Instagram Copywriting: what it is, how to do it and useful tips

Instagram Copywriting? Surely you have already heard of it, perhaps from a friend or work colleague who has not explained to you what it means.

In this article, you will discover:

  • what it is and what it means to do copywriting on Instagram;
  • the profession of the Instagram copywriter;
  • how to create an appropriate post on Instagram;
  • some tips and tricks to optimize your Instagram profile and acquire new customers.

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Instagram Copywriting: what is it?

Instagram is one of the most popular social sites in the world. We can say that nowadays a company’s presence on this channel has become indispensable.

Instagram is therefore not only a tool dedicated to visual content but also allows the online visibility of a brand to be increased.

Everyone knows that visibility on the Internet generates conversions, and conversions in turn translate into earnings.

To generate income through the use of Instagram, it is necessary to work on it. A Copy for Instagram done right can be very helpful in this endeavor.

Doing Instagram Copywriting essentially means taking care:

  • of the written content part without neglecting the visual content part;
  • edit the biography;
  • write good captions for the various posts;
  • be familiar with the use of hashtags;
  • improve the appearance of the stories.

When we talk about copywriting, we cannot avoid mentioning SEO. Seo copywriting can be defined as another variant of traditional copywriting.

The specialist in this activity aims to generate traffic through search engines and convert it into leads and sales.

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How to create a post on Instagram

Ever wondered how to create an Instagram post?

Creating an effective post on Instagram can sometimes be a real dilemma, especially if you are a beginner. Just keep reading this article to learn some simple rules to learn how to write a great post on Instagram.

instagram copywriting

I will briefly list the main rules to follow:

  1. First of all, bear in mind that the main content of your post is not the caption but the visual material you are going to publish;
  2. always use an appropriate caption for your post;
  3. experiment with microblogging. If you use this publishing technique, you will certainly be able to go deeper into the topic you are talking about;
  4. use the caption to explain certain passages inherent to your post and make your users understand what you want to communicate;
  5. do not ignore the power of hashtags. Hashtags are tools for cataloging content and should always be present within a post;
  6. work on interaction. After choosing your target audience, you also need to build a strong connection with followers and ask their opinion on different topics;
  7. images and dimensions. Whoever does Instagram Copywriting must not only pay attention to the writing but also to the images he or she decides to publish. To upload pictures to Instagram, you have 3 formats available: square, landscape, and portrait.

For the dimensions in pixels follow the parameters below:

  • square 600×600
  • horizontal 600×355
  • vertical 480×600.

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Instagram Copywriting: tips and tricks

Instagram today is one of the booming platforms used for brand promotion or e-commerce. This channel, created in 2010, was initially underestimated by many specialists as it was considered unsuitable for brand promotion or marketing strategies.

Today, all top marketing and business experts agree that it is worthwhile to engage with Instagram as it increases revenue considerably.

So, while the effectiveness of publishing a brand on Instagram is quite clear, sometimes it is very difficult how to do this.

For example:

  1. should you use stories?
  2. how to write a caption?
  3. which hashtags are most effective?

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Let’s start with the first thing a user can see: your profile biography. A biography is a short description of your brand and your corporate identity. You can, for example, write a few words about your products: ‘cruelty-free cosmetics’ or ‘organic fruit and vegetable producer’.

A well-made Instagram bio is important as it explains who you are and what services you offer.

But there is another important thing in your bio: this is the only place on Instagram where you can attach a clickable link (find out how links work on Instagram). If you add a link to publish or comment on a post this will automatically be displayed as normal text and cannot be copied and pasted into a search bar.

For this reason, your biography should contain a direct link to your site in order to lead your customers directly to the correct web page.

A biography is normally limited to 150 characters. Also, remember to change the information in your bio to draw attention to events or sales you are organizing.

Simply edit your biography and write something like ‘until 20 August 50% off’. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-done bio! Remember that when it comes to Instagram Copywriting, you should never leave anything to chance!

  • Always keep your target audience in mind and write your biography according to age group, preferences, interests, and occupation.
  • Choose the tone and words used by your own followers.
  • Add CTAs (call to action) such as ‘click on this link’.
  • Use hashtags and emoji in your biography.
  • Indicate what your benefits are, e.g. ‘free shipping throughout Italy’.
  • Write your position, address, and the region where you work or for whom.


If you want users to see your post among the millions of photos that are published every day, you have to work on something other than the photo itself: its caption.

Captions are short descriptions that are placed under each post. It is necessary to use technique and strategy to create a good caption. The ideal length of a caption for a post on Instagram is 130 to 150 characters, including spaces.

best instagram copywriting strategies

  • Emphasize how important your customers are, and let them tell you how to make a product for them.
  • Talk more about your product. Every object that has its own story becomes more attractive in the eyes of a buyer.
  • Stimulate interaction. Ask your users questions in order to get more comments or suggestions for improving the service.
  • Make what you write about your products or your followers’ preferences appear simple and clear.
  • Use hashtags. You can use tools like RiteTag to find suitable, related, or trending tags to use.
  • Use mentions when you collaborate with an influencer or publish user-generated content. Just type the account name after @ to put it in a caption.
  • Always pay attention to detail and make your intentions clear in your post.
  • Use CTAs to stimulate user engagement.

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Stories are a feature widely used by all brands now. They are essentially photos that generally contain a link, last 24 hours, and lead users directly to product purchase pages.

It is true that not all users pay attention to product features, especially if these are written in long paragraphs.

However, talking a bit about the product and its features through stories can certainly attract more customers to your profile.

instagram copywriting tips

  • Talk about your product and explain how it is able to meet customer requirements.
  • Add links to review pages, blog posts, research, or other sources if you think they will complement your product.
  • Add links directly to your product pages.
  • Show what is behind the scenes of your business.
  • Write about the obstacles you faced or your business reality.
  • Use stories to connect with your target audience.

Providing good content attracts more audiences.

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Instagram Copywriter: what he does, duties, and requirements

What does the Instagram copywriter do? This professional figure works as a copywriter on the most important social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

The tasks that an excellent Instagram copywriter must perform are:

  • writing content for various social media;
  • optimize posts through the use of the right language and tone;
  • select interesting images and videos to complement the text;
  • updating a company’s social pages with interesting company news;
  • carry out coordination activities with in-house teams;
  • track and report information on social media;
  • apply advertising techniques to increase brand awareness;
  • answering customers’ questions;
  • networking and networking with customers and professionals.

Some of the requirements that a good Instagram Copywriter must have are:

  • have proven work experience as a social media copywriter;
  • have experience in the use of social media platforms;
  • possess a sound knowledge of SEO;
  • have excellent communication skills;
  • have a degree in Marketing or similar.

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Instagram Copywriting strategies: some examples

It is not easy to write on Instagram, this is a job that requires a lot of commitment as well as knowledge of targeted strategies.

In any case, becoming a good copywriter is by no means impossible if you choose the right copywriting strategies and implement them.

Here are some examples:

Highlights the benefits as well as the functionality

For whatever reason on social media everyone has a tendency to write a lot about features and little about benefits. Functionalities are important and it is right that they are not overlooked when talking about any kind of object, but these do not convince customers to buy what you are selling.

If you notice, users focus much more on the advantages of a particular product. To succeed in Instagram copywriting, you should emphasize the advantages first. After talking about all the possible advantages, you can finally concentrate on listing the features.

Being as specific as possible

It is very easy to make general statements about a product. This attitude certainly does not help sales, so you need to be as specific as possible. You should tell your users things like this: ‘On a specific product category there is a 50% discount for the entire summer season’. That way you will be more credible.

Take emotions into account

When it comes to making a purchase on Instagram or another social channel, people are strongly influenced by their emotions. We all think we make decisions based on logic, but in reality, it is our emotions that lead us toward a certain product choice.

If you do Instagram copywriting and write based only on the rational reasoning of a potential customer, then know that this is not the right strategy to adopt.

If you write with the goal of acquiring more customers, you must not only be able to explain why users need that specific product, but you must also create the right scenario where people can buy whatever they want.

Uses colloquial language

To write successful copy you need to use colloquial language. You should use words and phrases that you would use in everyday conversation and write in a manner similar to the way you speak.

Assuming courtly and erudite language will make you appear boring but also somewhat egocentric in the eyes of your potential customers. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen, so follow the main rule: choose a simple language.

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As you could see from this article, writing a convincing and powerful copy for your Instagram is not at all easy as there are many factors to take into account.

You cannot perfect it in one day, just like you cannot build your professional image in one day. After a while, your experience will show you which type of post will attract more attention than others.

With commitment, perseverance, charisma, and even a little patience, you will surely enter the world of Instagram copywriting with ease!

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