Medium: what it is, how it works, and why to choose it

Medium: what it is, how it works, and why choose it ? This is a practical guide to using Medium for those who still don’t know this new online sharing space..

More and more people are relying online on the publication of editorial and informational content. Publishers or Web Content Editor are among the first to monitor the release of new platforms for digitizing their content. The choice becomes difficult when the market needs change or when you don’t have a clear idea of which direction to take in your digital strategy. In this article, I’m going to look at a new content platform to help you choose between Medium and a personal blog for publishing your articles. In short, I will show you:

  1. What is the purpose of Medium;
  2. What are the differences with a CMS like WordPress;
  3. What steps to take to register;
  4. How to publish your first article.

What is Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that deals with publishing the written material of the Editors, conceived and created by Evan William, the creator of Twitter, in 2012.

It supports the idea of social networks but differs in the length of the content. This platform goes beyond the 140 characters (now 280) of Twitter tweets and finds great consensus among professionals and companies that make publishing their strong points. Medium is a blogging platform, or rather, a free storytelling platform that is very simple to use, so much so that the service offered is summed up in the acronym WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get.

The interface is clean and basic, without frills, what is written is exactly as it appears in the final version for users. There are no computer languages or codes like in HTML.

But who are the main users of this platform? Writers, journalists, editors, bloggers, and publishers want and give more importance to text than graphics and layout.

Medium is a full-fledged social network. The purpose is that of blogging but the user experience follows that of Twitter because it creates a real network of people interested in specific content. These in turn have the opportunity to interact with every single article by inserting a reaction, sharing the writing, or commenting on it.

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Differences between Medium and a personal blog

Choosing whether to open a profile on Medium or to dedicate yourself to building a personal blog on a CMS platform par excellence such as WordPress is not an easy decision. What I advise you to always keep in mind are these fundamental points:

  • Who are you;
  • What are you doing;
  • Why are you doing it.

You will see that if you have clear these three points, choosing will be less complex than expected but now let me introduce the main differences between these two platforms.

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Focus on the content

Medium is the right choice if you love writing, dissemination, and the quality of well-written production, if you have something to communicate and words are the only fundamental part for you to understand and internalize then you have found what is right for you.

It is designed specifically for those who are not very familiar with computer languages and focus entirely on quality content.

can we earn from writing for Medium?

The graphical interface is simple, clean, and practical to use. You can insert multimedia content but in a limited way. They can be photos or videos but they must comply with the standards set by Medium and not become the dominant component of the article.

It is essential to clarify that Medium is not SEO optimized because the articles in it are part of an internal community, very authoritative, but not indexable within the Google SERP. This can offer the author three advantages: the first is that he does not have to invest his time in technicalities of which he is not an expert, secondly he avoids entrusting the management of his blog to others, and thirdly it ensures easy indexing of his content within the platform in the circle of users who are interested in the topic it deals with.

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Focus on simplicity and substance

If the mantra of our life is “Less is better” then choosing Medium over WordPress is the best solution.

In its simple and essential guise, Medium does not require any particular type of plug-in to be installed. Clean and easy to use, Medium doesn’t distract the reader’s attention with whimsical layouts, graphic frills, buttons, and advertisements.

Medium for beginners

These tools are more suitable for those who want to impress with their image and personality rather than with what they have to say. This doesn’t mean it’s a wrong thing but it’s the needs that change and to aim for the top it’s better to focus on one thing.

The linear and standard layout allows you to concentrate on what you are reading and at that point, professionalism will emerge. Also on medium internal and external links can be inserted with a migration to other pages and the metrics can be observed through a page that reports the progress of the article, its popularity, shares, and likes.

Earn money online

If you are a journalist, writer, or publicist and you want to open your blog, you are certainly wondering how to make money online with your work. Of course, writing will also be a passion but somehow it will have to be made to bear fruit.

Medium offers a monetization program based on reading and sharing your articles. The more a user finds your content interesting, the more he will spend his time on your page and the more you will earn.

hot to earn with Medium

The concept of the Medium Partner Program is just that, making you earn based on your popularity and success.

To join the system you will need to register on the platform, register your current account, publish your writings, and get appreciations that will turn into monetization.

Getting started on Medium

Now let’s see how to take the first steps on the Medium platform In particular, I will show you how to open a personal profile and how to start writing your first article on Medium. You are ready? Let’s get started right away.

Open a new profile

Opening a new profile on Medium is very simple. Once you enter the site you have to click on the top right of the screen where an oval-shaped button indicates Get Started.

medium platform get start

screenshot from

At this point, a login window will open which will allow you to choose between three options.

  • sign in with Gmail;
  • login with Facebook;
  • sign in with another email.
medium log in

screenshot from

After making your choice, which does not require setting a password, you will be sent an email asking you to check by clicking on a specific link.

medium mail

Image from Guide Medium

At this point, you will see your profile page where you can customize your settings including:

  • make a change to your email;
  • change the Medium username that corresponds to the URL displayed on the page link;
  • connect your social networks;
  • sign out or deactivate your account.

Indispensable is the Edit button at the top right to change both the profile photo and the cover photo and update your description.

Publish your first article

To write your first article on Medium, the first step is certainly to log into your profile and click on the top right of the screen where you will find the “New Story” button.

medium new story

Image from Guide Medium

At this point, you will open a white screen that represents your worksheet.

First of all, you are asked to enter the title, remember that you have a maximum of 3 Headlines available which respectively represent the Title, the Subtitle, and the buttonhole.

medium article new

Image from Guide Medium

At this point, you are ready to write the content.

Remember that Medium is a simple platform so the customizations you can make are few and simple.

  • format the text with a type of font that you like best;
  • insert images thanks to the “+” icon;
  • insert internal and external links (through the anchor icon);
  • create private notes;
  • add tags using “@” in the drop-down menu displayed by clicking on the “…” icon.

Using this platform is simple and intuitive so what I recommend is to focus on the content and what you have to say.

If you have any doubts about the procedure for registering or publishing an article, I suggest you read the Official Medium guide where you will still find many tutorials to support your business.

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Conclusions and Online Strategic Coaching

If you’re wondering what to do at this point, the answer you can get from me is only one: build success in yourself! If you are a writer then you can choose to open a Medium account with the steps I have just suggested. If, on the other hand, you want to expand into more fields and have more freedom, then you can opt for a classic CMS like WordPress. The important thing is to have a direction and take that road resolutely!

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