Instagram Content Plan: what it is and how to create it in 6 Steps

Are you curious about what an Instagram content plan is and how to create one? You are reading the right article!

We will see together how to organize this strategically and effectively. Thanks to the explosive development of technology, companies have learned to embrace these new social web tools.

Specifically, the Editorial Plan helps you manage and organize the publication of posts on Instagram, so as to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of your followers. There are numerous tools from which you can choose the one that will be most compatible with your marketing strategy.

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Instagram Content Plan, what it is and what it is for

Instagram is a social media that has pleasantly surprised millions of users with its multiple functionalities:

  • photos and videos can be shared;
  • publish stories, which remain on one’s profile for the duration of 24 hours;
  • doing live feeds, mostly used by public figures, to have direct contact with their followers;
  • post IGTVs, i.e. long videos that are uploaded to an app closely linked to Instagram.

The comprehensiveness of this social media has caused it to attract the attention of businesses that have well thought of using it for professional purposes.

Obviously, since there are so many choices in the different ways of publishing content, it would not be so productive if the Instagram content plan was not used: it is a document used to improve, organize and structure the publication of posts according to one’s content marketing strategy.

As in everything, before starting, it is necessary to stop for a moment to think and get duly organized. So let’s start by analyzing the company’s data and the resulting strategy you decide to follow.

This is a necessary step that allows you to have a broader and clearer vision, in order to proceed smoothly in creating an effective editorial plan. There are many benefits to be derived from this process, whether we are talking about small, medium, or large companies.

Many times it happens that you arrive at the date you have decided to publish a piece of content and you are missing it; the temptation to publish poor-quality photos or videos is strong and you might give in at the cost of skipping the pre-arranged publication.

This happens because you tend to downplay the time you really need to create content. It is very common, at the beginning of one’s career, not to be able to manage one’s time well, often falling into expressions such as “How long will it take to post pictures on Instagram?”, “it takes two seconds to choose the right hashtags!”.

discover instagram content calendarDo you want to avoid such situations that make you feel watery at the thought? Good!

Create an Instagram content plan! With it, you will have a planned and structured publishing strategy in your hands, in advance.

Once your Instagram marketing strategy is laid out, you will have to plan and organize the content to be published, decide on which specific day of the week to publish it, and start creating it like there is no tomorrow.

As you publish ready-made content, keep producing more, and keep it up, making sure you always have some wildcard content in your archive for any unforeseen events.

The Instagram content plan, therefore, serves to avoid two big mistakes you could make using this social media on a professional level: 1) posting every day according to the ideas that come up in the moment; 2) even worse, not posting anything at all, as you have no content, while many of your followers are eagerly awaiting your publications! Focus on the quality of what you publish and not on quantity! (Learn more about what an editorial plan is).

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Guide to create an Instagram Content Plan

In order to create an effective Instagram content plan, it is essential to follow an outline, which helps you identify the different factors to take into account when planning it.

Define the style of your Instagram profile

Instagram is the most “visual” social media par excellence, favoring the publication of photos and videos. What determines the style of your profile is the feed, i.e. the content that, once published, remains on the main page of your account (it does not disappear after 24 hours like Stories). Style is determined, specifically, by the combination of images:

  • you can choose a color and keep it as the background of each image you publish. For instance, if you choose white, your profile will look particularly bright and the subjects of your photos will be highlighted;
  • use filters. Maybe choose one that is particularly compatible with your content and always use that one, to give the profile an idea of homogeneity;
  • make a mix of the two previous themes so as not to bore the user.

SWOT analysis, benchmarking, and targets

  • It is essential, at this stage of devising your Instagram content plan, to proceed with the SWOT analysis. Thanks to this strategic planning tool, you will assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business, in order to have more elements in hand that will allow you to make decisions to achieve your goals.
  • Included in this same phase is benchmarking, i.e. the analysis of competitors. The latter will serve, thanks to a benchmarking mechanism, to realize how the competitor managed to achieve certain results, so as to have the same or more qualitative performance.
  • No less important is the choice of objectives. You have to ask yourself the question: why did you decide to have your own profile on this social media? The answer to this question will be your goal to achieve and must be taken into account when planning content.

Identify buyer personas

After the in-depth analysis of your brand, move on to the identification of your “buyer personas”. To do this, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who do I want to turn to?
  2. Who is my typical customer?
  3. To whom am I speaking?

All these questions clearly define a very specific profile of the person you will address and who will henceforth represent your audience.

represent your audienceNext, we move on to choosing the potential “subject” of your next posts, which will be distributed critically in your Instagram content plan. In making this decision, you should be guided by a basic concept: “You are not posting for yourself but for your audience!”.

Whatever you come up with in your list of content to publish, you must think that it must be in the interests of your audience, to captivate them and thus increase your followers.

Think about it for a moment: no matter how high quality your content may be, if it doesn’t fit the interests of your users, who will look at it? Who will become or continue to be your followers? To make sure you succeed in this, you cannot limit yourself to the aseptic dissemination of anonymous content, you have to stand out from the crowd!

Storytelling could help you in this: making your content unique both visually and conceptually so that it conveys emotions to the reader. Well, slowly we are realizing which way to go and which steps to follow in creating a successful Instagram content plan!

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Types of content to be distributed in your Instagram Content Plan

Once you understand what your followers expect from you, you must set to work to create content that meets their needs and interests. Let’s see together which ones you could propose to your audience, perhaps alternating them in such a way as to give lightness and diversification to your profile:

  1. Contents of special value: these are those in which you provide a solution to user’s problems. In some areas, it is that content that meets their needs. It varies depending on the type of business you have.
  2. Motivational content: this is where you motivate the user to choose you and not the competition, describing your product and highlighting what differentiates it from others and therefore why they should prefer it.
  3. Hidden content: showing how you do your work and why you do it that way. That would be the background, the preparation that then leads to the final result.
  4. Fun content: in which you highlight the fun part of your work (not applicable to all types of business).
  5. Inspirational content: testimonials from your users telling success stories.

plan instagram content

To help you better understand the type of content that corresponds to those just described in the Instagram content plan, I will give you a practical example by considering a yoga instructor:

  1. publishes videos of him doing yoga classes;
  2. explains in a video why they should prefer her to another, highlighting the differences that help them make the decision in her direction;
  3. creates posts with content in which he shows the way he trains and then goes so far as to record the lesson he will publish;
  4. shares videos in which she sees funny little falls while practicing, which helps her followers to understand that even an instructor falls many times before achieving a result, and does so while having fun;
  5. makes posts with feedback from customers who have found his lessons very useful.

Plan the Instagram Content Plan and publish posts

To create an Editorial Plan for Instagram, you need to take the following factors into account:

  • feedback received from your followers, then plan your content according to their needs and requests;
  • make the content you publish uniquely original, standing out from the crowd with new creative ideas;
  • try to adapt the products or services you offer according to the time of year.

Taking into account all the factors analyzed so far, all that is left to do at this point is to start thinking about the structure of your Instagram content plan and plan the content to be published within it.

The starting point concerns the channels within Instagram where to post.

  • Feed: photos and/or videos
  • IGTV: long videos
  • Stories

Decide how you are going to distribute the different types of photos and videos you are going to share in the different internal channels and organize the Instagram content plan, all that remains is to produce the decoded content and put it in the calendar to see it published at the set times.

Useful tools for making editorial plans

There are several ways to make an Instagram content plan that you can analyze and choose according to your preferences. Let’s look at some of them together.

  1. Excel spreadsheet: this very schematic Instagram Excel editorial plan mode spans the grid of Excel cells that we are all familiar with. However, it is not preferred by experts dealing specifically with Instagram, who in most cases prefer a more graphical and visually curated structure.
  2. Google Calendar: this is the most practical alternative and is within everyone’s reach. It is a perfect example of an Instagram content plan for those who manage the same profile with several people and thus offers the convenience of noticing “live” changes immediately by sharing them.
  3. Templates: there are a myriad of them and they can all be downloaded from the web. The wide availability of an “editorial plan Instagram template” allows you to choose according to different professional and business needs.
  4. Evernote: is an app that gives you the possibility to consult your Instagram content plan wherever you are and whenever you want.
  5. Postpickr: this is an alternative that offers both a free and a paid plan. It varies according to the functionality one needs.

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