How to write a blog post: the ultimate winning writing tips

Do you want to know how to write a blog post? If you want your post to be effective, you have to focus on the topic you are dealing with, not wander off into other topics. Web readers have a very short and precarious attention span so when they search for something on the internet they want to read posts relevant to that topic. Writing winning posts will help you, if you are a professional, to increase your authority in your market; if you are an expert you can share your knowledge and if you are a business you can make the most of content marketing.

If you write engaging posts you will undoubtedly notice positive results and you can actually see them: your web traffic will increase, there will be more registrations to your forms, there will be an increase in sales, shares will increase and your users will be more loyal.

These mentioned, are some of the objectives that the Social Media Manager, a professional in the field, usually aims to achieve with his many activities: he manages marketing activities and advertising on social media, plans, develops sales strategies and defines company objectives, manages online reputation and aims to increase brand awareness. Would you like to acquire the skills related to this important professional figure in great demand in companies? Sign up for the Social Media Manager course, it is a very effective course because, in addition to theory, it includes the possibility of practice, so the results of the training will be certain.

I will show you step-by-step how to write memorable blog posts that increase sales, traffic, subscriptions, and shares. You will learn how to create the best structure for your readers’ engagement to soar. To achieve these results quickly, request career counseling so that you can acquire the right skills and put what you learn into practice.

What it means to write a blog post

In order to be able to write a blog post you must first know what the objective is, and why you are writing, you must already know upstream what the question is that your post will fulfill; you must draw up an editorial content plan and organize your publications around objectives, your posts must be organized and designed around objectives. It is very important to have a content marketing strategy. Only if you have worked out your strategy will you be able to measure the results and the great satisfaction of your users.

You will only achieve these two goals if you have built an editorial plan and written valuable content. Watch out! Write valuable content otherwise, users will run away and will no longer search for you and Google will penalize you heavily. The content you are going to write must be quality content, which means that it must intercept the reader’s needs and answer his questions, bring benefit to the user, only then will you turn him into a follower.

In companies that are already digitilized, this strategic editorial planning work, and not only, is carried out by the Social Media Specialist, this professional is of considerable importance for the success of marketing strategies: he is the true expert on social channels and online communication strategies, his goal is to promote the brand and create a dialogue relationship with the brand’s buyer personas.

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How to write a captivating blog post

To write a blog post that resonates with your audience, you need to know who you are writing for. You need to know what your audience’s tastes, needs and requirements are and you need to be clear about the tone of voice to use. If you identify these aspects you will have found the right language: answer the reader’s questions, that is why you write. Don’t write for yourself, let alone for everyone! Communicating for everyone means communicating with no one! It is a good idea to create a sketch of your ideal reader, which in jargon is called a buyer persona.

Put these questions down on paper, answer them in writing, and create a sketch by naming them:

  • how old is he?
  • where does he live?
  • is it male or female?
  • what are your fears?
  • what are your habits?
  • what are your problems?
  • what are your wishes?
  • what solutions do you look for online to solve your problems?

When writing, remember that you will have to address this person-type you have created. If you have understood what your audience is and you have identified what their needs and requirements are, you can start writing for these people by meeting their demands: this is the secret to successful content.

After the first publications, you can already analyze from the first data whether the target audience of your project you had in mind is realistic or whether you need to make some changes, perhaps because you have deduced that your target audience has changed its habits (e.g. you have changed the publication time). If, on the other hand, the project is already active, you can use the data collected by Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, or other external tools to carry out important analyses that will help you to better understand the peculiarities of your audience.

Important tips to bear in mind

Now focus on how to create and implement your blog post. I will give an example so that it will remain more memorable and you will remember the various moments I will describe:

  • you have to write a blog post to sell ‘something’;
  • you actually have to sell the solution;
  • explains why yours is the better solution compared to many competitors;
  • it is time to present your product;
  • start with the name and describe how it works technically, but quite simply, the reader should feel that they will have no difficulty using it;
  • tell the story of the product, it must be true, not tell tall tales;
  • show the success story of your product: include images that prove the results;
  • insert social proof with testimonials and reviews;
  • insert the Call To Action: it must be simple, persuasive, and refer directly to the advantage, the benefit of the product;
  • reinforce the Call To Action with a FAQ section, with payment and shipping methods.

This will be easier for you if you already have a good knowledge of all social media, their tools, and analysis tools.

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Elements for writing a blog post on Instagram and Facebook

As you know, marketing activities receive a great deal of weight from the use of social channels; it is unthinkable to do marketing without exploiting their potential. There are some important elements you will have to consider when creating a post for both Facebook and Instagram that you simply cannot ignore.

Study the target

One of the first things to do is to study your target audience. How? Ask yourself these questions:

  • who are my readers?
  • what is the age?
  • where do they come from?
  • what are their needs?

Studying the target audience will make you understand what your goals are and especially how to reach them in the right way, it will help you find your writing style, and the right tone of voice while writing, pretending you have your audience in front of you.

Be synthetic

It is confirmed that Facebook users do not like to read posts that are too long. Write short blog posts otherwise, you can easily distract the user. Write a text as long as you need to be clear, specific, and comprehensive on the topic you are covering. The mantra for writing a post is ‘less is more’, so get to the heart of the problem straight away, and don’t use unnecessary circumlocutions of words. A further recommendation, use links but in moderation because Facebook’s algorithm penalizes content that takes users out via links, decreasing the percentage of appearance in the news feed. For Instagram posts you have 2200 characters at your disposal, this social is perfect for writing even longer posts than usual.

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Use relevant images

How to write an eye-catching post without images? Impossible! Include some relevant images, a link to a blog article or a video uploaded to Facebook (not YouTube) in your posts. Facebook does not appreciate text-only posts. On social media, the average user is more impressed by multimedia content than by text.

So remember to use relevant, quality images otherwise even good text will lose its value. Surely you know that Instagram is considered the social of photos and multimedia content. Instagram prefers high-quality photos and allows you to include catchy and engaging sentences in the captions of posts.

Use emoji and give movement to the text

In modern communication, emoji are now commonly used on all channels to give posts an informal and friendly touch, shortening the distance between brand and audience. Emojis are an extension of our normal way of expressing ourselves so they should never be forced, you have to choose the correct ones and be sure you know what they mean. It is a proven fact that posts that include emoji have high comment and share rates.

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Choose trending hashtags without exaggerating

On Instagram, hashtags are very important. They are basically strategic words preceded by a hashtag (#) and act as a telematic aggregator: they serve to group topics around a specific theme so that users’ posts are more visible and can be easily found.

Even on Facebook, it is possible to use hashtags to display all the posts related to a certain topic, but the use of hashtags on this social networking site remains a little uncertain. The majority of profiles on Facebook are private, so the posts that are published can only be seen by a small circle of readers, only by friends for example, so the likelihood of extending reach through the use of hashtags is rather low.

Don’t forget the call to action

It is a call to action that will get the user to interact with your post by engaging them to do something. Learn to write a very persuasive Call to Action, such as writing a blog post, you will increase the chances that the user will interact and do just what you want.

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How to write a blog post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform whose purpose is to enable professional relationships between individuals in business.

Marketing activities on LinkedIn are very conducive to growing brand awareness. Being a platform based on connections of contacts, the posts published on LinkedIn can be read by a large pool of users, thanks to the comments, recommendations, and shares made by first-rate connections. It is a good practice after publishing a post to share it with your network of contacts. In fact, the most effective posts are those that are shared the most. How to write a blog post on LinkedIn? You have 1300 characters, but it is very important that the content is clear and concise, has absolutely no wall of words, and includes relevant images or slideshows, videos, or external links to make it more attractive.

For the structure of the post, stick to the AIDA formula:

  • Awareness: hook the reader with a very engaging sentence
  • Interest: make sure you awaken their curiosity so that you can guarantee their reading
  • Desire: bring out the benefits of your content and advice
  • Action: involve the reader by indicating what he or she should do in a precise manner


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How to write a blog post

Blogs today have become the meeting point where you can share information about a service, product, or topic of general interest: that is why knowing how to write a blog post perfectly becomes a very valuable skill. Remember: satisfied users returning to your site will take you as a reference point and generate results for you. Blog content are called blog posts, but they are long articles and serve to consolidate your social strategy.

To the realization of your blog posts you absolutely must know:

Today, companies have a great need to communicate online with quality content that lends competence and reliability to the brand. Professional training in this area becomes very basic.

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I have transferred to you a considerable amount of notions on how to write a blog post. I’m sure that thanks to the advice and guidelines that I have provided you will be able to write winning and super-effective posts, and remember that you will only see the fruits of your good work if you use constancy and perseverance.

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