Innovative Marketing: how to apply effective digital strategies

Innovative marketing offers significant advantages for communication strategies useful to small, medium, and large companies. To competitively leverage digital strategies, businesses need to have a deep understanding of the subject and how to exploit it to their advantage in order to increase conversions of their products or services.

In this article, I will explain:

  • what innovative marketing is;
  • why innovative marketing is important for companies;
  • what the main digital strategies to apply are;
  • how to innovate online, using the example of Influencer marketing.

Nowadays, investing in training in the field of innovative marketing is of considerable importance to increase the profitability of your corporate communication campaign.

In this regard, the web offers various educational paths to learn how to apply the best Digital Strategy for corporate business.

What is innovative marketing?

Innovative marketing is a true process of digital innovation that leverages new technologies and the competitive advantages that digital marketing strategies offer for the development of valuable corporate communication campaigns. This means being able to offer interesting and innovative content to meet people’s needs and desires, guiding them successfully through the purchasing process to foster loyalty.

Innovative marketing is a set of innovative strategies

Innovative communication and marketing strategies are applied in business processes through solutions that require:

  • application of new technologies;
  • extensive use of the web;
  • creation of personalized and interesting content for users.

The goal of the strategy and digital innovation is to build trust with new customers by systematically analyzing their desires, tastes, and opinions, thereby outperforming the competition. In this way, innovative companies create a virtuous process aimed at adapting the product to the customers’ desires step by step while keeping an eye on financial expenses. More innovation in business leads to fewer costs and greater chances of success and return on investment.

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The massive diffusion of mobile devices, the internet, and social networks has had a significant impact on people over time, leading them to carry out many of their daily actions in the online world. Innovative digital marketing strategies exploit this new habit by offering users multiple stimuli and, consequently, the opportunity to develop their consumer awareness to be leveraged during the purchasing process.

Today, people gather information about products and services offered by companies and can directly contact them by sending an email or writing on the company’s social media pages. The ease of accessing information has transformed web users into protagonists of their own purchasing experience because they:

  • utilize digital marketing innovations to their advantage, autonomously choosing among the numerous product and service offerings available on the web;
  • leave reviews on company websites and share their purchasing experience on social networks, triggering online word-of-mouth among web users. This influences the number of conversions, brand awareness, and ultimately, the return on investment for companies.

Innovative marketing and digital communication have brought about a change in business strategies, emphasizing the importance for companies to adopt a customer-centric approach in order to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world market.

Corporate innovation primarily passes through innovative marketing.
However, to make it complete, it is necessary to act on all organizational processes.
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Why is innovative marketing important?

You might be wondering: why is innovative marketing important for companies? First, it’s helpful for me to explain the phases of the learning process that today’s users, aware of their role as the protagonist of the purchasing process, go through to make their final choice:

  • The user is in a self-education phase and engages in solving their problem by delving into the available information. This phase ends when the person creates a list of potential solution providers worth further exploration;
  • The user gathers specific information, focusing on verifying the credibility and reputation of the selected websites and companies after the initial research phase. They compare websites to find something unique about each potential solution provider. They read the available information to ensure they can trust the chosen website because it has convinced them of what it can do to meet their needs;
  • The user has further narrowed down the number of potential websites to turn to, but they must justify their choice with precise information and verification, such as the quality of customer service, user satisfaction rates, or the ability to perform a work of art.

What I have just described is a psychological process that starts from the search for solutions to a specific problem in very general terms and ends with a drastic selection by measuring the costs, credibility, advantages, and guarantees of the products or services offered by the selected companies to users.

Companies that employ an innovative marketing strategy not only have more opportunities to present themselves in the vast sea of the web with a good value proposition but also to help people choose them because they stand out from competitors. They can offer personalized and unique experiences to create sincere dialogue and a bond based on mutual trust with their potential customers, leading to sales focused solely on quality, like in interpersonal relationships.

It’s not just about generating sales, as in traditional marketing, but about creating true connections where the company guarantees the satisfaction of its customers’ needs by providing tailored information and services.

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The use of innovative marketing solutions is important for companies that understand the new social and economic dynamics of the digital era because they can derive significant competitive advantages, including:

  • having access to data analysis and website traffic on their own site and web pages;
  • improving the user experience of the website by eliminating elements and steps that hinder usability;
  • developing a content strategy that involves creating interesting and high-performing textual and visual content, as well as messaging, call-to-action, and landing pages that easily guide users through all stages of the customer journey, not just the final customer acquisition and conversion stage;
  • the data from a digital marketing campaign is measurable: every campaign can be modified at any time based on the results of analysis reports, allowing for the correction and improvement of communication and digital strategy, ultimately enhancing return on investment.

Acting innovatively means introducing new methods of selling products or services in a way that aligns with the latest technologies and market trends. Innovative companies are adaptable and forward-thinking because they can view change not as a problem, but as an opportunity to offer people a new image of themselves and new goods that are in line with the times, resulting in a significant competitive advantage and success in terms of sales and revenue. This is why innovative marketing strategies are crucial for companies’ competitiveness today.

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Innovative Marketing and Digital Strategies

What are the innovative digital marketing strategies to apply in order to develop your online presence and business? The study and planning of digital strategies offer companies new market opportunities through the tracking, monitoring, and analysis of their potential customers’ actions. This means improving and optimizing the company’s marketing actions day by day.

What are innovative marketing techniques

In the last decade, innovative digital marketing has allowed companies to personalize the messages they transmit to a targeted group of potential customers interested in the products or services they offer.

To reach consumers in the digital world, industry professionals have developed a wide variety of innovative marketing strategies. It’s a new world that includes some of the fundamental principles of traditional marketing, giving media the opportunity to reach a wide audience of consumers while also requiring structured technical and digital knowledge to reach a diverse audience of potential customers.

Before concluding the article by discussing an example of innovative marketing that will make the concept of innovation in the digital world clearer, what are the most important digital marketing models?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of strategies to optimize website pages and is one of the most important best practices in digital marketing. The goal is to position a company’s website as high as possible in Google search results, increasing organic traffic to the website pages. To achieve this, industry specialists analyze users’ desires by researching the words and phrases they most frequently use to search for the information they need online, strategically incorporating them into the content of the company’s website pages.

To understand how SEO works, it’s necessary to understand and remember some of the most important methods for innovative marketing experts:

  • keeping up with algorithm updates and improving a website’s SEO is crucial for positioning the resource in search engine results pages (SERPs);
  • properly structuring content is important to enable search engines to index it (e.g., using alt text for article images or transcribing audiovisual content from videos);
  • building a good link structure, page URLs, and website sitemap allows search engines to easily scan the website and discover all content;
  • strategically incorporating search terms, known as “keywords,” into content and headings helps with website positioning.

Search engine optimization is an important activity in innovative marketing.
So why not become a SEO Specialist, one of the most in-demand professionals sought by companies?



Advertising involves companies creating paid advertisements to promote themselves online. It can be used to increase the non-organic traffic of an online business. Advertising strategies can include ads that appear at the top or side of search engine results pages, those encountered during web browsing, or those displayed by YouTube before a video. There are different categories of paid advertising, such as:

  • Display advertising: includes various forms of advertising on portals, news or editorial websites, vertical sites, social networks and blogs, and e-commerce sites.
  • Search advertising: refers to advertising on search engines.
  • Affiliate marketing: thanks to online affiliations, it is possible to monetize one’s online influence by sharing a trackable link that allows measuring the number of conversions that occur through a specific online program.

The type of advertising campaign will define the business objectives to be achieved and the reference budget.

Content Strategy

The Web Content Manager professional deals with innovative marketing strategies related to the creation of interesting and personalized content for users. Storytelling and information sharing are used by companies to increase their brand awareness. The goal is to lead the reader to take actions that transform them from potential customers to new customers, such as requesting further information, subscribing to a website’s mailing list, or converting with the purchase of a product or service. The content on a website page can be a blog article or a social network post, landing pages and e-books, digital videos, podcasts, and much more.

Content becomes interesting when it holds value for users. And it is through content marketing that companies build trust with customers, leading them to choose them and make multiple purchases over time.

Email marketing

Email marketing is based on electronic mail, still one of the most effective innovative marketing strategies today. It can be part of a content marketing strategy to offer added value to potential customers and convert them into loyal customers over time. Email marketing professionals specialize in creating engaging campaigns, understanding the needs of the company’s website users, analyzing customer interactions and data, and making strategic decisions based on them.

Email marketing software provides various analytical measurements, but two parameters are considered of greater importance: the open rate of the sent emails and the click-through rate, which refers to the number of recipients who opened the email and clicked on the contained link. To increase the rate of these two parameters, it is necessary, for example, for the digital strategy to include:

  • creating a sense of urgency with a FOMO Marketing strategy, by including a countdown in the emails to inform recipients that the time to take advantage of a special or limited offer is ending soon;
  • personalizing the emails by incorporating the recipient’s name in the text or subject;
  • allowing recipients to set their preferences by specifying the frequency at which they wish to receive news.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media marketing encompasses all communication strategies that a company undertakes on its social channels, not only creating creative posts and responding to follower comments. It is an innovative marketing strategy that must be integrated and coordinated with the message spread across the web through the company’s other digital channels, both online and offline, so that each part tells the same company story, even though through a different medium.

Another crucial part of Social Media marketing is constant analysis of campaigns by checking the performance of posts. The purpose is to adapt digital strategies over time based on analysis data, increasing the value of the company and motivating users to interact with it.


As I mentioned before, among the advantages of innovative Digital marketing is the ability to always be traceable and measurable. Data analysis of online communication strategies allows professionals to monitor user behavior, extracting a variety of information from their interactions with the web content of companies.

The proper interpretation of data from analysis can reveal, for example, changes in user purchasing behavior, enabling strategic decisions to be adapted to their new desires and needs, demonstrating the value of the company.

There are several tools for measuring the performance of an innovative Digital marketing strategy: some are used in combination with others depending on the needs of the campaign and the type of potential customers. The most widely used tool is undoubtedly Google Analytics, a customizable tool that helps professionals quickly adjust or withdraw campaigns from the digital market if their strategies are not yielding positive results for the company, allowing them to develop more effective ones.

Example of Innovative Marketing

The power of social networks and their global reach has inspired the emergence of a new innovative marketing strategy that perfectly adapts to the contemporary digital world, which is increasingly oriented towards offering new opportunities to its users: Influencer marketing. It relies solely on word-of-mouth, an element of marketing that has always influenced people’s purchasing decisions.

Who are the protagonists of Influencer marketing? The field of innovative marketing defines them as Influencers, who are highly popular individuals with expertise in one or more subjects. They have gained considerable fame on social networks and have a large number of followers due to their ability to create connections and trust through effective communication strategies. Their activity involves exercising their social influence by sharing messages and content with their audience. In this way, they have the power to determine the visibility of one brand over another, simply by talking about it and influencing the purchasing decisions of their community. There are opinion leaders, bloggers, YouTubers, and many others: the world of social networks is now full of them.

Examples of innovative marketing

Companies and brands have understood their potential and, by acting innovatively, have learned to shape their communication and innovative marketing strategies around this new figure in the social media world. Including Influencer marketing in their business model means acting in a highly strategic and innovative manner: an excellent strategy for increasing customer loyalty.

There are indeed many types of Influencers, but the most popular ones are undoubtedly:

  • Social Broadcaster: These are celebrities who have gained popularity outside the digital world and are therefore immediately capable of reaching a large number of users.
  • Mass influencer: They have a strong social presence, especially in niche sectors, where they are considered trustworthy authorities by their group of followers, usually quite significant in number.
  • Potential influencer: They are personalities of small or medium importance. Their strength lies in having built a very solid connection by interacting with their followers in a very direct and loyal manner.

What are the benefits that Influencer marketing offers to businesses? These are numerous, especially in terms of the budget allocated to innovative Digital marketing campaigns, sales, and return on investment. Some of these benefits include:

  • It involves user engagement;
  • Compared to pop-ups and other paid online advertisements, it is a less intrusive method as it captures users’ attention when they are more receptive, thereby obtaining their complete attention;
  • It is excellent for building brand awareness and brand identity for companies and brands, increasing authority and credibility;
  • Influencer marketing campaigns are more cost-effective compared to advertising techniques since the budget for the digital communication campaign only includes compensation for the most suitable Influencer to spread the company’s message, which may include those with a not particularly high number of followers but still relevant;
  • There is an increase in website visits for companies, generating more targeted traffic that is consequently more interested in the company’s offerings and more likely to make a purchase.

Conclusions and Free Strategic Consultation

The journey into the world of innovative marketing has come to an end. I hope to have helped clarify any doubts you may have had before reading this article. If you’re interested in learning more about innovating your company, I have a suggestion to help you better navigate the new 4.0 business environment. As innovative marketing teaches us, information and study are the perfect springboard to choose the best way to digitize your company.

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