LinkedIn automation tools: find out which ones are the best

Do you want to use Linkedin automation tools to automate your online marketing activities? Looking for new prospects to convert into customers, finding target contacts with your company or your professional profile, and recruiting more effectively?

In this article, I will show you which tools are the most effective. Before going into the details, however, it is necessary to make a small premise on the importance of Linkedin and the reasons for its use.

We are talking about the largest professional network in the world which is supported by 3 “pillars”: the profile, through which we communicate who we are; the network, our network of professional relationships; the contents, through which we interact with our contacts and try to involve them.

Depending on the profile of the users: recruiters, freelancers, or companies, of course, there will be different strategies and different audiences to talk to. It is not always so easy to find target contacts, therefore careful upstream planning is necessary.

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What are LinkedIn automation tools?

First of all, let’s specify what is meant by Linkedin automation tools. They are nothing more than apps, software, and platforms that, once set up and implemented on Linkedin, allow us to automate operations and processes based on our needs and our business objectives. Using a LinkedIn automation tool allows you to do some operations for us such as:

  • send personalized messages,
  • invite contacts,
  • visit profiles and associate notes with each contact,
  • approve skills.

Why is it important to use LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation? How and when should they be used? What do they allow us to do?

I will try to answer all these questions later in this article. Beyond the moral dilemma about the use of artificial intelligence in the field of human relations and the debate on the alleged violation of our privacy, marketing automation has become fundamental in the field of digital marketing.

A Linkedin automation tool has several advantages and allows us to:

  • Have targeted contacts,
  • Turn prospects into customers,
  • Have a higher conversion rate than traditional advertising,
  • Lead nurturing effectively,
  • Increase our visibility and improve our reputation,
  • Facilitate recruiting activities,
  • Save time.

linkedin automation tools free

LinkedIn automation tools for finding contacts

There are several LinkedIn automation tools, which differ in functions and features. They can be native Linkedin or third-party apps; obviously, the more complete ones or the PRO versions require the payment of an annual fee. As already mentioned above, they are functional to the achievement of precise objectives, which must be established in advance to know how to move and which tools to use.

It is recommended to integrate Linkedin automation tools with CRM software. Deepening the discussion on CRM deserves a separate article. For these reasons w,e will limit ourselves to saying that this software is nothing more than the database where we have all the customer data and the history of our relationships with them, or the complete map of the customer journey. We have decided to divide the tools into two categories:

  • Tools that help us search for target contacts and segment them.
  • Tools that allow us to automate outreach activities and therefore to carry out lead generation campaigns.

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Before starting a lead generation campaign, you need to find potential customers and segment them. All this is necessary to engage them in the best possible way, to choose the right tone of voice and the right content.

These tools do not carry out repetitive processes, but help us in the search for our prospects, based on their interests, their professional role, and their personality.

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LinkedIn sales navigator

Linkedin sales navigator, although not a real automation bot at an operational level, is one of the most effective Linkedin automation tools for finding target contacts, as it allows us to automate the search and selection of contacts and the methods of relationship with them.

linkedin sales navigator tool icon

It can be very useful for B2B companies to expand their commercial network and do social selling.
It is a paid tool that looks like a normal feed but has features that make it possible to find customers (leads) and companies (accounts) in target with our core business and gives us useful information to “engage” them and involve them through contents of interest to them. All this happens mainly thanks to two tools: filters and contact tools, which can be direct and indirect.


Once the target customers or companies have been found thanks to an initial segmentation, it is possible to set additional filters that allow us to skim the results in a very targeted way to get information on:

  • Active users
  • Who follows us
  • Who is mentioned in the news section
  • Who has professional or work experience in common with us?

Contact tools:

  • Direct: there is the possibility of having information on leads up to the 3rd degree of separation, contacting them, and sending them up to 20 email messages per month.
  • Indirect: this includes all those features to better engage our leads: the Sales Navigator feed, which allows us to monitor all the conversations of our leads and the profiles of each one, where we find all the content of interest to them and the points of contact so that they can be engaged in the best possible way.


It is a truly fascinating tool, once added to the Google Chrome extensions and selecting the profile that interests us, just press the tick: “view personality” and it outlines the main traits of his personality based on the content he posts, the interactions, and the language it uses.

linkedin automation tools crystal icon

It provides us with useful information such as the “tone of voice” to use with a particular contact. It can be used to see the personality of your team members (team), and your customers (sales) or to do recruiting (hiring).

example personality test crystal


Profiling takes place on a spectrum of 4 personalities that can be placed within the disc personality test.

Dominant: a dominant profile will be a determined, competitive, and assertive person. They are focused on results, the method is subordinated to their achievement. He will hardly make a gut decision, based on the emotion of the moment. It is advisable to communicate with them clearly, in short, and concise sentences.

Influential: they are excellent communicators, they love to share and communicate their ideas and projects. Charismatic, enthralling, and positive, they always create an excellent atmosphere around them. You can maintain constructive and engaging communication with them, as they are people who don’t like formalities too much and are very spontaneous.

Steady: constancy and firmness are their strength. They are kind and reassuring people, they know how to be good mediators and they love to act methodically. It’s important to communicate with them in a warm and friendly way, especially in the first few interactions; it is, therefore, advisable to maintain a “low profile” approach at least at the beginning.

Conscientious: all people who tend to be extremely analytical and have an obsessive attention to detail are identified with this personality. They generally don’t have a very varied communication style, small talk makes them uncomfortable.

LinkedIn automation tools for Lead generation

We are now going to deal with the actual LinkedIn automation tools. These tools allow us to automate all outreach activities, such as:

  • contact requests,
  • email marketing activities,
  • visits profiles.

Once the target contacts have been identified, these tools allow us to create sales funnels, to convert the contacts into customers. Some of them, as we will see, allow you to set up various lead generation campaigns automatically and monitor their progress through dashboards with in-depth metrics.

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Dux-Soup is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools to automate outreach activities and increase the engagement of our prospects. It is an extension of Google Chrome and as such works in the background when Linkedin is opened in the browser.

tool dux-soup icon

It works on two levels: tracking through the possibility of adding tags to our contacts, and the automation of various activities, such as visiting profiles and sending personalized messages, through the activation of an autoresponder. Very useful is the function that allows you to interrupt the campaign when the potential customer replies.


Among the most complete LinkedIn Automation tools we find Expandi. Thanks to this tool you can automate activities in a targeted and intelligent way. For various reasons, it works in the cloud and therefore continues to function 24 hours a day.

linkedin tools expandi icon

It has a degree of customization that makes it almost impossible to identify it as a bot. It is also 100% compatible with the social policy on spamming.

expandi workflow

Expandi Workflow Source:””

Once the target contact data has been imported into CSV, it is possible to launch campaigns and personalize the messages; from the contact request to the acquisition of the lead. Technicalities aside! Why is it so useful?

  • Manages email very efficiently, not letting you miss the most important chats
  • It allows you to make unlimited and personalized campaigns
  • Detects responses and the Follow-up process by monitoring the acquisition process and lead management at all times
  • Engagement-based targeting
  • It allows you to do A/B testing.

Meet Alfred

It is one of the LinkedIn automation tools with integrated CRM, i.e. software that manages customer relationships. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with other automation tools. For each campaign, it gives us very useful information such as the number of contact requests accepted, the replies to our messages, and the conversion rate. This tool is particularly suitable for monitoring lead generation campaigns thanks to very accurate analyses.

linkedin meet alfred icon

Octopus Deploy

It too, like Meet Alfred, has an integrated CRM that allows us to optimize our lead generation campaigns with Linkedin. In addition to the normal automation functions related to messaging and confirmation of skills, it allows you to create your lead funnel.

tools octopus deploy icon

The strength of the tool is given by the metrics and statistics to evaluate the ROI, the number of views, and the appearance of search results. You have the option of linking multiple campaigns and there is continuous monitoring of our activity on Linkedin. When it is excessive, and there is a risk that it may be detected by the social network, it sends us immediate notifications.

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How to choose the best LinkedIn automation tools

We have seen how most of the LinkedIn automation tools simplify the search for contacts and their transformation into customers, saving us time and resources. What needs to be clarified, however, is the use to be made of it. Artificial intelligence was not born to replace a man but to serve him. If the idea of being contacted by a bot may seem like the result of a dystopian scenario worthy of the best cyberpunk novel, we must not forget that there is always a precise strategy behind it. In other words: it is always our skill that can make a lead generation campaign successful.

Let’s not forget that marketing automation is a means, not an end. We can use Linkedin automation tools to find prospects, nurture leads and thus obtain conversions. If we only want to artificially inflate the volume of our contacts and our network, guided by a sort of “digital hedonism”, we are on the wrong track. Consideration must be made to the risk of violating the LinkedIn policy.

When we use a third-party app we need to read the Terms and Conditions to make sure they don’t conflict with those of the social network. The borderline to spamming is very blurred here, so it is advisable to use such automation tools sparingly and in a targeted manner.

I advise you to use automation tools to do Linkedin marketing only if you have your goals and marketing strategy in mind. The advice is to integrate different tools for each stage of the customer acquisition funnel, according to our needs.

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In the article, I tried to outline a general picture of Linkedin automation tools, without going too far into the technicalities. They, I will never tire of repeating it, must be used intelligently. Tools are the fuel that allows us to push the Linkedin engine to the max, but to drive a car you need to know the road and know how to drive. We must use the social network within a valid inbound marketing strategy, which sees quality content addressed to the right people at the center.

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