Meta Marketing: find out what it is and how it will change the web

Meta Marketing is the ambition to designate a new dimension where products and consumers will be interconnected in one place: the Metaverse. While the term Metaverse first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” in 1992, today it is a reality. The digital marketing we are used to will be completely revolutionized in favor of unprecedented ways that are now on the doorstep of tomorrow.

Are you fascinated by Meta Marketing? Curious to discover the changes it will bring to the online world? Then you are in the right place! In this article, I will take you on a journey beyond the boundaries of the internet as we know it. More precisely, you will discover:

  • what Meta Marketing means;
  • the changes that the Meta market will bring to the web;
  • why Facebook changed its name to Meta;
  • when Meta Marketing will arrive.


What is Meta Marketing?

Providing an exhaustive answer is extremely complex because it refers to many realities encompassed in one. Realities will only assert themselves over the course of the coming years.

Meta Marketing can be defined as an attempt to expand the horizons of the digital market. The new market model will include more dimensions: not only the physical and digital but also the social and virtual.

You might be wondering, what does that mean? To help you understand better, let me give you a small example. Today’s digital marketing allows selling or purchasing physical products (like a book or a pair of shoes) and digital products (like music or software). However, all these purchases are made in solitude where the only interlocutor is the computer.

Of course, the convenience of staying at home and buying what you desire is a great advantage, but you miss out on all the “social” aspect that is present when making a purchase in a physical store and interacting with people.

In the Metaverse, there will be the possibility to interact and meet others through avatars (virtual versions of ourselves) that will be able to purchase not only physical or digital products but also virtual ones.

It becomes evident that Meta Marketing will add the social and virtual dimension to the dynamics of buying and selling. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s what awaits us in a few years!

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How will the web change with Meta Marketing?

Every day, countless actions are taken using the internet through the screen of a phone or a computer. However, it is impossible not to highlight how deeply limiting screens can be.

And what if, instead of looking through a simple window, it was possible to be inside all the experiences that the web offers? The changes in Meta Marketing that will arrive in the coming years will be truly significant and will allow us to have:

  • Immersive experiences;
  • A sense of presence;
  • Unlimited potential.

Truly feeling present with another person who is in a different place is the ultimate dream of modern technology. There will be a real change of direction for the evolution of the web and social media as we know them today. A fusion of the real and the virtual that can break down any limits. Despite being technologies still in their infancy, the scope of these innovations is enormous! Below, I will explain the 7 aspects of the web that will undergo the most significant changes.

Meta: the rebranding of Facebook

The first change that sets in motion the process that will revolutionize the web in the coming years starts on October 28, 2021: the company Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, decides to change its name to Meta. The reasons for the rebranding are twofold:

  1. the desire to disassociate from the name “Facebook,” which made it too closely tied to just one of its social media platforms;
  2. to highlight the connection with the project of the Metaverse, the future technology that will be at the center of every online business in the coming years.

Meta Marketing and the new technology will be able to touch every service or product, consequently creating a new model of business and online marketing.

It’s interesting to note that the new logo of the company merges all the social media platforms into a single blue line that intertwines with itself to take the shape of the infinity symbol. The term “meta,” which comes from Greek and means “beyond,” indicates that there will always be something else to develop and that there will always be a new chapter of technology that goes beyond what was created before. The company is moving beyond the limits of the present, beyond the limits of space and physics, and toward a future where everyone can be interconnected with others.


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Conference call

In the last two years, many people have started working from home. The great advantages of remote work were immediately evident, and despite a computer never being able to replicate the same feeling as working in person, remote work is here to stay.

And What if I told you that in a few years, it will be possible to work from home and be virtually present with your colleagues as if you were there in person? Conference calls for those working in Meta Marketing will be quite different from what we have today. Instead of grids of faces on the screen, you’ll interact with holograms, avatars, virtual reality, and augmented reality! Imagine being able to participate in a shared physical space and interact normally with your colleagues using their avatar versions.

The possibility of always being present during a meeting or conversation will change the way we do business and allow us to pursue our marketing with entirely new dynamics.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms started as simple entertainment platforms, but over time, they have evolved into essential tools for the online market. Meta Marketing will offer influencers and creators completely new dynamics of interaction and communication. Immersive experiences, a sense of presence, and new engagement strategies will be at the core of the new digital marketing.

social media as meta marketing

How many times have you watched stories of famous influencers traveling to exotic places, wishing you could be there too?

What if it were possible? Avatars, holograms, virtual reality, and augmented reality challenge all the space limitations. Future technology possibilities will allow you to “physically” experience an event through a visor, rather than just following it on a screen.

Speaking of social media, it’s impossible not to mention virtual influencers: avatars created by artificial intelligence that can replicate human characteristics and collaborate with brands. They already exist, but they will become even more prominent in the coming years in social media marketing. Three reasons drive their design for the future:

  1. greater control over the created content;
  2. relatively lower prices;
  3. more entertainment and engagement.


Online shopping has become prevalent in recent years. Buying directly from home allows for a significant reduction in distances. However, we’ve all experienced purchasing a product only to realize that it didn’t look exactly like it did in the photos, and the possibility of seeing or trying it in person would have influenced our choice.

Meta Marketing will allow you to further bridge the gap between consumers and products. In the future, you’ll be able to see and try products as if they were real, all from the comfort of your own home. The Meta market would thus cater to the needs of customers and sellers, enabling virtual but similar-to-real contact. This way, the purchasing experience will be easier, more enjoyable, and faster!

Some brands, such as makeup brands, are already taking small steps toward this new business direction. You may have seen Instagram filters that allow you to “try on” makeup before purchasing. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it’s essential to emphasize that the products available for purchase won’t just be physical or digital, but also virtual. So, say hello to NFTs, virtual gadgets, personalized avatars, and much more. It’s the construction of marketing with no limits.


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Talking about SEO in Meta Marketing might seem a bit strange. However, it remains one of the cornerstones of digital marketing, and a strong search engine ranking allows businesses to be found and generate conversions.

Today’s methods of doing SEO are vastly different from the early days of the web. Algorithms, ranking factors, link-building strategies, search queries, and many other elements have evolved significantly over these few decades. It’s not hard to imagine how the arrival of the Metaverse could impact and radically transform Search Engine Optimization!

SEO in the Meta market will be a significant challenge, and new approaches will need to be discovered in order to be found in this new dimension. Many are already talking about MVO (Metaverse Optimization), but for now, they remain only assumptions that only the future and technology will definitively answer.


Marketing cannot be discussed without advertising, and given the unlimited potential that the Metaverse will offer, it is easy to hypothesize that advertising in Meta Marketing will have entirely new mechanisms and will question every known method of digital advertising.

Imagine when you enter a website and a bothersome banner appears, often leading you to close it without even looking at the advertised product. Brands will be able to insert their products with experiences suitable for the audience and in less intrusive ways. It will be essential to study mechanisms of advertising that do not interrupt the user and can seamlessly blend with the new spatial dimension.

Two important examples of brands that are already transitioning from traditional digital marketing to the Meta Market are:

    1. Nike, virtually launched its latest Air Jordan in Fortnite.
    2. Gillette Venus, which, in collaboration with Animal Crossing, allows players to replicate their skin characteristics in the virtual world.

For companies, it will be an ambitious and exciting project that will require them to engage in the creation of increasingly engaging experiences for their customers and the study of a new user experience that will be a key factor in the virtual economy.

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With the changes related to advertising and online shopping, a spontaneous question arises: how will payments in Meta Marketing be made?

Let’s talk about a new type of payment: cryptocurrency, which is based on Blockchain technology. You might be wondering, what are they?

  • Cryptocurrencies are an international digital currency payment system. They do not involve banknotes or coins like traditional currencies. It’s a system that allows everyone to send or receive money anywhere without relying on banks for transaction verification. The technology behind all transactions with this payment model is Blockchain.
  • Blockchain technology is used to make certain information on the Internet immutable. It provides a highly secure place to store digital information of any kind. This makes all transactions executed with cryptocurrencies extremely secure.

When will we be catapulted into Meta Marketing?

The ambitions are high, and the anticipation is great. However, before we can effectively work in Meta Marketing, it will still take a few years.

This is a truly imposing project that will completely change the marketing and business methods we know today, and therefore, it will require time. Developers and technicians are already at work! Additionally, numerous companies are working tirelessly to propose this new business and market model.

We are talking about at least 5-10 years of development for the Metaverse, and consequently, Meta Marketing won’t be a reality until 2030.

Conclusions and Free Consultation

The journey of discovery in Meta Marketing comes to an end. I hope to have opened your eyes and mind to the great potential and changes that Metaverse technology will bring to digital marketing.

The world is changing at the speed of light. Change is in the nature of human beings, and nowadays, we must do it much more quickly than ever before. The ability to change will make a difference in the coming years.

Technology never stops; it transforms and evolves continuously, and the fascinating thing is this: when you think you’ve reached the end, you are actually just at the beginning of a new journey that will take you beyond what was developed before!

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