aprile considered before starting his blog.

It has been emphasized multiple times the importance of receiving feedback from our followers, who support us and give us the opportunity to increase our online visibility even more.

Don’t wait any longer: work on your winning strategy and take your first steps in the digital world. There are already many people waiting to read your content.

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