Music marketing: strategies to reach the general public

Before explaining what music marketing is and the great importance it represents for artists, know that first, you will have to participate in many round tables and specialization courses to reach the general public.

In the following paragraphs, I will try to give examples of those who have been able to make the most of the potential of the web by trying to analyze some of the strategies that can be studied to take the field more prepared.

What is music marketing

Marketing music means making our music known to as many listeners as possible, it means getting our songs and records shared and bought. In recent years with the web, we are also greatly facilitated by online distributors (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play) that allow the artist to upload and self-sell their own music to more easily reach the ears of our fans.

music marketing companies

Through Spotify algorithms, for example, our songs reach the user more easily, suggested by a user’s own listening.

Also in the music business, it is very important to create our brand to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Knowing how to implement the best strategies to reach the general public as a musician means knowing how to do music marketing.

Music marketing success stories

The very frequent changes of recent years to which music has accustomed us, have led many singers to move away from the idea that to be known by the general public only the radio and the press are needed; more and more, emerging artists are aware of the importance of the web for their success.

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The point of view of the record companies

The record companies themselves, aware of the excellent results that can be achieved through the web for their music marketing, push more and more in this direction: having a large number of subscribers on our channels and having many followers on our social networks is an excellent business card.

The importance of creating your own brand

The importance of creating your own brand is one of the first steps we need to pay more attention to; it is a concept that is increasingly spreading among artists. To get to create your own trademark, and try to differentiate yourself from our competitors, you have to spend many hours listening to records by other artists.

Only in this way can we really understand how we can come up with something new, different from our competitors, offering the listener music with different harmonies and nuances. Committing yourself to create your own brand means being fully aware of wanting to address the general public.

The importance of our image for music

To take better care of music marketing it is very important not to underestimate the image of the singer and the band. To support us in this phase are the fashion brands that are increasingly demonstrating that they understand the added value that comes from positioning their product even within a highly clicked and widely shared music video on the net.

brand one

In fact, many brands are convinced that to improve their identity, one of the marketing operations they can do is combine images with music. Their music allows us to unleash emotions. People like to associate a certain brand with a well-defined sensation.

This strategy is often considered to accelerate the emergence of new talent in the music scene, even those not yet known to the general music scene audience.

brand two

The different cases of fusion between music and brand

Burberry Acoustics is a campaign created by Burberry for emerging talents. The Anglo-Saxon brand, investing in emerging talents, sponsored their videos asking them in exchange to wear the brand’s clothes. The goal is to introduce the new collections to a young audience.

burberry acoustic band

Another example is that ofTina Forty, a young promise from the world of Jazz who, after winning a competition dedicated to emerging music, created the music video for the single with the support of some brands (Canevel Spumanti, Viaggidea, Palmanova Outlet Village) Not to see each other again.

tina the italian jazz

If we move away for a moment, we still find a very interesting example of a marriage between fashion and music.

Maison Kitsuné is the name of one record company, but also of a fashion house. Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, the two founders, have been reflecting on the possible coexistence of music and fashion products since 2002, and the frequent overlaps between the two different creatives. Their fashion is full of music, the music is full of fashion.

record label artist

Thus they create the record label. To date, many of the clients of the Maison Kitsuné brand are first and foremost fans of the record label’s artists who favor communication. The music produced thus greatly helped, especially in the early years, the development of clothing.

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The importance of crowdfunding

With the help of the platform of crowdfunding Music Raiser the artist has the possibility of having the production and distribution of the works financed through the economic contribution of his supporters. The initial goal that the artist must set with this platform is the monetary one, that is to understand the budget she must have to make her own single or her debut album.

The artist, for his part, promises to offer something in return to the buyer: an autographed shirt, a limited version of the album with the artist’s or band’s autograph, a meet and greet before the concert during the sound check (this is an operation that can only be considered when the artist’s tour is in indoor clubs where it is actually possible to control the entrance of the purchaser of the service by receipt of payment).

crowdfunding platform use

The amount to be financed is divided into the number of quotas whose price is determined by the author of the campaign.

But beware of the mistakes that the artist must avoid before starting the project:

1. Make an economic request higher than the actual budget you need to carry out your work;

2. Avoid, only initially, a good promotion to make the project known: you have to pamper your fan during all phases of the campaign. We have to make it clear that their support is really very important to us.

3. Creating a blueprint that isn’t too clear: we shouldn’t assume that our fans know all the stages of producing an album; we need to establish and communicate only one goal.

artist limited version

Examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns

The Keys to my house is the first unreleased album by Solo, a young street artist.

He made his record with the $8,000.00 he raised in his campaign on Musicraiser. In addition to his concerts on the streets where he performed, social networks and his tour in a camper van helped him a lot.

Another example of success is that of The GANG. Initially, they started the campaign with the aim of raising $6,000.00 to make their album Sangue e Cenere. This campaign goes down in the history of music crowdfunding for having raised more than $50,000.00 in less than 80 days.

The Gang defines themselves as a caravan of rebel musicians: their sounds go towards folk, having highly politicized lyrics. Their goal is to stay away from any record label and give space for real participation from their supporters.

The importance of social networks

The successful cases of singers and influencers close to the world of music reach the general public by making the most of the social networks they are multiple. Through valid posts and well-made shots, social networks have the ability to arouse interest from our fans in a very acute way.

The artist who decides to take care of his own profile must be aware that he must interact a lot with his own readers by replying to all comments. Interacting with them means sharing our day (going for a run, shopping, taking a train): this guarantees us closeness from our followers, also knowing their point and their habits.

list of web agencies

Very often the artist decides to rely on good social media managers to web agencies. Their help is important for the artist to work on real editorial plans and to insert content – audio, and video – and post photos appropriate to the image we want to convey of who we really are.

The web agency is aware that on all the artist’s social networks need to capture the public’s attention by highlighting certain posts with the right content. The contents, in addition to trying to make them not too long but at the same time very clear and engaging, must lead the user to share them on their own pages.

Their support is very important, above all, when you decide to create an advertising campaign: they will have all the necessary tools to segment the Facebook population and understand who are the users who are closest to our interests. The more you manage to create a specific campaign on Facebook and are well-segmented, the more you have the possibility of conversion and higher revenues.

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The advantages of social networks

Using the web correctly for your music marketing means:

  • Retain, through a community, all the fans who follow the singer or band on social networks, blogs, and various sites;
  • Target your audience in the most unequivocal way possible by expanding your fan base as much as possible.
  • Create initiatives on social media through contests that allow you to meet your idols before the start of copy-signing activities in shopping centers.
  • Share your live shows in real-time through live broadcasts with fans who are not present at the event.

To these points we must certainly add, never underestimating the quality of your own sound, the possibility for the artist to invade all musical platforms with his own music; musical performances that at least initially must have a free download to get to be known to as many users as possible before starting to think about live performances.

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The example of those who did it alone

Is there any of us who does not know who Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are? Are there any of us who don’t know that our son was born a few weeks ago? The eldest son of the most clicked-on and a most sought-after couple on the web in recent years (influencer mom, singer dad) has already become a star on Instagram in just a few hours.

The social network, with which the richest fashion blogger of all time has become a real web star, also opened its doors to Leone a few days ago.

The first photo of the baby has collected many likes in a few hours. The arrival of the stork at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles earned both Chiara and Fedez followers: she reached 12 million followers and him 5 million.

And you as a musician, what are you waiting for to start working on your music marketing and let us follow you on your channels?

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