Instagram polls: what they are, how they are created and benefits

Instagram surveys are the great revolution that this social network has introduced to facilitate discussion and interactivity between people within Instagram stories, the more than 500 million pieces of visual content published daily on the dedicated section.

Whether you are already making your own stories or are thinking of doing so, you first need to know how to create content that is always current and appealing: create visual storytelling streams that can intercept new contacts and retain your current followers.

In this article I will explain:

  • What Instagram polls are and how they work;
  • ideas for doing your own polls on Instagram;
  • how to view polls voted by users on Instagram;
  • what advantages Ig surveys can give companies.

The basis of social networks is the action and confrontation between people, as well as of course the publication of ad hoc content and community management, all crucial points for the digital strategy of any online business that must always be managed in the best possible way.

An investment in training in Social Media Marketing Courses, therefore, is of considerable importance to increasing the profitability of one’s corporate communication campaign on social.


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What are Instagram surveys

Instagram polls allow people looking at your content to interact with it in an interactive way. These are “stickers” that allow you to express an opinion on a question you ask your Instagram followers. They are also an integral part of Instagram stories, the parallel channel to the official stream of images or videos, consisting of a stream of visual content lasting 15 seconds and viewable for a limited time.

These have been booming since 2016. Instagram users use them to share images and videos in a creative and friendly way; their peculiarity is that they vanish 24 hours after publication. The different tags that can be inserted in stories are perfect for learning about users’ tastes and interests, as polls are ideal for improving interaction.

Since Instagram introduced the first poll, several updates have been added that are well-suited to the type of content you wish to publish:

  • Polls: are engaging textual elements consisting of a question and usually two answers. The results and the names of those who have expressed a preference are only visible to the creator of the poll on Instagram, while they vote and even after 24 hours have elapsed. It can be associated with a homogeneous background, without necessarily being linked to the visual content published in the story. People can thus watch, listen and leave coded reactions;
  • Emoji sticker: choose the funniest emoji survey option, then write your question and decide what you want people to answer to find out about their likes and dislikes;
  • Open Questions: you can use them to offer your users more than two options for an answer. The aim is to offer an interesting way to gather information about your audience;
  • Question Round: ask your audience to ask you questions on a specific topic. The question tag usually starts a conversation, increasing the connection and communicating the sharing of the content to Instagram.


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How to do surveys on Instagram

Instagram stories polls are a great way to investigate your audience’s interests, find out what they like or dislike, what they prefer, what opinions they have on a given product, ask for suggestions on what content to post, and much more.

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In short, you can not only increase the number of your followers but also cultivate a direct relationship with them. So, do you want to know how to make polls on Instagram? Instagram Stories’ interactive poll stickers are very easy to use. Here are some tips:

  • create your own stories with the official Instagram app, designed for Android and iOS devices;
  • click on the “+” symbol in the top right-hand corner and then on the Story item at the bottom. Use an image, a video saved on your device, or new content captured with your smartphone camera to create a new story by clicking on the ring symbol in the center of the display, below;
  • click on the interactive poll sticker symbol located among the Instagram stickers at the top, of the menu that appears from the bottom, once you have chosen the content to be posted;
  • type the question you want to ask your followers in the Ask a Question field;
  • customizes the two answer options, Yes and No that followers can vote for;
  • conclude with the End item in the top right-hand corner after checking that the question formulated is grammatically correct;
  • place the survey wherever you like and add new stickers, and freehand drawings on the image or text to your story: use the Instagram tools by clicking on the icons at the top representing the sticker, pencil, or Aa symbol.

Instagram users will see your story and can respond, if they wish, by clicking on one of the two options offered. They will then be able to vote and see the result in real-time.

You, on the other hand, will be able to view your Instagram story by seeing the list of viewers and how they voted, circumventing their anonymity, and how many votes each of the two responses received within the usual 24 hours.

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Instagram polls: ideas and examples

Polls in Instagram stories have several functionalities. For example, they can be useful to engage and entice your followers to interact with your brand, or you can get more direct comments from them, drawing their attention.

In fact, polls on Instagram stories are a great way to get your followers to linger on your story and not quickly move on to the next one. Not only that: they represent an opportunity to get to know your audience directly.

ideas and examples

They are now an essential strategic tool for companies to share ideas, entertain and retain their audience on the company page, collect comments on products for market research and the development of new marketing strategies, or simply find out which content they like best.

Instagram is a social network that has numerous tags that can be creatively and entertainingly included in its stories: all designed with the aim of getting to know users, their tastes, and interests, thus improving interaction with your brand. What to ask in Instagram stories varies depending on the type of content you post.

Want to know what polls to put on Instagram because you’re running out of ideas? Here are some examples and creative suggestions.

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Instagram polls can first be used to make quizzes with a special sticker for Instagram stories, the natural evolution of the one already available for questions. Creating online quizzes helps make your content strategy creative, productive, fun, and interesting, aligning content with each other and with your brand identity.

Placing a quiz within an Instagram story is quite simple:

  • Create a new story and, before publishing, scroll up from the bottom to access the gallery of Instagram stickers;
  • click on the Quiz sticker;
  • the interface of the new Instagram function will appear on your photo or video;
  • add the question with the various answers. You can enter from two to four options, allowing users to have fun selecting the answer they think is correct;
  • To read the percentages of the answers given by your followers, view the stories uploaded in the last 24 hours via the “My Stories” button and let the one relating to the quiz load and see the various options with their percentages.


create a new story

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Show your product catalog

Polls in Instagram stories are a tool that brands can exploit in their content marketing strategy because, as mentioned, they are a quick and easy way to interact directly with their audience.

They can then be used to showcase your products by asking people to vote based on their opinions. It is an approach that works with all kinds of products: it can improve the visibility of a certain line or highlight a special promotion.

For instance, IKEA advertised its upcoming sales in this way by drawing the attention of its customer audience on Instagram to whom it then offered discount codes, plus more information about them. This type of survey was instrumental for the Swedish multinational in analyzing consumer preferences.

show product catalog

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Research the clientele

What do your customers really want? Instagram survey results can reveal this through strategically designed questions and answers for customer research. This consists of asking your audience targeted questions embedded in high-quality, high-interest visual content.

The result of the questions you get is actual surveys that tell what customers’ preferences are. Again, remember to keep your brand content consistent and also include eye-catching images to capture attention.

research your client

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Bring traffic to the website

How to get your audience to visit your website instead? A winning strategy can include a captivating series of polls in your Instagram stories in order to attract your audience’s interest in your website content, inviting viewers to scroll up to read them in their entirety.

The more inclusive the polls are, the broader the audience will be.

drive traffic to website

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Foster social responsibility

Today’s audience expects a brand to share values that are increasingly topical and address issues such as environmental sustainability, the geopolitical landscape, ecology, and community service.

Polls on Instagram are proving to be a very effective tool that can not only spread and share the values of the brand you represent with your followers but also encourage them to take a stand on important and widely shared issues, particularly with the so-called Millennial generation.

promote social responsibility

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Give information to your followers

Is your corporate mission to inform your audience about the services and products you offer and the values and objectives that characterize your brand? Direct communication must necessarily play an important role in your content marketing strategy.

Instagram story polls are a great way to communicate and raise awareness with content that spreads the concepts of your business mindset. These encourage greater awareness and, by inviting people to scroll up the story, also to find direct information on your blog or company website: two birds with one stone.

give information to followers

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Create funny Instagram polls

In addition to supporting your brand’s content marketing strategies, polls can also be created for pure entertainment reasons. Whatever your style, polls in Instagram Stories are always a very creative and direct way to connect with your followers by offering them interesting content, for example in these ways:

  • Create a story that is simple and light. Fragment a long series of posts with an entertaining survey that entertains and keeps the audience on your profile;
  • ask a question to integrate a funny caption;
  • investigates important issues in a sympathetic way.

create fun polls

How to see voted polls on Instagram

Your Instagram poll has been created and your followers are interacting with their votes. Do you want to know which answers are the most voted and how to view the results of Instagram polls, whether on iPhone or Android? First of all, know that they can be viewed in real-time, with detailed information on which users participated and which answers they voted for.

Wondering how you can view the list of all voters and their statistics? Now, I will explain how. It is very simple:

  • View the story containing the survey published via the official Instagram app;
  • press the little house symbol in the bottom left-hand corner to go to your home page. Then move to the Account section by clicking on your profile picture below the Stories heading: you will see a preview of the percentage that each response has received;
  • click on the eye symbol at the bottom left to see who has viewed your story (the voters). Next to each profile name, there will be the answer they gave. The list of viewers who viewed the survey without responding is a little further down.

Likewise, you can change the privacy settings of the published story, save the photo or video in it, and share it as a new post or delete it permanently.

Instagram Stories surveys: benefits for companies

Instagram stories polls can be exploited by brands to do content marketing and earn money. Instagram Polls, a sticker used to ask questions and interact more directly on topics of one’s choice, is practical:

  • are easy to realize;
  • are already packaged and ready to use, and can also be modified according to content with various customizable stickers and stickers;
  • are perfectly organic to a fast, if not distracted enjoyment.

This means that if users respond, even absent-mindedly, to a survey that appears between Instagram stories, it is because it takes just the right amount of time to choose between two closed answers with one quick click.

advantages for companies

This means that brands, by integrating surveys from Instagram stories into their content marketing strategy, can enjoy several advantages:

  • get more engagement in a short time;
  • have valuable data and insights at their fingertips immediately, as users can check survey results in real time;
  • the possibility of improving or even increasing one’s brand awareness with a new product, educating or entertaining one’s community, or organizing effective contests with a very low budget.

This marketing strategy is just as suitable for a brand presenting itself for the first time to its community of customers or potential customers as it is for established brands that are embarking on a re-branding policy.

In this case, with IG polls one can share, specific questions with one’s followers, the individual products, the entire catalog, or one’s own history, mission, or company sector. The correct answers lend themselves to being presented later in a branding campaign.

Similarly, one can plan to exploit “gamification” mechanisms to present a new product or even use polls on Instagram during its conception, asking one’s audience for advice about it.

The advantage of this would be to start production with a product that has already been chosen by one’s potential customers, who will probably not hesitate to buy. Probing audience preferences also helps to design original and unexpected uses for a new product.

Another possible use of polls in Instagram stories with which brands can achieve concrete results, such as more traffic to the company website or blog, is to use polls as a small teaser inviting their audience to answer and at the same time, with a very clear call to action, to use the link in the swipe-up to immediately check whether the answer they have chosen is the right one.

Conclusions and Strategic Advice

This article, which like a guide introduced you to the world of Instagram polls, has come to an end.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use social media marketing strategies to channel as many users as possible into your website who are interested in the content you offer as they watch and vote on the content of your stories on Instagram, I will give you one last tip to help you get the most out of your digital business:

knowledge is power. Education and study are the springboards to the best strategy to grow your business and increase the conversion of your products or services with digital marketing tools and strategies.


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