Local Social Media Marketing: 5 strategic steps to success

Local Social Media Marketing is a crucial digital strategy for growing and maintaining small and medium-sized businesses, engaging and communicating with potential customers near their business. This proximity becomes vital to identify users who can physically enter the store.

The importance of being known locally is understood by big brands, which oversee many important social channels daily, allowing them to develop direct response marketing and overlook the outdated passive communication of the past.

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Social Local Marketing, also known as Neighborhood Marketing due to its proximity characteristics, is a well-developed communicative approach in the Social Media Manager Course and Digital Marketing Course precisely because of its strategic importance and strong conversion capability.

Continuing, I will explain:

  • What Neighborhood Marketing is and its purpose;
  • how to create a local market strategy on social media in 5 steps;
  • the best platforms to use to reach your Buyer Persona (typical users).

What is Local Social Media Marketing and what is it for

Social Local Marketing is that part of Digital Marketing aimed at communicating exclusively with users near a specific place, usually their Store.

Communication occurs through one or more Social Networks, allowing us, through geolocation systems and user profiling techniques, to define the Buyer Persona by adding a key parameter: a specific range of action.

Directing communication only in the local market means:

  • Avoiding unnecessary budget waste;
  • increasing the possibility of interacting with potential customers who can convert into offline buyers, thanks to real proximity and presence in the relevant territory.

These are two key factors that can make a difference in terms of the overall optimization of your digital strategy.

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What are the advantages

If you’ve attempted social media marketing previously without success, you might doubt whether local social media would yield different results.

Fortunately, there are numerous established advantages for local businesses integrating local platforms and strategies into their marketing efforts.

Here are some key benefits of cultivating a local social media following:

  1. Reduces advertising expenses by targeting a smaller local audience instead of a global one.
  2. Enables satisfied customers to share positive feedback about your business with their friends, family, and followers.
  3. Provides a platform to effortlessly promote your new products and services to a group of interested, local individuals who already support your business.
  4. Offers free widespread exposure, allowing you to disseminate your message to the local community.
  5. Empowers you to address negative reviews and comments, transforming dissatisfied customers into happy, loyal ones.
  6. Focus your marketing and content strategies on specific topics that appeal to your local community.

These benefits merely scratch the surface. There are several more advantages awaiting discovery by leveraging local social media platforms in your marketing endeavors.

How to do local marketing on social media in 5 steps

The question that arises at this point is: how do you approach Social Local Marketing?

Compared to a broader Digital Strategy, focusing on a narrow scope could be simpler and more profitable. In developing the strategy, you need to consider that the mobile world and local-scale marketing are closely intertwined.

This is because mobile is the primary tool of the Digital era and, furthermore, it is preferred by users for simple searches or online shopping.

So, once again, the saying “Mobile First” proves to be accurate. Here are the 5 key points to follow to establish a strategic marketing aimed at the local market.

Position yourself well in the local market

Local market positioning is undoubtedly a critical operation that everyone would like to be able to do. Without a doubt, the maneuvers and actions to carve out your own space cannot be left to chance.

For this reason, for some businesses, it is essential to focus and dedicate themselves constantly and authoritatively to the local market, specializing and focusing on a well-defined niche, to intercept and attract all those users who need to physically visit the store to become customers.

Choose the best social media platforms to reach your target audience

The choice of the correct communication channels is certainly another fundamental step to plan before undertaking the Social Local Marketing campaign.

It must be understood that there is no absolute best social media channel; the choice should vary based on the type of brand. Depending on the brand, in fact, the presence and preference of social networks for the Buyer persona change.

Create effective content and build engagement

Creating effective content is definitely not an easy task. Depending on the type of product or service you want to promote, a careful analysis must be made. Consider the tone of voice, colors, appropriate images, and Call To Action.

However, knowing that the message recipient is a user close to you, within a well-defined radius, you have the opportunity to more easily understand their tastes, habits, and customs.

Taking all of this into account, you can better understand the prospect, allowing you to craft a more targeted message.

By sharing the same city, for example, or the simple but deep-rooted and fundamental habits of the local population, you demonstrate being an integral part of society.

This is undoubtedly a solid starting point for creating excellent engagement and laying the foundation for quality interaction. Handling such geolocated marketing is a specific professional figure called Local Influencer Marketing.

Learn how to create effective content for your Social Local Marketing Strategy


Promote posts and do remarketing

Social networks are undoubtedly heavily populated by almost the entire global population, with an age range from 14 to 65 years old. The major users, in particular, fall between the ages of 25 and 54.

Without delving into specifics, these data are sufficient to demonstrate the great influx and populousness of these ecosystems.

The Social Local Marketing strategy thus requires a sponsored campaign to reach a good number of potential customers, increase visibility, and thereby promote brand awareness.

According to statistical data, also taught in universities, it is now confirmed that only 2% of viewers of advertising campaigns place an order or perform an action considered as such.

Remarketing is an action for audience recovery, which presents new content to users who have already interacted with the Brand.

It targets all campaign recipients, who for some reason have not completed the desired Call to Action, such as signing up for the newsletter or making a purchase. Therefore, adopting this strategy for Social Local Marketing falls under “best practices.”

Measure results and improve the strategy

As mentioned in the previous point, only a small portion of marketing message recipients become a client.

For this reason, with Remarketing, you “re-engage” all those users who have not interacted with the local promotional message by presenting the communication in a different form. To do this, it is necessary to monitor and analyze the data provided by tracking tools.

Among the most famous platforms is Google Analytics, a free and powerful platform, or the user monitoring and profiling tools found in Facebook Insights.

By measuring the data, and more importantly, understanding them, you can improve social marketing strategies.

Refining the profiling of “local users” thus becomes a key concept to understanding who your Buyer Personas are and on which social networks they operate, making it easier to reach them with the smallest possible budget.

The best platforms for Local Social Media Marketing

To implement a Social Media Marketing strategy for local businesses, one must consider that the Social Network ecosystem is constantly evolving. There is always something changing, new social networks emerging, and others falling into disuse for sometimes unknown reasons.

The landscape has staggering numbers. Here are the top-ranking platforms in terms of numbers and user engagement:

  • Facebook: 2.74 billion active users. Facebook, the ultimate social network, has shown the world the power of the internet, radically changing communication among humans.
  • YouTube: 2.3 billion active users. A global leader in video sharing. Widely used by the younger generation.
  • WhatsApp: 2 billion users, representing the ecosystem of this social platform. The undisputed queen of instant messaging. Not suitable for promotional messages and marketing due to its internal policies. However, it remains an excellent tool for Local Marketing and a great ally.
  • Instagram: 1.2 billion active users. An incredible social platform that developed a new type of digital marketing through “Influencers,” allowing regular users to monetize their popularity on the platform.
  • TikTok: 689 million active users. A video-sharing platform born in 2017 quickly reached the global Top 5, confirming itself as a structured social platform with powerful and functional algorithms.

This is just a glimpse into the universe of social networks and their user base. The data once again makes it clear how there is an opportunity, given the immense number of users, to focus on the local market.


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Conclusion and Strategic Advice

Social Local Marketing is a powerful strategy with excellent conversion capabilities. It closely connects the brand with its immediate surroundings, utilizing short-range actions to build customer loyalty and create clients.

As you have seen, it is a complex strategy that requires the analysis and understanding of specific tools, attainable through practice and/or study.

If you want to delve into the digital world to give your business more profit opportunities, Digital Coach provides specific consultations and specialized training courses to become a professional in digital marketing.

Grow your business with Social Local Marketing. If you don’t know where to start, contact an expert. Together, you will define the best strategy for you.



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