How to study smart: essential tips to study intelligently

Meaning of how to study smart: A mode of learning that enables you to learn not just through traditional methods and places, but from wherever you prefer, using all those useful tools for distance education. Already widely adopted on an individual level, smart working has emerged as the only viable alternative to traditional schooling since the pandemic outbreak. Lessons can be conducted through live streaming or in an on-demand format.

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How to study smart: why opt for intelligent learning

It’s referred to as agile work or online learning, online teaching, or distance learning. Synonyms for describing smart studying have firmly integrated into the common vocabulary of those tackling this pandemic head-on. Those who are using this phase where everything seems paused, not be caught unprepared when the world of work becomes more fluid again, and perhaps even open to new challenges.

Why choose intelligent learning? “How to study smarthas proven to be an effective teaching tool during the pandemic. It’s also proven useful for those who are away from the physical locations where classes usually take place.

How? Through the numerous tools that belong to the vast world of e-learning. Dedicated platforms that, thanks to microphones and cameras, also allow for discussions and debates. Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Zoom are among the most popular. And then there are smartphones, tablets, and PCs, all complemented by a reliable connection. These devices enable users to attend lessons, whether in real-time or recorded, from a couch, by the seaside, on a bench in Central Park, or on a terrace in Kathmandu.

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Who uses smart studying?

The categories that have primarily embraced smart studying are essentially two: students and smart learners.


Almost overnight, educational institutions and universities found themselves needing to restructure their teaching methods. Schools closed, and thousands of students had to complete the academic year.

how to study smart in college
“The first two weeks – a student from the Istituto Cavalieri Superiori in Milan recounts – we hardly did anything. The school and we were caught off-guard. Fortunately, technology came to our rescue, and how to study smart became our new learning method. We attend classes through Meet, complete assignments using Classroom, and work on in-class tasks with Google. Of course, this lacks the social aspect, despite the interactive classes, but it’s also true that we’ve further developed our digital skills, and whether we like it or not, this is our future.”

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Smart learners

These are individuals who choose to resume their studies to pursue subjects they didn’t have the chance to study during regular education, to deepen topics relevant to their work, or to seek requalification in the job market.

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Advantages and disadvantages of smart studying

In recent months, we’ve witnessed a boom in demand for online courses. The ongoing pandemic has pushed us towards a new method of learning, revealing the advantages of how to study smart as well as the disadvantages of live streaming or, as it’s commonly called, on-demand education.
But, as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze them.

The Pros

  • You can follow lessons whenever and wherever you want: flexible schedules and your chosen location allow you to better organize your time and balance studies with other essential activities and needs such as work and family.

how to study smart at home

  • The range of online learning options is much broader than traditional methods; subjects are limitless, and you can tailor your learning path to meet your specific needs.
  • The learning materials and formats are diverse and consistently updated (videos, podcasts, forums, etc.).
  • You become a true green student: the wealth of materials available on dedicated platforms often eliminates the need to buy textbooks.
  • More often than not, online education takes a more practical approach, less aligned with academic learning, which is a winning strategy, especially for those who need to learn practical skills.

The Cons

  • Despite many dedicated platforms allowing interaction and real-time classes, the social aspect inevitably diminishes.
  • For smart studying to be truly effective, self-organization and self-discipline are essential.

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How to study smart: do it at Digital Coach®

Digital Coach® is the first Digital Marketing School. With both daytime and evening courses, in-person and remote, it has adapted to pandemic demands, offering exclusively online lessons.

There are two ways to access the content:

  1. Live streaming, which enables interaction between students and instructors, ensuring greater participation;
  2. On demand, which provides maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.

Online and on-demand education

The job market has been constantly changing for years, and after the pandemic, it’s expected to change even more. Understanding the importance of being well-prepared is the key to facing the challenges of the near future.
Professional education becomes essential: you need to invest in yourself and in innovative and ever-evolving jobs like digital marketing.
Digital Coach operates in three development areas: Web and Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce. In these areas, courses and masterclasses are offered, providing all the necessary skills to work professionally in Digital Marketing. 

The first step is to explore the specific content of each course. Are you a recent graduate looking to pursue a training course? Are you a recent graduate looking for a specialized course? Or are you a professional aiming to be qualified in the job market? Digital Coach’s courses and masterclasses are open to all. They cover SEO, SEM, Analytics, and the vast world of Digital Marketing. Moreover, once you complete and pass the final exam, you’ll earn an internationally recognized certification.

The second step involves evaluating complementary services. This includes internships and work experiences, which provide added value for all Digital Coach students. Real-world practical experience gives you the opportunity to have your first genuine work experience in one of the digital professions you’ve been trained for. You’ll work on real projects intended for online publication.

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Are you unsure about which course to choose? Don’t worry, that’s normal. Having too many choices, seeking the perfect choice, and relying solely on reason don’t always lead you to the right goal. A balanced mix of individual qualities, technical knowledge, and strategic skills is needed. This is where Digital Coach’s coaches can help. Through the right questions and their knowledge of the school’s courses, they can guide you toward the best path for you.

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