How to use Surveys on Social Media

How to use surveys on social media? But also what are polls and what do they matter?

Social networks have become such an integral part of everyone’s life that they approach the level of addiction. In order to keep up with the times, tools are periodically created to increase customer attention, boost sales of products or services, or increase visibility on the site.

For a few years now, that fantasy called “survey” has been born, through which those who create it try to stay closer and closer to their customers in order to engage them. Follow me along in this article as I explain how to use polls on social networks and why they are used more than other tools.

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What are surveys?

Surveys or also called pools are one of the most effective tools a brand can incorporate into its social media marketing strategy. They are conducted online through various platforms such as email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

By taking the time to learn more about us, you are providing input for the development of a product or service, in fact, the quality of a social media survey depends on the credibility of the information provided. This information is provided by users in total anonymity and is then stored in a database.

Once enough information has been received, it will be analyzed specifically to understand broadly what we need to improve for them and what they would not like, to remain on some platform anonymously.

Social network polls in addition to being for information purposes can be a great opportunity to expand your contacts and increase the participation of those already on your channels.

Doing social network polls once in a while can be a great tool for social visibility by staying active without disappearing from your target audience.

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How to use surveys on social media

Are you wondering what trends your customers are following at the moment? Are you trying to steer your products or services in a new direction and want to get an idea of how your customers will react?

surveys on social networks

You can find out right now by simply asking through a survey on your social network. The wonders of a survey can be yours at the click of a button. Literally. When you go to compose a tweet, there is an option to add a poll.

Take a trending event and add a post with several radio buttons that your followers can use to vote so they can comment and share their opinion. Like using polls on social media, this can be an effective engagement activity.

  • Know your customers: it is crucial to understand what your audience perceives about you and your product, so create a survey to invite your audience to talk about your brand or product. Ask what they like most and why they recommend your product. Once you have created questions for your audience, post them on social media, add the relevant radio buttons and your survey is ready to go.
  • Have a fun engagement: your audience does not always want to read about your product, your achievements, or your new blog. You have to stop doing everything DIY, give your audience something they will like and share on their own
  • Use trending topics: try to use innovative and entertaining topics that your audience will find entertaining. Twitter and Facebook make this easy by displaying trending topics under their “trending hashtags” and “trending now” sidebars individually.
  • Getting feedback on new features: another way to understand your customers and what they want is to publish surveys on upcoming or new features. The feedback allows you to understand how your customers like the new features or whether they wanted something else rather than an idea that was already on the table.
  • In this new feature, you can run the poll using the basic “like” or “dislike” options: then check the next features, just show your followers three to four different ones, and ask them to choose what they would like to see.
  • Invitations to corporate events: surveys are a great way to promote an event you are hosting or an event you are attending. Then create a simple “rsvp” with radio buttons: “participate – yes/no”. You will quickly find out who you are meeting.
  • Polls to drive traffic to your website: to drive traffic to your website or landing page you need to create product-related questions. Post a question or two on social media with a link to your website.
  • Know what content they like: ask your audience to vote on the topics they want you to cover. You can also use old articles to find out which content is worth reading to create new ones targeted for this purpose.

Inventing social survey ideas is not a difficult task. The difficulty comes from ensuring that the polls are engaging and do not take too long. Your audience needs something quick and clear. Within these polls, remember to put relevant hashtags if necessary.

Creating an effective survey is not so simple but not so difficult either, it is all about having a minimum of cunning in predicting your users. As I explained before, we must always be there for any doubts or misunderstandings on the part of users, but this is not enough.

To create an effective survey there are other tricks that I will now list. Follow me step by step.

How to use surveys to increase brand awareness

Engaging your audience with social content can be difficult, with well-written content and catchy videos sometimes falling flat. But words and images are not the only tools at your disposal. Social media polls are one of the most overlooked options for increasing interaction and brand awareness through participation and sharing.

Remember to keep polls interesting by ensuring that the topic of your message is relevant to your target audience. Whether it is about your brand or your services, you need to make sure that your audience cares enough to actually respond and avoid asking the same questions over and over again.

Here are two key tips to consider when publishing surveys on social media.

  1. Do not overdo it: that will affect your followers, and it will become too repetitive and ineffective. I recommend posting once or twice a week without overwhelming your audience
  2. Respond: use your surveys as an opportunity to interact with your followers. Take the time to respond to the comments they leave, telling your audience what you will use this information for. They will feel like their opinion matters and will be more likely to interact again in the future.

Once I have explained the trend of social media polls, I would like to explain how to create polls on two key platforms. Instagram and Facebook, follow me.

How to create polls on Instagram

A very important and easy way to do this is only available in Instagram stories, you have to create a new post to use this function.

polls on instagram

I will briefly explain how to use a poll on Instagram to get the attention of your followers.

  • Create a story on Instagram: to maximize the impact of the survey, your article should have a context related to the survey topic. Take your own photo or create your own background text for your story by adding emojis or music filters. Once you have inserted these additional notes remember to leave space for the survey
  • Add a poll within the story: to create a poll, tap the sticker icon at the top of the story and select the poll sticker option. Once the poll has been inserted your question will appear with a yes or no poll box. You can ask any question of your audience without offending anyone, just be creative.
  • Take your poll: Once you have finished your poll, click the tick or end button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The survey sticker will be placed at the center of the story screen and you can drag the poll around for placement and pinch to make the sticker larger or smaller.
  • Share your story: complete your post by adding it to your stories like any other post. The viewers who can see your stories will see the post and be able to vote based on their choice. The first time they see a poll, they may also receive a pop-up notification informing them what the poll is about.
  • Monitor your poll results: after your poll goes live, make sure you have push-up notifications enabled so Instagram will send notifications when someone votes. To see the results of your poll, you can just open your stories and tap on the viewers listed at the bottom.

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Effective polls on Instagram to increase interactions

  • Question 1: Do you like it? Answer yes or no.
  • Question 2: would you buy it? answer yes or no.
  • Question 3: would you wear it? answer yes or no.
  • Question 4: Do you want to join us? Answer yes or no.
  • Question 5: Do you agree? Answer yes or no.

And if you have a service-based business, you can ask:

  • Question 6: Do you need help with marketing/social/media/accounting etc.? Answer yes or no.
  • Question 7: Would you like to participate in a free webinar? leaving a link below the story, answer yes or no.

The polls offer only two choices, to go deeper, here are some alternatives:

  • Question 8: What do you think of this red shirt? answer do I buy it or don’t buy it.
  • Question 9: How do you feel about polka dots? answer good/bad.

Another popular way to get more interactions through polls on Instagram is to have followers compare two choices you give them. This works best with products that you can show side-by-side using a collage.

  • Question 10: Which do you prefer more? Pink or black?
  • Question 11. what would you prefer? a sandwich with raw ham and mayonnaise or cooked ham and Fontina cheese?
  • Question 12: which platform do you prefer for this brand? Instagram or Facebook?

There are so many more, I couldn’t give you a list with 50 questions. Broadly speaking, I’ve explained what questions to ask to create interactions and understand what goes and what doesn’t, I hope I’ve been helpful.

How to create polls on Facebook

Creating a survey on Facebook is not only fun, it is also a way to quickly find information that might have been difficult to gather in other ways. Same as Instagram but with different functionality, let’s look at them together.

creating a survey

Creating a poll on a personal or corporate page: the steps for creating a poll on a page are the same, whether you want to question your friends or your brand’s audience.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Check the “create mail” box, which will probably say: what’s on your mind?
  3. If you are accessing Facebook on a web browser, click on Eclipse to access the full menu. Once clicked, scroll down and click on the poll icon.
  4. Once the survey is open, you can determine when you want the survey to end. There are 4 options: 1 day, 1 week, never, customized.
  5. Select the date on which you want the survey to end if you have chosen customized and then click OK.
  6. Write a question or statement in the post box, for example: where would you prefer to travel? New York or Los Angeles?
  7. Select a post to publish your survey.

There are several ways to customize a Facebook survey, such as adding an image or labeling people.

The first 5 steps are the same as the initial step to create a survey.

  • To use images from the device, select the option box
  • Click on the attached photo. If you are using the Facebook application, tap the image button at the right end of the box and select upload photo.
  • Find the photo you want to use in the first poll option and just select open (on a web browser) or done (on the mobile app)
  • To use a gif as a poll option, click inside the option box
  • Click on the attached gif. If using the application, tap on the image at the far right of the box and select Add gif
  • Enter a word or phrase describing the desired option
  • Select the gif you wish to use
  • To tag others in your survey, type the names of the people you want to tag in the box.
  • If using the mobile application, tap tag friend and enter the names of the people you want to tag. You can also tap event tag to tag a Facebook event in the survey

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