Instagram Account Creator: what it is, how it works and benefits

Instagram Account Creator is one of the new features that the world’s most popular social media platform released in 2019 as a “middle way’ between a simple profile and a corporate account.”

It was created in response to the needs of both “digital creators” and brands and companies that have integrated social media marketing strategies into their marketing strategies as a result of the digital transformation.

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Instagram’s Account Creator, in particular, has enabled “digital content creators” to have their own dedicated space within Instagram, transforming the business world: by influencing communities, they have the possibility to monetize either through their own business or through sponsorships and collaborations with brands and companies, always having their richness under control through specific insights.

But let’s clarify further! With this article, I will provide you with all the necessary information on what Account Creator on Instagram means and also answer frequently asked questions that often arise about this particular profile. Specifically, I will tell you:

  • what the Instagram Account Creator is and can use it;
  • how to have the Instagram Account Creator;
  • the advantages of the Creator profile.

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What is Instagram Account Creator and who is it for

The Instagram Account Creator is a profile type dedicated to content creators and communities, thanks to its exploitable potential in visual storytelling and influencer marketing. So, specifically, who is it aimed at?

Unlike the other two types, the IG Account Creator is for the individual who can influence their target audience and community by monetizing and building their business. Therefore, the latter is suitable for content creators and influencers, of which there has been a real boom in the past year.

Instagram Account Creator or Corporate?

What is the difference between the Instagram company profile and the IG Creator account? The two profiles would appear to be almost the same in terms of features, but this is not the case.

In contrast to the creator profile, the business account is more suitable for companies and brands that want to raise brand awareness and monetize through advertising. It is equipped with several tools that are similar for both, such as:

  • more comprehensive contacts;
  • more in-depth statistics about their activity in relation to the community;
  • use of functions such as swipe up (only valid for profiles with more than 10,000 followers) and the
  • possibility of making sponsorships via the Facebook Business Manager by linking the account to the company page.

The latter option is also possible with the Instagram Account Creator, but by linking your account to your Facebook profile.

Similar but not identical. In fact, the main differences between the creator and corporate profiles are:

  • the former offers the possibility to monitor followers and no followers on a daily basis, while the latter provides only a general overview of followers and the progress of posts;
  • the first presents a direct divided into 2 folders, which allows better management of messages and mail;
  • the second does not have a complete music library but only a royalty-free one, thus not having access to the hits of the moment.

What they currently have in common is the ability to program and manage content using the Creator Studio tool made available by Facebook.

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How does the Instagram Account Creator work?

Having clarified what the Instagram Account Creator is and shown you the differences with the Business Account, it is now time to show you, in a few simple steps, how to have a Creator Account on IG.

If you have a private profile:

  • access your Instagram profile;
  • click on the icon in the top right-hand corner with the three horizontal dots;
  • go to “Settings” then “Account”;
  • select the item “Switch to a professional account” and then click on “Creator”.

If you own the corporate one, however, you must:

  • log in to Instagram and click on the little man in the bottom right-hand corner;
  • go to “Settings” and then “Account”;
  • tap on “Switch to a Creator Account”.

As you can see, no special requirements are needed; just follow the steps, and you’re done! From your personal or company profile, the switch to the IG Creator Account is not irreversible; at any time, you can change or return to the account type you prefer by following the steps in reverse.

Advantages of the Instagram Account Creator

After creating your Creator Account on Instagram, in order to dispel doubts and uncertainties about its potential and how, through this type of profile, you can create your business, I want to show you all the advantages this account offers. I will talk specifically about the tools it provides for content creators, such as:

  • access to Insights;
  • filtering messages direct;
  • enter contact information and the category label;
  • use the unlimited music library.

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Access to Insights

Instagram Account Creator gives you access to statistical data, thus identifying the tastes of your target audience. This is a great advantage, as by analyzing interests through interactions with your posts, you can understand which content is most appealing and successful and plan an editorial plan accordingly.

Through Insights, you also have the opportunity to know the personal and demographic data of your target audience and understand whether you can actually convert them from mere followers to customers and allow your profile to convert and monetize.

Finally, under “Audience,” you have the possibility to view the number of followers who have started following you and who have left you in the last 24 hours, or in the time span of 7 to 30 days.

Optimal Message Management

Instagram Account Creator allows better management of messaging as messages are filtered and classified into “main” and “general. This enables you to distinguish between messages directly so that you can highlight those of interest and importance received from brands and those received from followers or users interested in your posts.

By responding and interacting with your followers in a very short time, you will only create and increase a climate of trust around you as a content creator and, consequently, authority in the eyes of brands and companies.

Inserting contacts and category

Once you have created your Instagram Creator Account, it is important to provide contact information in your biography in order to get noticed by entities interested in a collaboration. Useful for this is the inclusion of links with a “call to action” to stimulate interaction and, above all, the inclusion of the category you belong to.

This is a kind of visible “label” in your biography that allows you to present best your activity: artist, musician, blogger, publisher, personal blog, writer, photographer, and many others.

Unlimited music library

IG’s Account Creator gives you the possibility to customize your videos, stories, and reels to the maximum, allowing you to use an unlimited music library that is always up-to-date with the hits of the moment.

This not only gives you the opportunity to express yourself better by creating more and more appealing content but also allows you to “turn the Instagram algorithm” to your advantage. In this way, your content can stand out more and more and go viral thanks to a high number of views.

Frequently asked questions about the Instagram Account Creator

By now, you have probably convinced yourself to activate a creator account on Instagram. You may, however, have a few more questions, such as the one I answer below.

Is the Instagram Account Creator free?

Indeed, the economic aspect is what could deter you the most from setting up a creator account on Instagram. But don’t worry! Both the Instagram app and opening one of the three profiles, including the Creator, are totally free, as is switching from one type of account to another.

How do I monetize with the IG Account Creator?

The Creator profile offers you, as a content creator, the possibility of setting up a shop directly on Instagram.

By inserting a tag in your posts and stories, you allow interested followers to be directed to the specific page with the product description and offer them the opportunity to complete the purchase process.

In addition, through Insights, you can monitor which products engage your customers the most.

monetize instagram account creator

As an influencer, on the other hand, when collaborating with brands or companies, you have the option of including the “advertised partnership” label in your posts only after the partnership has been approved by the brand.

Followers interested in the sponsored product, by clicking on the label, are directly directed to the company page of the influencer, where they can also obtain more information on other products and complete the purchase process.

The influencer is generally given a discount code and a link to be inserted in the biography; earnings are ensured as soon as followers access the brand page by clicking on the link or using the discount code when making a purchase.

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator Studio is one of the latest additions to Instagram. It is a tool released by Facebook for company and creator accounts; it allows the organization and scheduling of posts, facilitating the monetization process, and allowing the platform to free itself from external tools such as Hootsuite. It also provides a whole series of insights and tools that make it easier to understand the performance of your content.

Activating it is very simple: when connecting from a PC, simply click from your Facebook page on the tab corresponding to the tool and then select the profile you wish to link. This implies that you have previously linked your Instagram account creator to your Facebook page or profile.

The advantage of this tool is that you can program and manage your content for the feed and IGTV, but not for Stories, directly from your PC, while for the advertising part, you will have to continue to rely on Facebook’s Business Manager. In addition to scheduling, you have the possibility to edit the copy of your content as you go along and to make use of the hashtag suggestion section based on the popularity of the content you publish.

Conclusions and strategic advice

As you have seen, Instagram Account Creator is a profile type that anyone interested in pursuing a career as an influencer or content creator can easily use.

It gives you the opportunity to convert and monetize in different ways and has many advantages that certainly make it the most appealing of the three IG profiles. Moreover, if you are consistent in publishing content and, above all, “put your face out there,” thus giving credibility to your profile, you will see that you have many advantages, such as:

  • a constant increase in followers, potential customers, and clients,
  • an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence because, believe me, very often it is precisely shyness that causes your profile to stagnate even though you follow all the technical and strategic steps to create a successful profile to the letter.

I hope this article has been useful and convinced you that you would like to open an Instagram account creator so that you can unleash your creativity and pursue a successful career in the “digital professions”.

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