LinkedIn Sales Navigator: what it is, how it works and costs

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is the digital answer to the evolution of sales research. Selling in the digital age presents a unique set of challenges for sales teams since many opportunities are to be seized. Companies and professionals know that the era of “cold calling” is over, and mass marketing is proving increasingly ineffective. Buyers are becoming more connected in conducting research and completing their decision-making process.

The LinkedIn sales navigator news is the consequence of a logical process. If you think about it, what are the places on the net where people spend most of their time? Social Brands have realized that they cannot use common platforms any longer as a stage for their push messages.

There is now a widespread and full realization that social is an extraordinary accelerator of business growth, provided it is used consciously. Engaging customers, providing useful information in real-time, and being relevant to products and services are necessary for the target audience.

Moving from a brand-centered strategy to one that sees only the customer at the center of communication helps marketing strategies. The same applies to sales such as contacts and relationships must be established with the right people, to whom highly customized offers must be made.

It could only be the professional social network par excellence to provide a tool adapted to modern needs. It is the LinkedIn’s pages that we find the explanation of the birth and functions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Your personal LinkedIn account, we read, has been designed with your personal growth in mind. We created Sales Navigator on a stand-alone platform to help you increase your sales flow and have all your information in one place.

the innovations of linkedin sales navigator

That is why you need to maximize the effectiveness of your profile with a LinkedIn Marketing Course. In this way, you can look for new professional opportunities to learn how to advertise by enhancing a company’s presence on social media.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, what it is

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool is a powerful tool that allows you to easily find and connect with potential customers. However, like many such tools, it can be difficult to understand how to make the most of it. In this context, mastering the role of a Digital Sales Account becomes crucial for leveraging such platforms effectively. Discover more about this essential role in our detailed guide on becoming a Digital Sales Account.

With the Sales Navigator, you can easily find the right customers for you. LinkedIn offers several search options that allow you to find suitable prospects based on your demographics, location, and industry. You can save profiles and be able to tap accurate search filters which show details of users and their connections. In a nutshell, to develop business contacts.

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator works

To understand how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, some clarity is in order. The social network LinkedIn is an excellent platform to develop your professional network of contacts. On the other hand, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool dedicated to business and lead generation activities. Hence, it allows you to find the most suitable profiles for your needs and to get in touch with potential customers.

Useful for professionals working in sales, it provides valuable information, such as:

  • the number of employees in the company
  • the sector belongs to
  • Establish direct connections with contacts you find interesting, and then continue the conversation offline.

As you continue reading, you will learn more about how this tool works and how to set it up.

Access LinkedIn Navigator

LinkedIn is a website founded in 2002 and dedicated to professional networking. Today it is the world’s largest network for professionals, with over 500 million members in 200 countries. To register on LinkedIn:

  • go to the official website
  • fill in the registration form with your personal data (name, surname, email, password, date of birth, gender)
  • click on “Subscribe”.

After creating an account on LinkedIn, you can start building your profile by entering your personal and professional information. You can also synchronize your account with existing accounts on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

To access LinkedIn Sales Navigator, from your account, within the platform:

  • click on the word “Work”.
  • access “Find Lead”.

Choose the right package for you:

  • Sales Navigator Core (for single accounts)
  • Sales Navigator Advanced (for teams).

Choose Account Type

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are both professional networking tools that allow users to connect with other professionals. It also helps build relationships and search for job opportunities. However, there are some important differences between the two. LinkedIn is a free site that allows users to:

  • create professional profiles
  • share content
  • connected with other professionals.

On the other hand, the paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator service offers users advanced functionalities to search for customers and prospects.

Set filters for advanced search

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator search engine offers users the possibility of conducting advanced searches, thanks to the numerous filters available. Among the most useful ones, you can narrow your search to certain:

  • sectors
  • companies
  • locality
  • their level of experience and other criteria to further refine the search results.

Preliminary phase

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you create more leads. It allows you to easily identify and connect with potential customers. The first step is to configure your preferences. After importing the contacts from your personal profile, you need to define some very important parameters: 

  • the geographical area you intend to target
  • the industrial sectors we are interested in (and perhaps what is the company size of our typical target company)
  • the corporate role of the ideal prospect.

The answer to these questions allows you to finish the preliminary phase and move on to the operational phase. 

Operational phase

Through the lead builder (sales navigator search engine) you will be able to search for the most interesting contacts through two types of searches:

  • Per Lead, i.e. for individual accounts
  • By Account, then by searching for the company page.

You can also use “dynamic” filters by searching more specific criteria than using only the classic filters that LinkedIn provides. For instance, you can ask the tool:

  • who changed jobs in the last 90 days
  • who posted something about a certain topic (identified through keywords).

navigator search engine

At that point, you can take advantage of the great benefits offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • Being able to display in one’s timeline only what leads and saved accounts share.
  • See the posts in which they are mentioned, thus staying up-to-date on everything related to them. It also helps increase the knowledge of the prospect, identify their needs, and facilitate their engagement.
  • Have the option of forwarding 20 In-Mail messages to be used to get in touch with people of interest. This allows you to view profile information up to the 3rd degree of separation and learn about the contacts of potential customers

Do Social Selling

Social Selling for LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables interaction with customers on a level never before practiced. It provides salespeople with creative tools to connect with stakeholders. It also establishes a relationship based on credibility and stimulates new opportunities. It allows you to position yourself in the minds of stakeholders as an industry leader. This will lead you to initiate and lead conversations that are informative and engaging for customers or prospects.

social selling for linkedin sales

As mentioned, people prefer to access information freely, at their own pace. But only when they need it, and with the convenience of being able to do so in a few clicks. Consequently, marketers and sales personnel will have to act with the utmost discretion in their attempts to reach their prospects.

Their initiatives will have to be highly targeted, their messages personalized, and their content consistent to create value. Every information conveyed and interaction generated will have to be in line with these principles. The next challenge will be to keep the attention of the people with whom they have come into contact.

Social media and the web are an incredibly dispersive territory. In which, it is possible to be hit or come into contact with a potentially infinite amount of information.

It is the era of Social Selling, a vital activity for a company that breathes the present and looks to the future. As already mentioned, the LinkedIn sales navigator is a tool with extraordinary potential for achieving business goals. To be exact, is the B2B sphere. Let me show you why.

The role of personal information

Moreover, people are always inclined to share their opinions and interests on social networks, thus giving marketers access to crucial personal information. They will also have access to the connections of these individuals, thus always identifying new potential customers. This will include those interested in the products/services to be pushed or more simply in the relevant industry.

Social selling is in essence a strategy aimed at establishing a two-way relationship of absolute correspondence and horizontality between the parties involved. And this is entirely based on authenticity without having to resort to obsolete and now annoying tools such as cold-calling.

establish two way relationship

The risk generated is the dispersion of such a large amount of contacts and information. “OK, I know my potential interlocutors are on the net and particularly on social media. But how do I contact the most appropriate people, in the right environment and address them with the most appropriate message for their needs?” This is where LinkedIn Sales Navigator establishes itself as an extraordinary tool. 

How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost

If you work in sales, chances are you are always looking for new contacts. And that’s why you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If, on the other hand, you do not use it, but are interested in trying it out, you need to know how much it costs.

Subscribing to Sales Navigator means enjoying a paid service offered by LinkedIn. There are three different subscription levels with a 30-day free trial, monthly for the first two, and annual for the others:

  • Sales Navigator Core: 99.00 €/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: 149 €/month
  • Sales Navigator Core: €79.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: 108.33 €/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: from 1 600 €/year.

Often when one speaks of the paid services of the world’s most popular professional social networking site, one immediately thinks of LinkedIn Premium. Sales Navigator, it is worth repeating, is a different service and as such has different costs. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription on an annual basis has a monthly fee of €58.55.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: the PTC success case

A well-known example of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is PTC, a major global software manufacturer specializing in 3D design and augmented reality. The company realized that its buyers had become much more knowledgeable and savvy than in the past. Because of this, they no longer felt the need to get in touch with their sales representatives until they felt they were ready to buy.

The challenge was to identify these potential customers before they arrived at the purchase decision so that they could influence it and steer it in their favor. Many of PTC’s salespeople were already active on LinkedIn but each of them acted according to their conscience. The company realized the importance of standardizing the social selling process that would help salespeople connect with buyers. And thus, build positive relationships with them. 

Measures taken 

  • PTC distributed hundreds of LinkedIn Sales Navigator licenses to its sales employees.
  • The company shared best practices to which employees were expected to adhere and organized several training meetings in this regard.
  • It appointed senior sales executives to personally lead the social selling project of their team.
  • PTC’s content marketing team defined a content strategy capable of producing valuable content that salespeople could convey on social channels. This content was useful to accelerate the process of building trust in the company and defining its leadership.


The results obtained

PTC is one of those forward-thinking companies that realized they needed a streamlined process to establish a methodology for social selling. As a leading technology company, its investment in this area should come as no surprise. However, it should be noted that it was one of the first successful cases of adopting a corporate-structured social selling system.

The results achieved with Linkedin Sales Navigator are extraordinary.

PTC sales representatives reached over 2,000 potential customers via Sales Navigator. These contacts generated through LinkedIn Sales Navigator resulted in 260 physical appointments. A positive ROI of 200 percent was generated. 90 percent of the professionals in the PTC sales team showed great satisfaction and willingness to continue working with this tool.


The customer journey has changed forever, and LinkedIn has harnessed its unique knowledge of the professional market. This helps to produce a product that meets the needs of sales professionals, who are inevitably at the forefront of this digital evolution.

If you are looking to increase your sales and contact network, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool to consider. With its search and data collection features, you can easily find and connect with your potential customers.

In addition to that, with the premium subscription, you get access to several other benefits. This includes the ability to view the full profiles of your contacts and send them private messages. If you want to improve your business, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is most definitely a tool you should consider.

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