Instagram blue tick: how to get it in 2 easy steps

Want to know what the Instagram blue tick is and how to get it? It’s simple and in this article, I will explain how to get it verified on Instagram in just two steps. But why is the Instagram blue tick useful?

Which Instagram profiles can get the blue badge? Is there only one procedure to have the profile verified? Do I have to incur any costs?

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What is the Instagram blue tick?

Before we look at how to get the blue tick on Instagram, let us understand what it is for.

You will often have heard of fake profiles or identity “theft” of social profiles. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of individuals hiding their true identity by using nicknames is widespread.

The same can be said of those who “clone” profiles of existing people by appropriating their identities. Any one of us can become a victim of this.

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To avoid this danger, Instagram places a blue tick next to the name of the profile that has been verified by a special procedure. Thus, the Instagram blue tick is the symbol indicating the authenticity of a profile.

Describing how to have the Instagram blue tick is equivalent to saying how to have the blue badge or verified symbol or verification badge on Instagram.

Having the blue tick on Instagram gives added value to your account: it gives it official status. Followers will trust that verified profile. Its credibility and trustworthiness will therefore be enhanced. It is important, therefore, to understand how to have the Instagram blue tick.

Which profiles can apply for the Instagram blue tick?

The verification request can be made by both personal and corporate profiles with Instagram shopping. However, it is necessary to make a clarification before showing how to get verified on Instagram. It is important to ask: “Why do not all profiles have the “request verification” function active in the account to date?”

Here one can only speculate at the moment as there is no official indication from Instagram.

The possibility of requesting the blue badge directly via the App is very recent. Therefore, the fact that not all of us have the “request verification” option active, could be due to the normal diffusion time of updates.

Or? Or there could be a minimum number of followers that must be in the profile for the “request verification” function to be visible. A minimum number that is currently unknown.

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This hypothesis, which is quite likely, is based on the fact that Instagram in the Help Centre writes “To apply for a verification badge, you must be a public figure, famous person and meet certain account and eligibility requirements“, i.e. be “the authentic presence of the public figure, famous person or global brand they represent“.

It is therefore highly likely that Instagram already selects possible candidates for the blue tick in advance, avoiding requests from accounts with low followers. As things stand, however, these are only hypotheses. In fact, when describing how to get the blue tick on Instagram, the social network’s help center does not give any more details.

Have you checked your Instagram account to see if you have the required entry for verification? If you have not already done so, I will now explain how to do so.

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Instagram blue tick, how to get it?

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for a verification badge in just two steps:

  1. scan a valid identity document with a photo;
  2. go to your Instagram profile, then Settings, then Account, click on Request verification and fill in the form with your name and surname and attach your ID.

And at this point?

Once the blue tick request has been submitted, there will be an assessment, profile by profile, by Instagram and all that remains is to await the outcome. In fact, in its Help Centre, Instagram states “Remember that even if your account is eligible for verification, sending a request does not guarantee that your account will be verified“.

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The outcome of the evaluation is always communicated, whether positive or negative. In the case of a negative result, it is necessary to wait 30 days before a new request for verification can be made.

However, Instagram reserves the right to remove the blue tick if:

  • advertise, transfer, or sell your verification badge;
  • use the profile picture, biography, or name section to promote other services;
  • try to verify your account through a third party.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that there is no cost involved: the blue tick is completely free of charge.

What if I cannot follow the procedure for how to get the blue tick on Instagram? Or in case one’s profile is not deemed “eligible for verification” by Instagram? Don’t worry: there are still other strategies you can adopt to verify your account. Let’s look at them together.

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How to check my profile without having the Instagram blue tick?

You may be wondering whether you can authenticate your profile even if you are not a public figure or do not represent a major brand. Yes, you can, by creating a strong connection between your various social profiles and your website. You will not have an official “stamp” such as a verification badge, but you will achieve the same result: trust in your brand.

In fact, a close connection between coherent and well-structured profiles, with engagement and reviews, makes it possible to perceive the authenticity or otherwise of what you say you are and can do.

In your Instagram profile, for example, using Link.tree, you can insert the link to your website and other social profiles, profiles that may have already been verified. Remember that Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and the YouTube channel also allow you to have verified accounts. This activity can be a viable alternative to how to get verified on Instagram.

Instagram users also have a further tool at their disposal for verifying the account, i.e. selecting “About this account”. This tool appears by clicking on the menu with three dots in the top right-hand corner within each profile.

It is thus possible to know:

  • the date of registration on Instagram,
  • the country where the owner of the profile is located,
  • any changes made to the profile name and,
  • if it has followers in common with the user viewing the profile.

In one’s own interest, therefore, the owner of an Instagram profile who cannot have the blue tick can encourage the use of this tool among his followers.

What if even doing all this is not enough to prevent someone from stealing your profile? Instagram gives you an additional tool, which we will now take a look at.

What should I do if someone has appropriated my identity on Instagram?

Not having the blue tick makes it easier for your identity to be stolen, but you still have a tool to protect yourself. In fact, if you realize that someone has appropriated your identity on Instagram, you can send a report to the social network using a guided procedure. You can use a special form or, if you have an Instagram profile, also report directly on the post of the person who has stolen your identity.

Direct reporting is done by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the fake profile, where you will find the “Report” option. Instagram will make the appropriate checks accordingly. Once the verification is complete, it will take the necessary actions to ensure that the profile is in the hands of its legitimate owner.

Remember that prevention is better than cure. So to make it more difficult to steal your Instagram profile also activate two-factor authentication. Set up a request for access to the APP, from a new device, via SMS.

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To conclude, the Instagram blue tick means getting, next to the username, the symbol that indicates, and certifies, the authenticity of a profile. One cannot have the verification badge without being a public figure, famous person, or brand. Therefore, only accounts, personal or corporate, that achieve a certain notoriety can obtain it. The final assessment of whether or not to award the blue tick is, however, at the discretion of Instagram.

But you can act so that your followers recognize your authenticity. Remember to make a close connection between your social profiles and your website. Make your online presence consistent and well-structured. Create strong engagement because brand advocacy is the true blue tick of your profile.

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