Linkedin Pulse: how to publish articles in 4 steps

Do you know LinkedIn Pulse? In this article, we delve into the blogging feature of LinkedIn, the social platform dedicated to the world of work and personal branding, ideal for companies and professionals to network. On it, you not only share posts and upload resumes, but you also can publish content of significant importance.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is the blogging platform of LinkedIn, the leading social network for online work and professional social media marketing. LinkedIn Pulse is free and is a valid alternative for creating a blog and doing personal branding, as it allows you to publish articles directly from your profile.

Pulse is an application that was born in 2010 to aggregate news. In 2013, it was acquired by LinkedIn, which integrated the app into its social platform, and this is where its restyling began, leading to the birth of the LinkedIn Pulse App. But it no longer exists as a standalone platform, as it was rebranded and integrated into the main LinkedIn platform as “LinkedIn Articles.”

In this brief guide, I will show you how Pulse works on LinkedIn and why it’s beneficial to use this internal application to enrich your LinkedIn profile with quality content, allowing you to showcase your expertise and expand your professional network. 

Creating excellent texts and organizing appropriate content on the web is a skill that can be acquired by taking the Web Content Editor Course by Digital Coach. We will also see how content, that is, publishing articles on Pulse, can be leveraged by companies in a multichannel content marketing strategy. But let’s proceed in order!

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Why use LinkedIn Pulse: posts vs. articles

Why use LinkedIn Pulse when you can share a thought by writing a simple post on your LinkedIn profile? Let’s compare posts with articles:

Posts on LinkedIn:

  • are visible only to your connections;
  • personal profile posts contain up to 1300 characters, while company posts have a maximum of 700, of which only the first 130 are visible without additional clicks;
  • generate shares and engagement quickly;
  • are quickly replaced by other posts.

LinkedIn Pulse Blog Articles:

  • are visible to both connections and your followers;
  • when you publish an article, LinkedIn sometimes sends a notification to your connections;
  • are longer and more complex textual elements. They can be formatted by adding bold and italics, dividing the text into paragraphs and bullet lists;
  • the Pulse function provides an editor more similar to WordPress than a social network;
  • can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter;
  • it’s not necessary to be logged into LinkedIn to view an article if your profile is visible to everyone; you can also search for it in the search engine;
  • you can disable the function that allows your followers to leave comments.

Do you agree that using LinkedIn Pulse makes sense? But when and how do you use Pulse? LinkedIn Pulse is a blogging tool that allows you to showcase your know-how and competence in a specific field, offering quality content to an interested audience.

In this career-focused social network, the audience is generally more receptive and engaged compared to a generalist social platform like Facebook. Regularly uploading content to your profile is essential to initiate collaborations with companies, acquire new clients, and increase your LinkedIn company page followers.

As the meaning of LinkedIn suggests, the goal is to create professional relationships, connecting individuals. Creating a blog through LinkedIn Pulse can open doors to new collaborations and significantly increase your online visibility. In short, if used effectively, LinkedIn Pulse is a valuable ally in your Personal Branding strategy. Use it if you consider yourself an expert in a particular topic… keep on reading!

According to Digital Coach’s definition, doing personal branding is “the ability to create a personal brand identity promotion strategy that relates our attitudes, skills, motivations, and experiences to future perspectives, short, medium, and long-term goals, and even more importantly, communicating it effectively.”

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Activating LinkedIn Pulse in 4 simple steps

Before diving into how to activate LinkedIn Pulse, have you defined who you want to target with your content? Have you thought about how to integrate posts and articles into your web marketing strategy? Great, let’s now see practically how LinkedIn Pulse works, and how to write an article on its blog.

In 4 lines, I’ll answer the classic question: how does LinkedIn Pulse work?

After logging into LinkedIn with your credentials, instead of writing in the space dedicated to posts, shift your attention to the right:

1. Click on the “Write an article” button

write article on linkedIn

2. Click in the “Headline” field to insert the title

articles editor linkedin pulse

3. Click “Write here” to insert the text

4. Publish: once the article is finished, accompanied by an image and formatting, click on the blue ”Publish” button

Find out on your LinkedIn profile under “Articles and activity of…” – “View all articles”.

luca papa linkedin articles

If you’re wondering how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, publishing articles on LinkedIn Pulse is one of the final steps you’ll need to take. First, you’ll need to focus on other aspects: firstly, choosing the photo and crafting the headline and summary; secondly, working on expanding and selecting your LinkedIn network contacts, getting positive endorsements and skill confirmations, and finally, creating an editorial plan for social content.

What and how to write on LinkedIn Pulse

Writing a post or publishing an article isn’t the same. When you write on LinkedIn Pulse, consider the following tips:

  • write only about topics you are an expert in and in which you can be seen as an opinion leader.
  • be very focused. Avoid covering multiple topics in a single article.
  • choose your “tone of voice” and keep it consistent over time.
  • don’t be afraid to express your opinion!
  • select a strong title for your article. Your contacts receiving the notification will see your profile photo and the title, and decide whether to click based on that! Question titles, for example, work poorly on LinkedIn Pulse due to factors such as the platform’s format, the need for a professional tone, potential searchability issues, engagement considerations, and the importance of readability. 
  • write long articles (if you have something to say!). The LinkedIn Pulse audience is accustomed to in-depth content.
  • use images, videos, and infographics to enrich your article and build structured storytelling.
  • network with your colleagues or collaborators, encouraging them to comment, review, and share your articles.

Is LinkedIn publishing free?

You have the option to publish LinkedIn articles without any cost. Additionally, there are expenses associated with running ads and sponsored content on LinkedIn. But, it’s completely free to publish your own LinkedIn articles through your account.

If you’re looking for the best writing tips for LinkedIn, have a look at those by Daniel Roth, Editor-in-Chief of LinkedIn. If you like the idea of writing for a blog or on the web in general, deepen your knowledge about the role of the Web Content Specialist.


LinkedIn is a great tool for Personal Branding.
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LinkedIn Pulse for companies

As LinkedIn is ideal for reaching a B2B audience with relevant content, understanding KPIs for small businesses can provide additional insights for companies to target their audience more effectively.

Although LinkedIn Pulse for companies doesn’t exist because it’s a social blogging tool linked to personal profiles, not to the company page on LinkedIn (a company profile can’t publish articles), how can a company leverage this feature of the professional social platform par excellence?

By using its employees as brand ambassadors! The company will benefit from reflected light on the platform, enjoying the quality content published by the owner and staff. The published articles (notified to the entire contact network) can thus become a source of high-quality traffic to the company’s website or blog, which remain the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy.

The LinkedIn Pulse function isn’t one of the latest LinkedIn innovations. If you want to expand your knowledge, you can enroll in our LinkedIn Marketing Course. It includes a substantial section on managing LinkedIn for professional visibility and personal branding.

LinkedIn is just one of the social platforms you should use for your social media mix. To evaluate the best channels and strategies for you or your company, it’s essential to have in-depth knowledge of all social media platforms, their tools, and their analysis tools. If you want to specialize in this field, enroll in the Social Media Marketing Course by Digital Coach®, to acquire the appropriate practical and operational skills.

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