What is Instant Marketing? Examples of Epic win and Epic fail

What is meant by Instant Marketing?

The definition of Instant Marketing refers to a specific strategy based on the immediacy of companies being able to respond promptly to external actions occurring within social networks and in real everyday life, in order to create an advertising campaign or a post that recalls what happened and links it to their own products or services.

It is a new and fruitful approach to selling and marketing that exploits “instant” content, i.e. content that has an immediate effect the moment we write it. They include popular topics that cause discussion and go viral on the web.

Where to find the news of the day?

Curious to know what the trending topics of the day are? Well, then type Twitter into Google, and in the #Explore section you can easily find all the trending topics and hashtags for your sector worldwide.

instant marketing strategies

Another very effective medium is Google Trends where you can segment your interests by regions and categories and which reports the latest trends worldwide.

google trends rate

What are the secrets of Instant Marketing?

There are certain elements to creating good instant content, for example:

  • Creativity: in order to succeed in creative content, you have to try to arouse people’s interest quickly. Only in this way will one succeed in attracting curiosity and pushing the user to share. Creativity must be trained constantly and be as original, playful, and with a moderate dose of irreverence as possible;
  • Timing: This is crucial because immediacy is the factor that contributes to success in one’s instant marketing strategy. It is necessary that one’s idea is published within a short time of the event when public interest is still very high;
  • Scope of the event: Instant Marketing is conditioned by the news to which it wants to refer, in fact, a large media event can stimulate the action of a large audience that will be able to spread the creative idea;
  • Knowing how to intercept: using to one’s advantage circumstances that can increase engagement so as to create, even with a simple sharing of an image, content that will go viral;
  • Responsiveness and flexibility: are two qualities that must be shared by a team of people, especially for more complex realities.

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How to put a good Instant Marketing strategy into practice?

A company that wants to implement a good Instant Marketing strategy must aim to create a proper marketing plan that considers the following:

  1. Fixed events and anniversaries: such as holidays, and world days that can be used to organize and plan specific campaigns well in advance;
  2. Company-related events: i.e. all events planned by a company such as the launch of a new product or service, the organization of a conference or webinar, with the possibility of managing the editorial plan of the company’s blog and social media by monitoring comments and interactions in real-time;
  3. Geo-localized events: such as participation in trade fairs, special events, openings, meetings, and conferences, which can be managed and promoted live, taking care to create customized messages based on where users are located;
  4. Listening: before venturing into Instant Marketing, a company should equip itself with an excellent tool for listening and analyzing conversations in order to understand users’ interests and anticipate their needs, an indispensable tool for entering a traffic flow;
  5. Right images: use original or funny images to create creative content or programs for editing short videos that suit the purpose.
  6. Always be informed: in order to be able to reach and expand your target audience, it is good to keep up to date with everything that is happening, focusing especially on trends from social networks, as it is here that the most talked-about news is gathered;
  7. Stand out: the ultimate goal is to draw attention to your brand and make sure that the user understands why and how you are different from your competitors. Therefore, all your posts and articles that fit into such a marketing campaign must perfectly follow your company vision, values, products, and services you offer.

How to avoid epic failures? Examples

  • Do not refer to a negative story: avoid linking your instant marketing strategy to negative or unpleasant news.
  • Social networks are a double-edged sword that should not be underestimated, so it is important to pay attention to the creation of content to be published in an instant marketing context. It is also good not to come across contradictory messages that do not reflect the values or image of the brand or, worse still, risk damaging it;
  • Pay no attention to the content: Another example comes from the famous shoe brand Crocs, which on the occasion of the death of singer David Bowie published an unhappy tweet with the image of rubber clogs with Ziggy Stardust’s lightning bolt on them with the words: “we will miss your magic, but your inspiration will live forever”.

This content generated fan fury within minutes, why? Essentially for three reasons:

  • for the total absence of references to Bowie;
  • for the brazen presence of the brand
  • for the lack of elegance in linking rubber clogs to the figure of the singer

social channels marketing

  • Deleting or ignoring negative comments: it can happen to find unkind comments under our posts based on mistakes or misunderstandings, the right choice to make is to keep calm and respond promptly to reach an optimal resolution for both the user and the company;
  • Abandoning social channels is a symptom of poor corporate care, not updating one’s profiles shows a negative image of oneself with little inclination to improve. This is why it is important to build a well-defined editorial plan where one has the objectives in mind.

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Other examples

1. Trenitalia and the lemon candy case: In March 2019, on the occasion of Women’s Day, Trenitalia decided to give its customers lemon candy as a gift. You might be thinking “What’s strange about that?”: the controversy is said to have stemmed from the conditions for being able to take advantage of the free gift. In fact, the company decided to offer the candy only to those traveling on Frecciarossa and Frecciarossa 1000 trains, in executive class, or to women using the bar or restaurant service. The social media went wild at this point, transforming the controversy into irony and creating specific memes in the following days, putting Trenitalia in a bad light, which for its part removed the offer from the site;

trenitalia homepage

social media memes

2. Huawei: In December 2018 to wish a Happy New Year, the company posts a tweet but what instantly catches the eye is the posting from an Apple device. The post was deleted immediately to the detriment of Huawei’s reputation.

huawei sample marketing

Epic Win Cases

  • Pringles: On Valentine’s Day in February 2018, the company advises its followers to avoid eating chips with the flavor: sour cream and onion. Nice and compelling campaign;

a compelling campaign

  • Monopoly: In April 2018 riding the wave of citizenship income Monopoly implemented a very insightful strategy reaching more than 1700 shares. The post quoted: With us, citizenship income has been guaranteed since 1935! Here’s how much each player gets to start their game. Have fun!”

monopoly marketing strategy

  • Zalando: In January 2019, the company on the occasion of the launch of the new Calvin Klein underwear collection, reserved for sizes XL onwards, planned to publish a post including curvy models, which referred to the size of the product on sale. This led to a series of offensive comments against the girls who were described as “unhealthy”. Zalando immediately intervened by blacking out the most disrespectful comments to great acclaim.

zalando product launch

  • The story of ‘Snowflake’: the cute nickname given to a 9-year-old boy who walks almost 5 km to school every day. This tender child lives in Yunnan, China, where temperatures in the early morning hours reach -9°. So one morning, his teacher saw him arrive at school frozen with his cheeks red from the cold, and instinctively took a photo of him, which immediately went viral. This story, thanks to the power of sharing on social media, had a positive spin as it allowed Snowflake to collect 100,000 renminbi (about $15,000) donated by web users. As if that were not enough, a company offered this child’s father a job, helping the family out of poverty. This story is a true example of humanity, made possible thanks to the power of social media!

snowflake story in social media

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